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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


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Returning to college after twenty years has proven to be both difficult and advantageous. I chose the University of Houston - Clear Lake because it was a small school that is fairly accessible even though it is more than thirty minutes away from home and work. After completing my first semester this fall, I have learned that difficulty can overcome by honest, hard work. Facing thousands of pages of reading and having to complete research papers and essays in addition to receiving hands on education in media production, I was sure that I had bitten off more than I could chew. This course work was being added to my already strenuos 40 work week where I consult with high school students as a specialist. The first day of classes, one of my professors stated, "her class could be difficult if you get behind - it's hard enough when keeping up, but don't lose sight of your end goal by getting behind and letting things pile up. If you work hard enough at this, the rewards will be tenfold." I think this philosophy can be applied to life in general and is good to keep in the back of the mind.


I have learned different cultures, different ways of thinking, and tons of different ideas. I think that is what college is about is learning different things to figure out which one you like best and then to shape who you are using your conclusions. College for me has been priceless truly due to the fact that I am establishing myself and becoming secure in who I am.


My college experience has been transforming. Although UHCL is an untraditional campus, I have made the most of my time there by getting heavily involved with the international and intercultural student service office and the student life office. Through my involvement I have made many wonderful friends and experienced various cultures. I found myself and my passions through the various volunteering activities UHCL hosts. My only fear is that when I decide to apply to PhD progrmas I will not be on a competitive level with students that attended larger traditional universities. However, I believe that the experiences I have gained and the friends I have made at UHCL are irreplaceable. I have learned to apprechiate diversity and accept individuals for who they are. I have grown a compassion for human kind that I may not have at any other university. I am committed and passionate about helping people who are oppressed in society and I own that to my experience at UHCL.


I started college after high school and dropped out after one year. I later returned in my late twenties. I was divorced and taking care of a child. My college experience was exciting at that time. I was eager to learn and had knowledge to share. I had a greater apprieciation for college at that age. I understood that without an education I would not be able to earn enough money to support me and my child. I found that college would be valuable to me in terms of providing me with the tools to advance in the business world. My college experience taught me to apprieciate learning and share that with my daughter.


I am currently a student and a substitute teacher. My students tend to be underprivileged and need my help to become good citizens. The father of my oldest child was killed at age 34 in an accident. He did not finish high school and had issues with drug dependency. My son and I read lots of literature to help him with his disorders. Keep in mind that he comes from a family of eight generations of high school drop outs. Trey is in Pre-AP English, Pre-AP Science and AP Math and has received a letter from president Obama for being one of America’s higher intellectual students due to his achievement test scores. My experiences with my son and my former husband have helped me develop the skills and concepts necessary to break this tragic cycle. Through insight from other teachers, doctors and my own efforts, I have developed teaching techniques that could make a difference in any student. University of Houston Clear Lake has helped me to continue my journey to become a great teacher and change many lives. Throughmy colleges teacher education program I will complete my education and become a super teacher.


The knowledge and confidence I have received from attending UHCL has far outweighed the struggle of finding the time and money to attend. Besides receiving a good education, I have learned so many things about myself that would have been lost otherwise. I was dead set on becoming a college biology instructor or work in the research field, but though my college experience I realized that I much rather work in the environmental sciences field. I believe an experience like this is what makes college truly valuable. It is not just the knowledge and experience one gains, it is about finding out what truly interests you and having the opportunity to entertain that thought and experiment within that field in an open-minded and safe environment. My college experience has enabled me to find my true passion and my degree is helping me to turn this passion into a career.


Don't worry! My college experience has differed greatly from that of American Pie. In fact, I believe the reason it has been valuable is because throughout my attendance I have taken glimpses into what motivates people to pursue a specific field, and upon reflection of these observations, has allowed me to sculpt my own expectations and goals for myself. Ever since I was 13 years old I developed an affinitiy for computer systems and even after associating a large pay check with Pharmacy practices, I took a step back and assessed my own positive qualities and returned to my original interest of one day administrating large scale networks and offering remote desktop support for large corporate environments. I took off the green dollar sign tinted glasses of the doctor or chemical engineer and instead saw with my own eyes that I would set out to do what I've always inherently and legitimately enjoyed.


When I started attending Everest College, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into with a technical school. At first it was incredibly difficult for me, and I almost dropped out just because I wanted to do something different. As time went by, I realized that I REALLY want to be in the health profession, and starting in dental is perfect for me. I enjoyed every single second of it. My teacher is a blessing to this earth, and I let her know that, and if it weren't for her I most likely would've chose to drop the program. Going through the Dental Assisting program made me realize that I want to further my education and permenantly stay in the medical field; with high expectations of expanding my career. Everest was a great start for me, and one day I will be in a University. Helping people is what I want to do with my life, and my passion. Helping people with their health makes it that much better. My school cleared my head as to what I want with my life.


