University of Houston-Clear Lake Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The diversity at University of Houston-Clear Lake is its most powerful factor. Both the faculty and student body hold diverse backgrounds combined with diverse and unique perspectives which are welcomed in the classroom. This facilitates a strong enriched learning experience at this campus as well adding enhancement to the coursework. Most importantly, the faculty and students learn life lessons, communication skills, as well as diversity management, which are all beneficial in any career. The collaborating efforts at this school because of the diverse atmosphere set it apart from most college experiences.


The professors, location, and classroom size. Because it is a commuter campus my classmates are all more mature and focused on learning. It also keeps the size of the classes down, so the classroom is more personal. My professors have all been very knowledgable, encouraging, and open minded. All these factors together create an intimate atmosphere that helps me focus on learning what I can in order to help other humans.


Flexible Class schedules. Holding a fulltime job can be tricky when you are trying to go to school fulltime. The university ensures that it offers classes tailor made to accomodate students with busy schedules outside of school. It offers late night and online classes.


The best thing about my school is that there are many night class options. I am a non-traditional student and University Houston – Clear Lake aims to meet the needs of returning, working students. I am able to work, take care of my children and attend school without having to worry about if the classes I need are available when I need them.


I think the wonderful professors are what make this school such an amazing place. The willingness of faculty to spend extra time and cultivate a classroom environment that is conducive to all types of learning styles is something that I had not experienced until I came to this school. I am also grateful for the small class sizes and how well prepared most all proffesors I have had are each day. If one is willing to work hard, there is always support available.


The professors desire for the students to succeed. Our professors understood that we worked full time and had other responsibilities. They were extremely willing to work with us in regards to deadlines and help on papers, as long as the quality of the work when it was turned in did not falter.


Staff is educated and helping. It is like a family away from home.


The best thing about my school is my degree program. My school offers an extensive Social Work program and both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


The best thing about the school is its dedicated and sincere teachers along with system itself.


UHCL provides a lot of opportunities to give back to the community and fellow students. Not many people get involved on campus, but the ones who are involved form a cohesive group similar to an unstructured family. I enjoy being involved because it makes me feel that I am actually a part of the university experience .


- the ability to complete the bachelors degree by taking mostly evening classes - the quality of instructors in the biology/environmental sciences department


January will be my first semester, but I have a friend that graduated wioth a Masters in Nursing from U of HCL and she highly recommended this location. She stated that the advisors are very helpful and students friendly and overall very nice campus and environment and that is the experience that hope to have a student at UHCL.


My school has a great education program.