University of Houston Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


i dont live on campus. but ive been to one dorm and it didnt look bad at all. each student had their own room and shared a bathroom. everything looked pretty decent.


They are nice. I live in the newly constructed dorms specifically for dorms. But I have visited friends in other dorms and they are all really great and meet all the necessities an individual needs.


I am a commuter, but from what I've heard, the dorms are mostly nice. There is a fairly new freshman facility, and they are planning to build more dorm facilities in the near future.


I do not know much but I have heard its better to stay in an apartment near UH then getting a dorm. But if you want to stay on campus Calhoun Lofts are the best!


It honestly depends on which dorm you live in. I, for one, live in Moody Towers, and have lived here (even the same floor) since my first semester. At Moody, there is a North and South Tower. I live in South Tower. There is community bathrooms, which are usually clean (housekeeper cleans and restocks everyday), and the showers are pretty good as well, although sometimes the hot water is a bit lacking. -_- lol. There is a common area between the two towers where alot of people hang, do homework, practice instruments, etc. There is also a communal kitchen in the basement. The overall feel of the towers is friendly, and I plan to live here the rest of my time at UH.