University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school does not have sports teams. I believe sports teach students dedication and discipline. Sports bring people together and it allows other schools to connect easily. It is a small campus but a few sports teams would be awesome!


the worst thing about my school is that there is not a wide variety of courses offered at all the campuses. most of the classes are at the main campus and the same classes are offered at the other campus each semester.


I cannot petition to take some graduate level courses that would be beneficial to me and the undergraduate courses don't include any applied counseling skills. I'm a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and would like to enhance my skills by taking some courses in counseling, like group therapy, that are only offered at the graduate level. While I have had this training before and have been facilitating groups for 3 years, I feel I could always improve. Unfortunately, I have to accept the fact that I am still an undergraduate and must educate myself out of class.


Since this is going to be my first semester at this school I can not really say what I think the worst thing is. I do know that I enjoyed my small classes at Community College, and I know that the classes at my new school are going to be much larger, so I am very nervous about that.


At the present moment, I feel the lack of printing access on school campus to be an issue. I feel this way because our professors require us to print quite a bit, yet we have been limited to the amount of pages that we can actually print. The discontinuity between the two is very stressful at times.


I really just started this semester and so far I am very happy with the environment and student involvment. The only thing that comes tomy mind is that is not as close to my house as I would like to, I drive around 2o miles to get there. Other than that is okay.


The worst thing I believe is the availability of classes. Some classes are only offered once a year and many classes are only offered once per semester. There are no other options for these classes as far as times offered to help organize a schedule.


This one is a hard question because I have enjoyed it there. I think that there could be more teacher job fairs. I know they are hard to put together and they do have them at least once/twice a year. However, they are so packed with people that it is hard to talk to anyone. Maybe if there were more then there wouldn't be so much competition.


The worst thing about my school is the frequency of classes offered.. Not all classes are offered evey semester and some are only offered once during the entire semester!


Geared towards untraditional student.


The worst thing about my school is the distance I have to travel to get to campus. It would be so much better for me to uproot and move closer but I am also committed to where I’m planted right now. However, since I value the Criminology Program UH-CL offers and their quality of education, I make the sacrifice to attend class yet another semester.


The worst thing about my school (and the majority of the high eduaction schools) is the cost of the tuition. Financial aid is not an option for individuals of medium income, like me. We are not poor enough but have cannot keep up with the continuously increasing tuition fees. Only few scholarships are available due the lack of financial need.


UHCL is a commuter school, so there is little happening around the campus during the day, however, the university apartments are very close and there is always something going on around there with students!


The worst thing about my school is there is not covered parking!


UHCL does not offer enough 7:00pm classes for graduate students


I can honestly say that I have that I do not have any negative personal issues with the University of Houston-Clear Lake. However, I must say that I would like to see more Afrian-American studensts on campus and I am hoping the the University will push to recruit more minorites in the near future.


I really havent found anything i didnt like about UHCL it is a very nice college and try are very easy to deal with and get information out of. I guess the only thing i dont like about UHCL is that they do tend to loss transcrips and you have give them more than one and you have to keep checking in wirth them to make sure that when you trasfer in that they have keyed into there system.