University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would not change anything about my life because I am the person I am today because of my experiences I have had. Even though I would love to tell myself not to date a couple of the men I dated. They also made me the person I am today. So I wouldn't change a thing.


One of the most important factors to success in high school and college is organization. I was never an organized student in high school and I now regret it. When you are not organized, you tend to miss due dates of assignments, become overwhelmed and let valuable time pass by. Beginning my first semester in college, I knew I had to change something to keep up with the new work load and that was organization. I now have a planner by my side at all times! It helps me break down my days and stay on top off assignments. When you plan out your days/weeks/months you will value your own time more and will be motivated to get things done. Another awesome thing about organization is, you are less likely to become overwhelmed. Which takes away the stress that a lot of students experience. I also now feel a sense of accomplishment every day. When you are able to cross off things in your planner, you will feel satisfied and that will help fuel your drive for school!


Going back in time, I would tell myself to start looking into college and financing it earlier than I did, which was spring semester. What I'm now seeing is that it is very difficult to find scholarships that I'm eligible for. Another thing I would tell myself is to get a teacher to write you recommendation letters. This is also somehting I am needing but don't have.


The best advice anyone could receive would come from them, since no one know you better than you. If I could go back in time and give advice to my high school senior self I would defiantly take the opportunity. Although I would not change the school I am attending, the advice I would give myself would focus on what I could do to have a more memorable experience. My first advice would be to not underestimate the difficulty of my classes or overestimate my level of understanding of my classes; this is because in my first year at the University of Houston Clear Lake (UHCL) I did not do well in all of my classes. I would also advice myself to not give up on my dreams no matter how hard it gets or how alone I feel because the people around me will always be there for me to help and support me in any way they can. My final advice to myself would be to join more clubs and organizations at UHCL because they allow you to make friends more easily and because it will be beneficial to have a diverse background when applying to law school.


The greatest life lesson is to learn to follow your heart. It will tell you where your passion resides. Be wise in degree selection and ensure that you pursue a life and career you are passionate about. With passion learning will intrigue the deepest parts of you. Patience and commitment are the two truest attributes of will power. Your willpower will be tested throughout your education. Never give up. Education is a process that brings you more clarity on whom you are and who you want to be in. Most of all have the confidence to stay committed. Invest time in the university you attend. Connect with the faculty and students. Do not limit yourself by fear or insecurity. You are attending a learning institution in which curiosity is pivotal to exploration; do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask questions of others as well as yourself and enjoy the ride.


When I was a high school senior I was a complete mess. I had average grades and was planning on attending a 4-year college; However, I had no idea where I wanted to go or who I wanted to be. The worst mistake I made was thinking that I needed to know all of these things when most people generally do not know what they want to do with their lives. I was either going to attend my backup school or go to my community college. I finally came to the realization that Community College was the right track for me. I was student like many who did not think very highly of community colleges. When I finally decided to enroll in Las Positas College I realized that it was the best decision for me. It saved me tons of money and gave me time to really find out who I am as a person and my passions in life are. If I could give not just myself advice but all high school students it would be to go to a community college; it will change your life and outlook on education.


Given the rare opportunity to speak to myself as a high school senior I would say "young one" this is what you do. Keep your gpa at a 3.7 or above because a 3.5 isn't high enough to qualify for as many grants or scholarships that are available. I would also inform my younger self to take as many AP courses as my high school offers as well as college courses that are offered at the local college for graduating high school seniors. In doing this one can accelerate the completion of your undergraduate education. This is especially beneficial if you are planning to complete a pre-professional major such as pre-med, pre-law, or any graduate school program that is lengthy. This tactic allows you to reach your masters, doctorate, or Ph D. swiftly. Also save as much money as you can from summer jobs, scholarships, etc. College is expensive and not being financially sound or at least a little secure can be stressful when you also have to deal with midterms, tests, assignments, and final. And last, "Do what you have to do, so you may do what you want"- Forest Whitaker


I grew up in Reno, Nevada. A city of gambling drunkards for all I could see. High-school was not challenging. I excelled with little effort. It did not push me to apply myself, nor did it instill much hope of doing anything worthwhile with my life. I was withdrawn and self-destructive because the society I saw through my angry tears was filth, rot, and decay. After nearly dying in a car wreck, I had a "good excuse" to just survive. By then I was well into my addiction to marijuana and alcohol. I would not change that because today I teach others to stay sober. That worked out well when the flop met the river. I would, however, give myself hope. By teaching myself about accountability and discipline I would do my durndest to break my habits of procrastination and blaming the world. I would still say that degrees and diplomas do not make people. Grades and test scores do not say anything about character or what a person can achieve. Instead it is what I learn and how I apply it, so I would push myself to learn as much as possible from all aspects of life.


