University of Houston-Downtown Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I would say my school is best know for their flexability in times for their classes


UHD is known for it's diversity.


The school has lot of people coming from different ethnicity. The school is best known for its business and pre med studies


Our school is best known for our athletic program and the law school. The athletic program has a really good reputation and we are very proud of the coogs. The law school has a good turn out and many of the people who attend U of H find jobs quickly.


It is known for the college experience given to working parents, adults, that is harder to assist college. So my school, UHD, is known for the flexibility that makes easier for those who have it more difficult.


My school is best known for its flexiblity in schedules, and lower cost of attending.


This school is known for its small classes and being one on one with the instructor. School is very easy to get around. They offer all majors, and have plenty of resources to make sure that you are successful.


To be honest, I do not know as I am only in my first semester.