College is a wonderful experience that every one who is given the oppurtunity to attend should take. I have been able to conquer steps toward my career goals not only because I am in college and have taken accreditted courses, but I have recieved hands on training and experience as well. In modern society, a college degree is expected, as was a high school diploma 30 years ago. Experience and education can give a person striving for their dream job the upper hand in an economy that is increasingly competitive. In addition to education and experience, college provides a path of growth and independence in each individual who attends. Values such as responsibility, perseverance, and communication are instilled into the minds and hearts of people who strive for higher education.


College has reminded me of how important goals and dream are for you to feel good about life. Striving to accomplish a career goal is motivating in this money driven society. There are too many people out there doing nothing with there lives and work these dead-end jobs never realling wanting anything from live and barely getting by. Most of society is poor and don't want to do anything with themselves. School has opened my eyes to the importance of getting an education and trying to make a better life for yourself. Going to school has made me feel like my dreams can come true and I can do a job that I would love. It is what drives me to get through the days just knowing that I can make my dreams come true as long as I try. College has saved me and made me believe I can be anything I want to be.


The thing I have recieved the most from attending college is to know that I can become the boss and not just the worker. With a degree and dedication I can have my name on the front of a building and be proud of all the things I have accomplished. With out an education I feel the things in life that I want and drive myself toward would be out of my reach. I hope that the people that do want to attend college get the chance to. Having an education really does open up many doors for a person.


It has been a valuable experience for me to go to college. I have learned so many things about interacting with people, the importance of a structured schedule, how to manage my time efficiently, and how to balance the various social, educational, and personal aspects of life. I love learning new things and I understand that, if approached correctly, college is a wonderful resource in which to grow as individuals and discover our place in the world. As the first person in my family to go to college, I am very proud of standing up for my education and rights, and of what I have accomplished so far. I plan to continue my education until I have my Masters degree and this scholarship would help me achieve that goal.


I recently obtained an AAS in Criminology from Galveston Community College which is great in helping me to further my career and ability to find a better job. Being able to graduate from college and have better career opportunities is a good way to instill in my daughter the importance of college for the both of us now and for her future. As a single parent it has been hard and has taken a while to finish because of having to also work a forty hour work week but rewarding in knowing that I can qualify for better job opportunities. I have accquired great study skills and habits to achieve graduation and the discipline needed to continue having success and great achievement. Attending college is also a great networking opportunity to meet new friends and to possibly establish business relationships that can prove beneficial in the long run.


My college experience has taught me the importance of staying organized and focused on the goal I have set. My goal is to have a better life through improving my education and employable skills. College is not easy while working two jobs; however, school provides me with knowledge and skills needed to move forward in the work force. Once I have graduated, I will have the ability to earn a career position that affords me the opportunity to take care of financial needs and enjoy personal time away from work.


I have had the preparation I need to become a successful elementary school teacher. I feel much more confident with the classes I have had the opportunity to take, and will now be able to implement what I know in my classroom. Without college, I would struggle to find a job and to support a family, so it is essential that I receive my degree and further my education. I am so thankful to be able to attend college, and better myself.


I have learned alot about myself and about the world in my college experiences. I realized that I really want to make a difference in the lives of children. I feel that by attending college I have been able to find myself.


In attending UHCL, I have learned a wealth of information about life skills through my peers, professors, and internships. With my peers I have been able to practice my social skills by participating and learning in groups. Additionally, I have learned culture diversity from many of the students and events, such as theater, social gatherings, and festivals that are held at UHCL. All the professors at UHCL have a doctorate degree. They take the time to explain course work to students and make a point to be available either by email, by phone or office hours. There is student counseling available for all students and if a professor see’s that a student is struggling with course content the professor will recommend tutoring or counseling for help. I learned a great deal at UHCL that applies to real life situations and I decided to continue my Masters degree in Teaching - Curriculum and Instruction. I received hands on experience by working in a classroom setting, with a mentor for a year, before graduating. My internship was a valuable life experience. I look forward in completing my Masters degree and learning more about how to teach technology skills to students.


In my college experience I have gained valuable knowledge as a student and I have learned how to get from dreaming to making my dreams a reality. At Riverside Community College I have been offered many oppurtunities including visiting the university I intend to transfer to and being able to apply to their labs and meet instructors from the university and doctors from the university. Riverside Community College is an excellent community college to attand and truly the best one in my area.