As a senior, I would go to college right after high school. In my opinion my life would be totally different if I would have persued my education. I did not realize until later in life how smart I am. I can honsetly say, I did not have that opportunity that my children have.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior and apply the knowledge that I know today, I would seek out a career counselor and ask them to explore and discuss with me, my abilities, how they relate to careers of my personal interests, and degrees that would help me establish those careers. Having some direction seems to be a tremendous asset for a young persons life. Career goals being established and achieved could have numerous positive effects on individuals lives and their communities.


Please work hard and not goof off. You are going to be able to do it. It might take a while but dont give up. You are smart and you can acheieve what your heart desires.


I was an ESL student, so at my high school I was not advice to take some higher level courses & when I decided to attend to college it was so difficult for me to learn the material. If I was able to go back I would advice myself to take higher level courses to get me ready for college, than apply on time for scholarship and take some college courses while finishing high school because it will be an easier way to get use to college work and when graduating from high school have some college credits. Very important to participate on leadership clubs or events because colleges or universities like to see that a student is involved in clubs that will help them to continue with school. I would also advice to read and read books because teachers mostly ask you to write about a book that was interesting for you when you were in high school.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I think I would tell myself not to worry about deciding a major so quickly. My whole senior year I was worried about figuring out what I was going to do with my life, and I was only 17, that is a huge burden worrying about making a desicion for the rest of your life. I wish I could have known that not many college students know what they are going to major in, and that is okay. I also think I would tell myslef that if I wasn't serious about school, then to take off a semester. I think many students go to school because it is what their parents want, and they feel like that is what we are supposed to do, but I if a student isn't serious about an education then they will not do good. I know from experience. Now that I want it for myself, I am doing good in my classes, and I am excited about each new semester. That is what I would say, but I don't know how well my senior self listened to advice.


If I could go back to the high school senior I would advice to myself to focus on my studies and study as hard as possible. I would tell my self to be discipline and more serious about my academics. I would tell to myself to read more and spend less time in hanging around with friends, TV and games. I wish I would have made better choice in friends and the activities I was involved. I would listen more to the advise from my parents, my teachers and the elders around me. I wish I could have graduated with a higher GPA if I had focus on my books. I would also tell myself to think about what I want to do with my life setting clear goals. Lastly, I would tell myself to take risks and don't worry about anything else or what everyone else says.


Listen kid, this whole anxiousness about moving away from home, not being near your old friends, not sleeping in your old room next to your kid brothers, and not getting to smell bacon and eggs that your mom makes for you in the morning, home-to-college transition awkwardness is just simply one of those "you live, you learn" dilemmas. You have to go through with it in order to overcome it and become all independent and cool. There is simply no way to get used to living your life a certain way without experiencing that firsthand. YOU'RE GONNA BE OKAY. In order to grow, in order to become that person you're dreaming of becoming, in order to not be a momma's boy anymore, and in order to get your own rad pad without having family withdrawal symptoms, you're gonna have to tough it up. You're gonna have to persevere and grind your teeth through the missing, the crying, and the homesickness. Again....IT'S GONNA BE OKAY. I have a feeling that in three years, you'll be used to it, and it'll be like you never went through such tough times. Love.


When I was in high school I was very narrow minded about college. I viewed it as a task that I just needed to work through rather than a privilege. I only applied to one school (SUNY Buffalo) and thought of doing nothing else but the pre-med program. After a few semester of commuting I was miserable at the school. I felt like “a number” more than a student. I felt like I was really missing out on the whole college experience. I went to classes and went home that was it. My advice to my high school self would be to look into other colleges and dorm! I tell everyone that I know who is going to college to dorm no matter what. Living on campus would have been so much better. I would have made new friends and life as I know it now would be completely different (not that I do not enjoy it now though). As I visit friends all over at different schools I feel that I made a terrible mistake and missed out on a great life experience. The whole college experience is not complete without being away from home.


