University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The only frustrating thing that I've come across at the University of Houston - Clear Lake is that they don't have a football team. I do love a good game of football but I can go to main campus for that.


Balancing a school-life balance is the most frustrating factor at University of Houston-Clear Lake. Most of the student body is comprised by full-time working adults looking to further their career, as well as by full-time parents. Because of the many other obligations which consume the student body, extracurricular activities and weekend events at the university are often scarce in attendance. Unfortunately this inhibits the amount of school spirit. In spite of these other obligations, the student pride is heightened because of the many obstacles which are necessary to overcome.


A new campus was built by my house and a lot of the classes are not available at night.


The most frustating thing about my school is the parking lot, every semester we have more students and our campus needs a bigger parking lot. The first week of school is very hard to find a parking lot and sometimes students carpool so we can find a parking lot.


Most classes are in the evening.


The only frustrations I have encountered were tuition prices, availability of courses, and constant changes in degree requirements. If tuition prices were lower I could have completed my degree sooner. I had to work full-time in order to afford the costs of tuition. Since I worked full time, I could not take a full course load. The classes that I needed for my degree were offered at strange times of the day or not offered at all, which made it extremely difficult to juggle work and school. Every academic year the course requirements for my degree changed.


The most frustrating thing about my school is getting accurate information from academic advisors assigned to students.


The most frustrating thing about The University of Houston - Clear Lake is the distance away from my home. I am an adult student returning to college after a twenty year hiatus. Working full-time approximatley 45 minutes away makes being on campus difficult at times. However, UHCL has remeidied this by offering distance courses and has opened a Pearland branch that has made it easier to obtain a education while working full-time.


- the process of dealing with the advising department and creating/ updating the CPS - the departmental advising office closes too early, and even if they are supposed to be open late, the office closes 15-20 minutes early this makes it very difficult to speak to an advisor if one only takes evening classes - the lack of police enforment regarding illegal parking- parking at the beginning of the semester is difficult to come by


The financial aid.


First, I wished I would have known aobut the external scholarships that were available for first-time students. Also, coming into the University of Houston-Clear Lake was a culutre shock at first; however, I have been able to adjust very well to my new surroundings. What was most frustrating at UH Clear Lake was learning about where the various classroom settings, bookstore location, accessing the WEB CT protocol and memorizing all of the user ID and password codes, which were at times unbearble; however, I now have a better understanding of the whole entire process of college life.


How far away it is from home.