University of Houston-Victoria Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go directly to a large state school and live in the dorms. Obtain a healthy balance between a social life and course work. Don't worry about not knowing what to major in. Take courses that interest you. Most importantly, have fun! College is the best years of your life!


Please take your education more seriously. You are a very determined person and can accomplish many things in life. Even though you don't think you are that smart, you can achieve great things through practice and determination. Do not get discouraged because learning from your mistakes is one of the greatest ways to succeed. Do not compare yourself to the people around you. They are on their own journey and have different obstacles to overcome. It is okay to try to be the best but if you are not that is okay. Achievement is not what you accomplish but how far you have come from where you were in the past. Never give up and strive for greatness.


I'm senior and my's experinces here are good so i can' told anything else because my senior year is wonderful but i wan pass to another nivel of stuides, and there i can be civil ingenieer in he future


I would advise myself to be more acquanted with real college life. For example make myself aware that in College I am completely responsible of my actions and, as such, be more organized and plan my career objectives more carefully. I would also underline the imortance that the apparent 'freedom' also carries a lot of resposibilitie,s mostly in the social area. I also would alert myself about what real professional life will look like. If I believe my teachers are tough, that is nothing compared with my job duties and responsibilities in the workplace. College might be a dangerous place if I can't balance the apparent freedom with the responsibilities and duties of college life: there are no second chances, I can't "make up" my GPA if I slip over one semester. I would also ask lots of questioons to my professors, either in class or out of class; this a great benefit that also carries the message that I am genuinly interested in pursuing a sucessful profewssional career.


If I was able to go back in time I would tell myself that it is important to go to college right away and stick with it. I would say start looking for financial aid now and apply to as many scholarships as possible. That a college education is extremly important. It's not as scary as people might think it is and it is possible to complete.


I would have to say to myself make sure you take classes that are tours your college credits. College is alot of money and it would help to save a little. I would also like to tell myself not to stress so much, everything will be ok just stay focus and keep working hard. The most imporant thing would be never I mean never let anyone make you think that you are and your school work is less than them. You are making a life that is better for yourself and and the furture family you will have. Stay positive an dont let negative come in your way because its not good. If it does just think of it as a life lesson and it will help you push yourself even more with school. Also KEEP UP WITH THE FABULOUS GRADES!!!! Awesome Job Brandy !! Thats what i would say to myself if I would turn back the hands of time in high school.


College is a journey, same as life. Don't sweat the small stuff and never give up on your dreams. Set goals and move forward and you'll get where you want to go. No experience in life is wasted: you will learn something from everything. Some day you will look back and it will all be worth it. It won't be easy to get through classes and financial strains and time crunches but all of the hard work and dedication that it takes to get to each milestone is worth it. Also remember to take time to appreciate your accomplishments. Give yourself credit. Don't take on too much - you will have to learn to say no in more ways than one. Leadership is learned and practiced, not inborn. Never give up. If you don't pass/don't get in/don't understand/etc. the first time, try again. Most great things take practice. Practice means doing it more than once.


“Cathy, this is older and wiser Cathy. Don’t let our parents tell you not to go to college. I can see your potential from my vantage point, and I know you are going to need it. Finish college while you are young. You give your all to everything you do, so getting married and having children will consume you. Now you can devote 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your time to studying, but a job and family will compete for that time. You're in such a hurry to work, but consider college your profession. Don't let me hear you say you can't afford college. Work at finding scholarships now, and reap the benefits later. Even though you don't know it at eighteen, I can see your potential to develop good study habits, manage your time well, and carry a full load each semester. Trust me: you will end up taking a much harder road, so apply that energy and talent into college. I love how you use a color-coded calendar; apply that same organizational skill to college. Cathy, believe in yourself and strive to accomplish what God knows you can do if you lean on Him.”


I began my studies at Evergreen in the fall of 2009. Drawn to the interdisciplinary nature of the class, I started pursing my own educational dreams with the year-long program Awakening the Dreamer, Pursing the Dream. In a flurry of self-discovery and eye-opening new ideas, I danced my way through 5 Rhythms, dabbled in mythology and the ideas of Joseph Campbell, researched Shakespearean comedy, read extensively on leadership and the environment, shelved tapes at the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library for community service, and grappled with the ideas of Integral Consciousness. I received exceptional evaluations from my faculty, describing my intense commitment to the program and the consistent high-quality of the work I turned in. In the fall of 2010, I dove into Visual Vocabularies, which perfectly united my passions for art and literature. I eagerly devoured the works of Kafka, Carver and Nabokov, crafting critical literary analyses which received high praise. I threw myself into the art portion of the class with equal abandon, experimenting with new mediums and ideas, and incorporating drawing, painting, text, video and fabric. My faculty commented on my dedication, willingness to challenge myself and take risks, and promising talent.