First of all, I would advise myself to be smart about the decisions that I would be facing soon. I would tell the younger me to stick with her gut and to go for education right off the bat, so that she would not still be in school four years later. More importantly, I would tell her to be careful in her new relationship (as I became pregnant one month after graduation). I would tell her that life will become rough, but to hold her head high and keep pushing forward with a smile. When it came to adjusting to life in college, I would tell her to sign up for organizations and attend school functions; to become more involved. To end, I would tell her that cancer is not to be reckoned with, and to make peace with the idea of those your love leaving your sooner than you would expect.


If I was to back to my senior year in High School, the first thing I would tell myself is, to make plans for college immediately and not procrastinate. I would remind myself to have a clear goal and a plan to reach that goal. I would remember to remind myself to have fun but not overdo it. I would identify all my strengths and build on them early on. I would also identify my weaknesses and work on reducing or eliminating them totally. I would seek advice and help whenever and wherever I can get it. I would choose a career path that is most interesting to me and pursue it dilligently to avoid wasting valuable time on other things. I would make sure I maintain a level head while experiencing the ups and downs that life brings along occasionally. I would recognize the fact that education is the key to countless doors of opportunities and that knowledge is power.


The advice I would give myself is get better grades in high school,stay motivated and determined and keep a future goal always in mind.I would also tell myself to join teams or clubs and also get into the school spirit by being part of the school doing interships and going to a tutor for help or becoming a tutor.


If I could go back I would tell my high school self, do the thing that makes you happy. Dont worry about what job is going to make you rich, stick to your passion. If you dont it will set you ack furthur than you think. Motorcycles are your passion start on them early in high school dont worry about taking the class for college preparation they wont help you work on bikes. take the vocational class, specificly small engines. Do that and you will be the happiest person you have ever meet. If you dont you will quickly find out that traditional college is not for you and you will feel like a failure. Not only that you will be behind the eight ball when it comes to getting a carreer type job. And oh by the way the girl you meet in your senior year, turns out she makes a very good wife and she is will to help you make your dreams come true.


If I had to go back in time, I will probably recommend myself to look for all possible information related to my transition to college. From grants, to scholarships that will help me pay for classes and books. Being well informed before you start college is a plus. I remembered when I first started I was lost. Asking questions to fellow classmates and counselors about my degree requirements and more. I would have to say that it is as easy as networking and looking for the right information to start your college year without any problems. I also remember, that as a senior year, I had around two classes or three for day; Now that I know, that I could of graduated with a High School Diploma and an Associates at the same time. Taking college classes in High School would probably have saved me time and money. College is as important as High School, but with a more serious vocation to graduate with a degree to start your dream job.


I graduated high school in 1984. I did not go straight to college, choosing instead to work full time and have kids. I would not trade my kids for anything, but I regret not attending college first and getting the education and degree that could really be beneficial now later in life. I went back to school in the early 1990's and got my Associates Degree in Accounting. That was really tough - being a mom (single at that) and student. After the Associates degree, I did not continue further because of funds, schedules, help, etc. Now as an older student, returning to school is a challenge. I am thankful for the opportunity and am working very hard to succeed, but it is hard! It takes a lot of time and work completing assignments and projects and studying. If I could go back to when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to stick with school and let life wait. Do it now and you will succeed later on in life. Take your time and focus - accomplish you goals. Never give them up for anyone or anything.


Wow. The irony of this question is amazing. I have two children who are currently seniors in high school. The relevance is that I struggle in talking to them about college because I remember adults speaking to me when I was a senior and my perception was that they were lecturing me. Looking back, the advice I would give myself would be to experience all that I could through my education. Take advantage of studying abroad to learn the cultures of others, spend time volunteering to learn what you are really passionate about BEFORE committing yourself to a major, and remember to treat others the way you want to be treated because you never know when you might find yourself in the other person's shoes.


I have learned as much about myself as I have any subject that I have studied during the completion of an Associate in Arts Degree. This experience has transformed my life. Realizing that the only obstacle that can stand in the way of my success is me has been the most powerful knowledge I have acquired. I have discovered my ability to achieve and elevate the expectations I set for myself. The self-confidence gained from starting college as a high school dropout and finishing as an honor student, with a near perfect grade-point average, will forever be with me. Lastly, I have learned to learn. My exposure to higher education has been a humbling one as well. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know, and how far I have yet to go. I now desire knowledge, and to see value in all of life’s experiences. Going to college has touched all aspects of my life and has given me the foundation to build a solid life upon.