I graduated high school in 2005 and didnt know what I wanted to study . I decided to take general classes in 2006 at a College in my hometown. I took classes to become a nursing student, and then realized that I would LIKE nursing, but not LOVE nursing. Someone once told me that in order to truly be good at what you do, you have to love what you are doing. I then began looking into other fields. I am now currently enrolled in the Radiologic Technology program and I love it. I am so glad that i didn’t rush into a career, but instead, decided to wait and find one that i will enjoy for the rest of my life. I have learned so much from my college experience. Things like the importance of deadlines, and responsibility. College has made me grow up tremendously. I am so happy that i am attending College. I love what i am learning and becoming, and i know that I will only have more opportunities later in life. I look forward to the day that I graduate, and feel the sense of accomplishment for all these years of hard work.


My experience at UH-CL has been extremely rewarding. Being from a family of six children and parents with no college education I had to work full-time and attend school part-time early on. Thus it took longer to complete my college education than most students. Soon after completing my Associates Degree I met a wonderful man and put marriage and family as a priority over my college education. However, as my children became pre-teens and teenagers the urge to complete this education became stronger. Teaching and showing my children that we are never too old to fulfill our dreams was a wonderful bonding experience for myself and my family. In attending UH-CL, I was one of the older students in my classes. This afforded me the opportunity to mentor to the younger students struggling to discover what they wanted to do with their lives. Along with the quality education I received at UH-CL this opportunity to mentor and assist these younger students was one of the most rewarding opportunities I have had. Because of this I consider my time at UH-CL to be one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences I have had.


My college experience has been both challenging and rewarding! As a junior, holding a full time job to pay for tuition, I have been faced with many challenges. These challenges include getting to school on time, meeting up with school deadlines, buying textbooks and studying late at night – to mention just a few. These challenges, notwithstanding, made me to place a higher value on my education. I saw college education as an investment that must yield positive returns. Hence, I had to plan my life around tight schedules. This experience has made me a better organized individual and this reflects in my personal life and work. Apart from positively impacting my personal and work life, the college experience, has exposed me to a variety of cultures. This exposure has widened my worldview and has better suited me for a diverse work place. Finally, I mentioned earlier that I had a full time job, true. I wouldn’t have gotten my job if I wasn’t presently enrolled in college! Moreover, the knowledge gained from various classes has translated to greater usefulness and versatility in the work place. Therefore, my being in college has and will continue to benefit me economically.


The greatest thing I've taken from college is that life is not always what you expect it to be but ultimately rewarding. People aren't simple stereotypes, they're nuanced and full of subtleties that makes life more enjoyable, classes weren't always what I expected but they always taught me something. That's what I think college should be. A place where students come and learn about what life has to offer as opposed to just another level of education.


The college experience is important for a variety of reasons. The job market is becomming more and more competitive, so the need for an advanced education is increasing. Also, many opportunites for work-related networking are provided throughout the duration of a college career. These relationships can be invaluable to providing the connections one needs to establish themselves in the working world. Additionally, peer relationships are formed that can be part of a life long support system. Personally, I have benefited from the community service opportunites offered at my campus, the relevant speakers in my field of study, and the support of the professors who are encouraging to all students. The professors at my campus stress the importance of professional and personal integrity, and the need to strive to achieve our personal best. The University of Houston Clear Lake is an excellent campus to attend!


I got several important things, if not more, from attending college. One of them is valuable contacts from friends and faculty, for future references and job offers if I need them. Another would be academic knowledge which is the primary know-how neccessary for my future career down the road. The most important thing I got from college was personal growth. Volunteering and reaching out to the community made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile and these types of things are something that cannot be taken away from the student, it all comes from initiative, a willingness to learn while trying new things, and of course, pursuing your higher education.


I have learned that no matter where people go in life there will always be people who will encourage and discourage you from achieving your dreams . I did not think I would find a discouraging instructor in college but I did. I am and have always been wheelchair bound but I choose not to let that stop me from achieving my dreams of becoming a teacher. I began taking education courses and in my first education class I felt singled out by the teacher. It was almost as if she did not want me in the class. I thought this was just all in my head until one day she told me that I would have to try extra hard to be special because no one would want to hire someone in a wheelchair over someone who is able-bodied. Although I have learned to have a tough skin this bothered me for days. Looking back I still do not know why she felt the need to say that but I have learned that no matter what I can do anything and just as well as everyone else, if not better.