Attending college has given me the chance to learn about subjects that I would never have studied on my own. I have really enjoyed learning about history, art, biology, chemistry, mathematics, government, and economics. I have learned that the world is so very interesting and complicated. The classes I have taken have enhanced my understanding of the history of our world and of the different peoples populating it. This understanding has made me less likely to judge the situations and the people I encounter in terms of black and white, right and wrong, because I know that the truth is so much more complicated than absolutes. Because of the knowledge and understanding I have gained, I feel so much more confident in my interactions with others. I now have more fatih in my ability to successfully navigate my way through the intricate maze of this world in which we live. Although I am still in the process of completing my degree, I know that I will persevere and this awareness fills me with a great sense of pride.


I once herd an allegory of a frog and a swan. The frog who lives in a water well resembled ignorance, but the swan on the other hand lives across a great ocean whom of which resemble knowledge. The story ends with the swan professing her knowledge of the world to the ignorant frog. The frog who has lived his whole life in this well and learning nothing outside of it could not believe the vastness of the swans’ capacity of knowledge. Therefore, the frog rejected all the swans’ knowledge and continued to live his life. For me the college experience is alike the swan, who brought about vast oceans of profound knowledge before the frog. This has enabled me to reexamine the world around me to see past my previous thoughts so I can further my knowledge. College has become so valuable because it has given my previous ignorant conscience state a reason to search for knowledge outside myself. The value of this new profound knowledge has given me every reason to continue my education no matter what may interfere. Knowledge is the greatest gift that mankind has been bestowed with and it must be utilized.


In 2008, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and joined the fitness profession. During my experience in this vocation, I learned that my influence was limited. This limitation has driven my desire to become a Registered Nurse. I am sure that the biggest benefit that I received from my college experience is the opportunity to explore. In college I did not find out exactly what I wanted to be in just a few classes, but ultimately I found out from my experience. College allowed me to meet other people and interact in a way that prepared me for the workforce. I don’t feel that college is necessary for everyone; however I do believe that in college one will learn many valuable skills and knowledge that will take you further in life. If I had not attended college the first time then I would not have discovered the idea of nursing. Attending college helps you outline your options. Experience allows you the freedom to decide while observing qualified professionals. The end result of going to college is abundant opportunities for questions and an open base for student and teacher communication!


I've gotten the best I could ever learn from Le Cordon Bleu. It helped me put correct procedures into perspective and help me understand better the chemistry in the Pastry Arts. College brought out the inner creativity within me and shinned brighter than the rest of my peers. The one thing I learned about my classmates and teachers is that we all treat each other like family because we all share the same passion for food. Whenever we are together, we feel the love and share so much in common. The best education I could ever have is worth all the trouble and effort. If you don't attend each session everyday, you miss out on what could seem like a week's worth of class. I've gained the knowledge needed for the work force, made new friends, and experienced the true essence of college life: Independancy!


I have recieved extremely good grades, and I have meet a lot of new people in school functions and on the soccer team. I have learned to not be so shy because if i am I will not make many friends.


I have a sense of accomplishment that I have long dreamt of. Having a bachelor’s degree is a positive step to job security. My self esteem is high and I have built high level of confidence. I will use the skills learned to volunteer and render help the society. I feel great and fulfilled because I can take care of myself after my education. I have great memories and have made lots of friends during my academic life. I am very fortunate to experience different people from different cultures. I have respect for all and value other cultures now. Going to school has been valuable because it has broadened my knowledge. It will allow me to earn valuable skills and with a college degree many doors of opportunities will open for me. It is a virtue to go to college honestly. I will be able to get promotions, raises and opportunities for better positions. With a good job, I will be able to pay off the loans I borrowed towards my education.


Since I have attended The University of Houston at Victoria, i have learned that everyone is differnt in thier own ways. Every student has thier own background story of how they got here. It has been valuable for me to attend this university because I love how peaceful and quiet it is around here. I love the way how students are willing to teach one another the concepts that they do not understand in class. Just seeing the smiles that each student brings to another makes my day. A school with no violence or alcohol is what makes me say that I am proud to be a Jaguar.


The gift of EDUCATION The greatest accomplishment is to know you’re a step closer to your future aspiration. It was a very overwhelming feeling, being able to go through with what you promised yourself you would. I came to this community college with intention of getting my Associates than transferring to the school of my dreams. I have had the great opportunity, to meet with wonderful Professors, and create relationships with people who have the same goals as me. This experience has given me the chance to appreciate the education system, shows how fortunate we are to be able to learn. It is an unexplainable feeling to know you are the first in your generation to receive a degree in something others believed you never could. It is a very gracious, satisfaction that shows you can make it on your own. The fierce competition and the economy crashing, should make you exceed for more, not give up. Education is not only being able to receive the knowledge, but knowing what to do once you’ve received it. All I need is a chance to prove myself that my existence will improve a better community.