I have gotten a career that I am able to put exactly what was taught to me in the two years I attended UHCL into great use. I learned so much from the hands on experiences adn the experiences the professors shared. They had so much to share and now that I am a first grade teacher I can put it all into great use. My students are from all around the world. I learned quite a bit from the diverse popluation at UHCL. The University allowed various organizations to educate the students about different cultures. I enjoyed my experience at UHCL. There were times when I thought I wouldn't make it but the professors encouraged me and assured me that it would all be worth it in the end. I do not have one regret.


Most important, knowledge. Everyday I learn something new that I can productively use in my career as an educator. The university does a fantastic job helping prepare for real life scenerios. It is important becuase I know that educators are needed in order to prepare our children in various ways. My experiences in college and the university had taught me how important an education is, because we can only learn from the experienced, our professors.


Through my college experiences, I have gained many new virtues, the ones that already existed prior to college have been strengthened to immeasurable proportions, and I am now completely aware of the ones that I need to work on either obtaining or gaining strength in. I strongly believe that a college education should benefit the entire person and not just increase an individual’s mental abilities. As I think of the many difficulties along the way, I know that it this because of the virtue, perseverance, that I have not given up on this goal that I set for myself a long time ago. It has been valuable for me to attend college not only because of the priceless knowledge I have attained from the many courses I have taken, but also because of the better person I am becoming. I’ve heard that it is the valleys that we grow. Simply stated, my college experience has caused me to grow and mature in areas that I probably would not have otherwise. It has been invaluable for me to attend because due to the many challenges, one day I will blossom and bear fruit!


Through my college education I have gained a sense of empowerment. Being a first generation college student from a single parent family, it has sometimes been hard to find support, both emotionally and financially, to make it to this point in my education. Nevertheless, with my graduation date only a few semesters away, I am overcome by a sense of accomplishment. I have fallen in love with the academic process and plan to pursue a life of learning and educating in hopes of giving another young scholar the same feeling of enlightenment and empowerment I experienced thanks to some of the wonderful professors I have had the privilege of studying under. I can't help but daydream about the excitement graduate school will bring considering the passion I have found in my undergraduate studies!


The most important and profound items I have gotten from my college experience is growth and appreciation. After I had my first daughter, it became clear to me that earning a degree was not something that you just “do.” Earning a degree is an experience, test of motivation and dedication, a challenge and a journey that brings you to a sense of mental and physical success. Seeing my children and having so many goals and hopes for them even as infants brought me to the realization that I could only expect so much, before I had to lead by example. Throughout my journey I have grown from a child to an adult though education, life experience, and seeing so many others who have conquered their own endeavors to reach their goals and dreams. I feel like an education is so important because it gives you the necessary perspective of being just a small part of big world. Being humble gives allows you to be confident in what you do know, but realize that there is vast amount of knowledge that others can give. As long as you can continue to learn, you will always be able to grow.


So far my college experience has been valuable to me because it helped me figure out which degree I really wanted to pursue. From high school I decided to go straight to a community college because I was not fully confident in pursuing a degree in architecture. I jumped around between architectural drafting and engineering while at the college. I knew I wanted a degree that was design based I just could not find the right one. After a year or so I had almost completed my AA and realized that I still was not confident in a career choice. My last semester before my AA I decided to take a variety of electic classes. It was because of this decision that I finally found what I was looking for. Now I am majoring in graphic design and am fully content and confident with my decision. Finally finding a worthy career that I can look forward to is the most valuable thing that I could have ever hoped for.


My college experience has given me confidence in my ability to suceed in any academic endeavor as well as personal goals. A college education is something I always wanted but because of life circumstances I was not able to accomplish earlier in life. I hope to inspire others returning to further thier education , cancer survivors such as myself, mothers, grandmothers, and people of all ages. I want others to know that they can overcome what seems to be insurmountable odds and that it is never too late for an education. Better to be a late bloomer, than never to bloom at all!


Obviously I got a degree, so that was valuable. However, I'm currently nor have I ever used it. With the exception of a few classes, I learned nothing in college that I did not already know. My college experience was nothing more than a refresher course that lasted 4 years. The only value I got out of my college experience is my degree which will allow me to get into a masters program, which I hope will change my cynical opinions on the over priced higher education system.