What I have gotten out of my experience at college is knowledge. The knowledge that I have acquired has made me a more mature and responsible person. Not to mention I also feel much smarter and confident than when I attended since high school. The reason I say this is because in high school I didn't make the good grades I do now which fall in the A and B ranges. Alot of the good grades I have now have to do with believing in my self and knowing that I can accomplish anything if I put my heart and mind into it. Being in college has been a great experience and still is because it has helped mold the person that I am today, which is a highly motivated, determined, passionate person. Before college I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or where it would take me but I knew that I definitely wanted to go to college to do and be something important. Learning about new things makes me feel so empowered that I just love learning about all types of new things. I look at things with an open mind.


My college experience has taught me that I need to be more confident in myself and that I am capable of much more than I think. It took me a few years (and more than a few thousand dollars) to realize I should have chosen a different major that would have afforded me better opportunities upon graduating. I learned advisors are not forthcoming with realistic information about majors and career paths. College has been invaluable to me because I learned self-confidence, organization, and professional skills. College has also provided an opportunity to network with people in the same career field as me.


My college experience began early as I started taking a few extra credit courses in high school. My high school was excellent and prepared me for what was to come in my college classes. Some of my college classes have been difficult while others have been a breeze. I feel as though I have learned different strategies of working and studying based on the particular class I'm in. I have met many new people that I would not have been able to do if not in college. One of whom is now a dear friend of mine and the person who lead me into elementary education. I am so happy with my education classes and my courses are really getting me ready to be a teacher. Although my experience in college has been a little longer than I would have liked, I have come along way and learned a lot. I hope to be able to apply what I have received from my classes and apply it in the future for my class.


College has taught me how to be more accepting of other cultures. Before I attended college, I was nervous and scared when I was around people with different backgrounds than me. Now I know more about them, and am able to see past the cultures to the person and learn more about the person.


My college experience has been on of my greatest achievements in life. When I decided to go back to college, I was a 35 year old single mother with a special needs child and I had just achieved a soberity of 3 months. The decision to return to college was very overwhelming; however, I persevere and graduated from Houston Community College with an Associates of Arts degree and I also graduated with Honors. My acceptance into the Social Work program at the University of Houston-Clear Lake was a phenomenal milestone. My strong dedication to my educational goals is represented in my 3.4 grade point average and I am proud to say I am still clean and sober after 4 years and counting. I can truly say that I am a miracle in progress and I am grateful for the many opportunites I have been given at the UH Clear Lake and I pray that this success will lead me to a brighter future.


It is not always important to know exactly what you want to be when you get into college. You must focus on your school work, but do not forget about taking care of yourself. Make sure what you end up studying is something you love to do, because if it is not then you will end up not enjoying the classes, not learning, and wasting time that you can never get back. Love yourself and what you do, and you will be a much happier person for it. Making friends is easy, and if they care about you, it is easy to keep them too. It is all right to let down your guard somewtimes, but do not let others push you in a direction just because they think it is what you want. You know yourself better than anyone else, and you know what works for you. Focus on the positives in life and do not let the negatives have such a profound impact on you. You can make a great deal of positive difference in this world if only try!


I would definitely do things differently as a high school senior. I would be more college oriented and really become a part of the process of choosing a college. I decided to start out at community college but If I could go back I probably would have gone to a 4-year school to really get the full experience of college. I would have worked harder on and sent out more applications to schools and for scholarships to give myself more opportunities. My college career has worked out for me but I do believe I could have done better if I put more of an effort into the process.


Start applying for college early. Do not wait until the last minute. If you can go to a school that you want to go to then do it. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back. Do what you want to do. Be prepared for a lot of homework and a lot of studying. Do not procratinate! Try as hard as you can and try not to stress.


I would go back and tell my self to not be lazy and apply for as many schorships and i possabily could. Insted of being lazy and goofing off. I would also tell myself to talk the hard road or the road less traveld. If i had applyed for all those scholrships i could have worked at school a little harder because i would have to work at dead end job as long as i did. I would tell myself to pick and engineering major. Not to flot around in a couple of different majors trying to figure out what i wanted to do. I would agin tell myself not to be so lazy. because i am not lazy at all now. I look back on things now and i used to be the type of person that thought things would take care of themselvels but i know now that the only way things get taken care of. Is if you take care of then yourself. I have a very good work ethic and i would tell myself to use it for what was most important at the time which was paper work for colleges and scholrships.


I would remind myself that I need to attend a school that is more academically focused and not one that is known for parties. School studies should come first if I want to get a career and be succesful in life.