University of Houston-Downtown Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A student that is looking to further their education but without the high price.


The kind of person that should not attend University of Houston is a person thats going to choose to want to be a party animal. In college their is going to be alot more freedom. Parents will not be on your back, and your teachers will not care if you choose not to show up for class. So if as a person you dont have the restraint or self control to put first things first, then going to college is not for you. A person walking into this college like its the same thing as high school is not ready.


Somebody that is not serious about completing their degree should not attend the University of Houston. You should not attend my school if you do not want to build close connections with your professors, and actually learn the material being taught. If one does not want to be in the company of ambitious individuals who work hard on a daily basis, UHD is not the school they should attend.


Anybody can attend this school. I wouldn't advice any student to not registar at a school.


a lazy person, or a person who like to hid in big classes.


Any person who wants to play NCAA sports, and wants a traditional college experience.


People who are not serious about their education and people who are not comfortable with diversity.


Honestly, I believe everyone should attend this school.


No one would fall into that category. The University of Houston-Downtown is a great school for everyone looking to get a start on gen eds or even pursue a full degree through.