I would say so far I have learned to multi-task and manage my time. It is really exciting to know that every class I finish is getting me one step closer to working in my dream field! The people I have met along the way both peers as well as instructor's have been a big asset in keeping me focused on my career path. Someday I will get my degree and be working at my ideal job and with this scholarship it would help me to get to Unity in Maine to finish out my college years and graduate from the college of my dreams.


My college experience has turned me into a more responsible individual in many aspects. It has given me a sense of worth and also gives me a boost of confidence. Not only have I learned interesting and valuable information from the classes that I have attended, but I have learned life lessons. Listening to lectures from my professors and comments or opinions from my fellow classmates motivates me to want to attend class. I especially like when I can refer back or relate to the material that I have learned in class to real life situations; that is how I can really tell that I am benefiting from my classes. I have felt satisfaction throughout my college experience so far and that also motivates me. I used to be a person who would say "college is just not for me," and I try to inspire my friends who think or say the same thing. The day that I walk on that stage to receive my diploma will probably be one of the most proud moments for me and my parents. That is was I look forward to the most!


I am on a mission. As a first generation college student in my family I have been a trailblazer for the generations that follow. One day I will look up and rejoice as my hat and tassel fly high in the air above me knowing I will be well prepared for what my future holds. Only then will my mission be complete. However, I recognize that my mission is not a selfish one because I know I am paving the way for my two younger siblings and the dozens of little cousins that look up to me. My mission is also not impossible because through my college experience I have learned the meaning of stick-to-it-ive-ness and sacrifice. Therefore, I cannot and will not stop nor surrender, so help me God, because there is so much more at risk than just what I now possess in my own two hands. Hence, my true value in attending college is for the understanding that the light produced by my example will spark the way for not only my family whom l love so dearly, but also for everybody around me. Bottom-line, my mission is for success and significance.


I have been wrestling with the answer to a question I was asked in the fourth grade. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Since I entered Valencia College with no idea of what I should major in; I started with a General A.A. Degree. In the three years since, I have had the chance to continue where high school left off and further my education. My most valuable experience is that I have been able to learn who I am and what I would like to do with my life. Remember the question I was asked? Well it was while I was at Valencia College that I had the chance to take a career placement test. Because of it and help from the counselors at the Career Answer Center I finally had my answer. That in itself is why it has been valuable to attend Valencia College and since then I have been preparing for my major in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Not only do I finally know what major I should go for, but they have helped me find the best school for it. Rosen College, here I come!


I've just started attending college again after a long break and I am excited to graduate and get out in the world and start helping people. Having a child and going to school at the same time is very challenging and rewarding at the same time because I know that through all the late nights and early mornings that this degree is going to benefit my family as well as myself.


I achieved my Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education within a year and a half. I learned from my college experience that it is best to give it all you have, by putting in as much effort as possible. That is what I have been doing, I want to finish my education as fast as possible so that I can become a teacher as soon as possible. It is valuable to attend college to aid in building your knowledge. I want to continue building my knowledge once I become a teacher by working towards my masters degree to eventually become an assistant principal.


Embarking on my journey toward achieving a degree at a higher education institution has allowed me to digest the meaning of the cliche "learning never ends". After attending my primary school of choice, and opting to transfer to a different intitution, I felt like I had learned about every aspect of the college experience. I thought to myself, "my experiences and background makes me a more educated pupil than my other peers." After taking a few classes and learning about the different cultures that I had never been exposed to though, I found out no matter how smart I thought I was, I wasn't any better than the person sitting next to me. I possessed the same amount of knowledge; the only difference was the content of the knowledge in which I possessed in comparison to my peers. There was so much that I could offer to them, and so much they could offer me to aid my understand of the world. All I had to do was express my willingness to learn. College has taught me that it doesn't matter what chapter you are at in your life, there is always room for never ends.


I will be graduating in May and college has played an important role in who I have become. Not only have I learned technical skill in visual art that I am proud of, I have gained a confidence and courage that I never thought I would possess. With the help and encouragement of faculty, family and students I have become not only disciplined, but more creative and cognizant of social issues in my community. UHCL has given me a place to have a voice, one that will guide me as an artist for the rest of my life. I will always look back on this time with joy and humbleness. No matter what path I take this is the foundation that will make it all possible. I am grateful that I have had this amazing opportunity and look foward to going on to graduate school as well.


