University of Houston-Downtown Top Questions

What kind of person should attend University of Houston-Downtown?


A person that should attend University of Houston is a peerson thats ready to put in some serious work as a college student. While attendding the University of Houston having good organization will be key. Keeping up with your classes, managing your classes, and managing your study time for each class wiill be very important twoard graduating each of your classes. Another important trait a person attendinding this college may need to have is good time management. Time management will be need if you or working and trying to manage other things such as work, friends and different school clubs.


Anyone can attend this school. Its perfect for everyone.


Students that are really attending school to do their best and excell in their studies should attend UHD. The resources are always readily available to help students. Students that attend UHD have a goal to go on to more school or to work in industry. UHD provides many options and opportunities for students to get involved in research and internships where most students end up making a career. Students who are motivated and excited about their education should attend UHD.


Anyone who wants succeed in life and pursue a degree should attend this school. It doesn't matter if they are returning back to school at an older age or if they just cam right out of high school, as long as they have motivation and are hard-working.


Any person who is ready for college should attend. They do not need to live independently but that person needs to be able to work independently and not push off deadlines.


This schools location is what brought me to this school. I think it is great for working people to get classes in whenever they have time. Especially for people working downtown to go after work. I plan on taking it all the way through a Masters program because the location is so great in comparison to where I am employed.


Any individual willing to obtain a complete undergraduate education. This university is open to minority students . During my time in the university I recived my proffesional training and education that I need in my field as a teacher. Most of the classes were deliverd in small groups , were students had open access with the professors. Also the university is located in an accesible location using the public transportqation for students that have trasportation problems. I am proud to be a former student.


Anyone, Everyone, can come and attend this school. Everybody is well excepted here at University of Houston-Downtown. People who come here usually do their basics here because they find it much easier than to do it at a bigger university, such as University of Houston-Main Campus. Then after their done with basics, they transfer out and go to another school. So, like I said, anybody can come to this school, whether it be to just get their basics or just to be here.


I believe that ambition individuals that are determined and motivated to give back to the community or environment which they are a product of would be a prime candidate. In addition, I feel in order for an individual to gain the optimal / exemplary education from this institution, a person must be willing to contribute to the success of other by building a network with educators and other students to accomplish goals and aspirations.


People that want to have a degree that can't afford to go to a big university that comes with a big university price tag. This university is ideal for people that have other things going on in life like children, work and/or both. The classes are flexible and there are convinent eveneing and programs for those that have to work full-time and care for their families.