What I took out of College when I attended and Graduated Scottsdale Culinary Institute with an associate’s degree was; the knowledge of the restaurant industry in not only how to work the "Back of the House" but also "Front of the House" as well. I also took the know-how to walk into any job and know what they’re looking for in a cook and/or server/host. I found my Education at SCI very Valuable for reasons as simple as: I have a degree in the field, where many people do not these days giving me a leg-up on my "competition" in getting hired. College also taught me that I am to know what is to be expected of me when I step into the work place. College really got me on my feet and ready for the real-world work environment where as a non-college applicant would be completely unprepared.


I've learned the importance of an education in getting out of poverty, which is what I come from. I also learned more self discipline and goal setting skills. I know that I can do what I set my mind to I just have to try. I use all the resources on campus to help myself be as successful as I can be. Always ask questions, get to know your professors and work hard. I realize now that I'm not only getting an education but i'm finding out a lot of things about myself in the process. I have become more independent and self reliant. Plus I have stopped procrastinating like I used to!


Attending a community college has allowed me to save money while still obtaining an outstanding education. I had the opportunity of getting to know my classmates and professors on a personal level through small student to teacher ratios. Through this networking, I have learned a plethora of information on my major of choice, as well as other content areas. Furthermore, I have resources and friendships that will last a lifetime.


I still remember the shock I felt after graduating from high school. I couldn?t believe the four greatest years of my life just come to an end in one little ceremony. And I really had no clue what I was in for next. Simply put, college blew me away. The friends I had spent every waking moment with had all gone their own ways. I hadn?t worked to my potential in high school so unlike them, I had to go to a community college. Still, I was expected to do everything they were doing. I had to register for my own classes, buy rather expensive books, and write essays for English 101 that were A LOT longer than any I?d ever written in my life. At one point I stopped to ask myself, "is it really worth it?" It took me few months to realize it, but the answer was a resounding "yes." College is absolutely necessary in order for me to attain the kind of future I had always envisioned for myself. In just a year I learned to the book deals are online, procrastination is the enemy, and best of all, I learned true perseverance.


College is a learning expedition, not something you simply pass through, but an active commitment toward a more knowledgeable future. As an Education major, I am making my journey toward becoming a teacher. It is the valuable skills I have acquired through college, that will help me to be the best teacher that I can be. In college, I have not only learned valuable life-skills and the information I will need to achieve my goals, but I have discovered the ability to help others realize their goals. Initially, I learned the subject matter that I will teach, but more importantly, I learned that you can never know everything there is to know about anything, so you should always seek more knowledge. Furthermore, I have learned important communication skills to help me reach out to my future students and their families. I have learned many things throughout college, and I will learn so many more, but the most important thing is this: each person can make a positive difference to the world. I have learned that I can make a difference and have made it my goal to make a difference in the life of every person that I can.


College has been a life changing experience for me. After high school, I went straight into the work force. Even though I love my job, I wanted something more. I finally enrolled into a college course at the age 26 and my journey began. Knowing what my time was worth, I cherished every moment I was in class. It made me realize how important education really is. I have gain a new respect for myself and found learning so rewarding. As I move along my path to earning a degree, I can hold my head high. I have come this far and I can see my reward ahead of me.


My name is Yewande Ogunkoya, presently a student of Quincy College. College experience is a wonderful experience because it has shown me, how I can better my life and future .I have also acquired more knowlegde based in the change of my career to Nursing profession. I graduated with Chemical Eng(for my BSC) and I believe with Nursing I can save life and build a world of hope for people with problem with their health.My college experience has also made me to realise my talent and what i know how to do best.I love to take care of people,show them love and give them the reason for them to live another day.


I have attended four state universities during my college career. I have seen a wide variety of teaching methods and campus life. This experience has been extremely valuable to me in that I will be able to pass my knowledge and experience on to my two daughters when they are preparing to go to college. My experience at the University of Houston Victoria, specifically, has been valuable because it offered all of my classes online. This has allowed me to focus on my studies, my family, and my church activities during times that were convenient to my schedule.


If I had a chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to balance school work and extra cirricular activities better. As a private school attendee, it was my own fault to favor sports over school work. I had a good GPA in high school but I know I could have done better. I am now making the best grades I have ever made in college and am loving this experience. That would have to be the only piece of advice I would tell myself if I had the second chance.


Looking back at my high school years, one thing I would have changed was my communication skills. Proper communication skills allows more doors to open. It leaves a good first impression and shows people that one has confidence. After working as an Admissions Coordinator in VITAS Inovative Hospice Care, I have also learned that it allows patients to trust someone more. The more a person trusts someone, the more responsibilty they will allow one person to have- and more responisibility shows that one is a leader. If my high school ego had learned the importance of this tool, I would have graduated at the top of my high school class, and excelled even higher in other aspects of my life; moreover, I would also teach my high school ego that nothing is ever too late, because it is by that motto, that has made me successful and satisfied with my life today.


Knowing what I know now about college life I would tell myself to study and work hard. An education is important and if I learned how to study back then and took my studies seriously I probably would have been more successful in college. It took me a lot in order to disipline myself and start getting good grades in school. I probably would have also told myself to figure out what I would like to do as a long term career so I could have figured out my major right away.