I have gained extreme amounts of knowledge from my schooling experience. Not only intelectual, but also ways of living and how to be more social. Speaking to instructors and classmates has really helped me excel in the real word. I have gained employment and volunteer opportunities by being more outgoing. School has also helped me be more driven to reach my career goal. I cannot wait to get into my work field and practice everything I have learned. I look up to all of my instructors for all of the time they have put into my education for me to grow.


My college experience has expanded my knowledge of other cultures and of other people within my own culture. I am more empathetic to other people's experiences because of my college experience. This is true both in the modern sense as I interact with my community every day and in the historical sense, as I research, study, and write about people in the past. I am a history major with an emphasis in women's studies. I was taught to doubt my opinions until the research backed them up. Actually we were taught that unless we had discovered something contrary to our initial instincts, we had not done enough research. This mindset works well both in historical research and in our world today, where complex ideas are distilled into seconds-long soundbites that can easily miss reality.


I am learning a lot about healthcare in United States. when i joined the school my knowledge about healthcare in U.S. is was very less but now when i will graduate i will be expert in healthcare.


My college experience has taught me not only to be a successful student but to be a successful person in general. I have learned to be disciplined, focused, determined, and patient. I learned to set higher goals, and greater expectations for myself. I have learned that every opportunity leads to the next, and how you approach that opportunity will make or break your final outcome. One grade, leads to the next until you finally reach the final grade. It is important that we take responsibility for the moment or opportunity that we have and make the best grade possible so that eventually we can achieve a pristine final grade. The same applies in life. Every opportunity we are presented with leads to the next and if we take those opportunities seriously and make the best out of them we will have a better quality of life. With everything that I have experienced in college, I give back by mentoring those who are traveling down the same road I am. I help others reach success and at the same time, teach them to appreciate the opportunities that come with seeking a college degree and making the best of their college experience.


I firmly believe my college experience was an eye opener to me and it has brought the best out of me.The course was really fascinatiing and interesting than I had ever imagined. I became very fod of Computer Networks and Data Warehousing. The motivating faculty members of my department has encouraged me to reach far beyond the curriculum and to do my research work in my area of interest under their guidance. I have also involved myself in various extra curricular activities by participating in different student associations and volunteering for many events organised by the college. Since it has made me to excel in both curricular and extra curricular activities I should say that my college has made me as a complete man.


Personally to be in school is an accomplished dream that I had for more than twenty years. I am really enjoying my college years; College experience has been positive, even when time is not enough, I have full time employment and a family to take care of. School’s environment is very open to diversity; I also found myself inspired by teachers’ commitment. The learning process has been demanding and stressful many times but worthwhile. To attend college is valuable for me because allows me to help more people with the appropriate tools. Beside the individual benefits of better employment and personal growth, I am setting example in my family. I was the first one to attend college and now my son and my niece are enrolled.


I have learned so much not only academically but I also learned alot about me as a single parent. College has given me insight on how important education is.


My college experience has been immeasureable. The real college experience is more than just taking classes. It is a journey. The student that makes this journey learn more than just academics. He or she ultimately learns about self and that's the greatest journey that life has to offer.


Attending college has provided me with the fullfillment in my life. i took a break after my daughter was born and when i came back in May of 2009, I came back even stronger than ever. After taking that break it made me realize that school was more important than i thought. I have been taking classes nonstop ever since then and i feel rewarded. I will feel even more rewarded when i earn my Bachelors degree in education. A college education is also important to me becasue i can set a positive example for my daughter and hope that she will also decide to get a college education. The feeling that i get when a semester ends and i see my grades is truly priceless. Everytime a semester ends i know that i am getting closer and closer to my goal.


I have attended six different universities in four different states. As an older student in my 50's, the most valuable experience I have learned is how to rely on myself for work to be completed. I have learned how to believe in myself. When I was younger, I had little experience in the world. I never believed I could achieve a goal as high as becoming a university graduate. I also have learned how to become an individual that knows how to express, formulate and prove ideas and opinions. Taking the initiative to learn has been valuable to me. In high school, I was told I would probably never be accepted into a college because I was a C student. Because of teachers who care enough to make be a stronger and determined person, I am now an A student. I never thought I would become so eligible for a college education because I was never given a worth in high school. Now, teachers include me and my peers in classroom conversations! They value our opinions and our experiences and encourage us to be confident! My experience in college is priceless and has changed my life.