University of Houston Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


U of H is a very diverse and friendly school.


My school is a commuter school with much more potential.


This school is culturally diversed and completely embodies the pace of the city of Houston.


lots of school sprit and determine to a one of a kind education.


UH is a good school but it fails to meet some basic requirements of what a great school is.


University of Houston is a commuter school where students can go and conveniently obtain a degree.


My school is diverse with students and professors from all parts of the world.


Students must have an individual drive to achieve because our administration is often not actively involved in students lives, and when problems occur it is the students responsibility to fix them.


The University of Houston is very diverse.


Large school that won "most ethnically diverse college" in all of the US. large, beautiful, and working its way up to a tier one status.


The University of Houston in its efforts to be diverse has gone a little over board and it also does not prioritize properly what facilities need to be rebuilt or repaired.


The most culturally diverse campus in America.


The school is focused on leading and learning.


Big, friendly, and proud.


I just transfered to this school this fall and hasn't been an easy adjustment. People at this school are less friendly and inclined to indroduce themselves. I have had many issues with getting straight answers from their Financial Aid department . overall i enjoy the city life more than i enjoy rural life in lubbock. there are many activities and clubs available but not a way to find out about them aside from a list.


The University of Houston is a one of a diverse and one of a kind institution with a variety of opportunities designed to help each student succeed in their field of study.


University of Houston is the largest commuter school in Texas.