University of Houston-Victoria Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


small classes allow for personal attention; small campus is easy to navigate; student services are pretty good; low tuition/affordability


The interdisciplinary nature of the programs, and lack of required classes. Students can not only follow their dreams and study what they want, without having to take classes they are not interested in, but the classes bridge a variety of subjects, seamlessly integrating them for a more cohesive, balance education.


My school offers many business classes in the evening and online. This make it possible fot those who are working in the daytime to attend classes at night or to complete work during the weekends. This arrangement gives many working adults like me a chance to complete their education.


I have not started the program yet because it is a one year Nursing Program that runs from January 2011 to December 2011. However I think that the best thing about the school so far is the caring and supportive staff. I also really like the convenience of parking and finding classes and buildings.


I took my classes online. This was extremely convenient for a stay at home mom of two children. The classes were well organized and easy to access online.