University of Houston Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Many of the students are friendly and inviting with a large racial diversity


Classmates at the University of Houston are a very hard working and culturally diverse group.


My classmates are other students that are striving and pursuing their goals of obtaining a college degree to therefore increase their chances of living a happy life.


My classmates are ambitious and goal oriented.


My classmates are often very reliable. We are far into our degree plans and tend to take the same classes together so when one falls, we all fall. We rely on one another to share inputs on our curriculum, to help one another succeed. They are also very diverse coming from various backgrounds and cultures. We do not judge each other on who has more money or what we eat or who we worship. Overall, my classmates are diverse individuals who I could call life-long friends.


My classmates are amazing, they're attentive and ready to learn.




Classmates are friendly and polite. Their respectful and keep to themselves.


My classmates are eager to learn.


My classmates are nice and helpful, and always encouraging when needing to be.


My classmates were unique and came from all over the state and other continents.


They are very exclusive.


The classmates encountered at the University of Houston were all hard working, studious individuals with a desire to succeed.


Most of my classmates at University of Houston are business majors and they love to party.


The people are very welcoming and kind. I haven't had a problem with anyone at the University of Houston. My classmates are amazing, they are always willing to help with anything that I'd need help with.


Students at University of Houston tend to stay in cliques. Cliques of muslims, cliques of african-americans, footballers or just two people joined at the hip who attend all their lectures together and basically one is never far from the other. This may be due to the diversity and probably the sense of wanting to stick to who one is comfortable with. I will assume, and i might be slightly incorrect, that just 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the population of students at University of Houston are actually independent and can spend an entire week without the need to fit in with a clique or stay glued to their buddies side. A foreigner who is used to being without a swarm of friends and probably an introvert would feel out of place here.


I have have positive racial experiences at the university. Most students wear casual clothes to class. They usually wear jeans and a shirt or something similar to that. I believe different types of students do interact but only when they are in class. I believe all students talk about how much they want to earn one day.


In a word, the students here are DIVERSE!!!! We have students from every background meaning we have student groups and orgs for just about every group of people. We have religious groups, an LGBT and women's resource center. We have cultural organizations that anyone can join. There are honors societies for lower and upper classmen. And more special interest clubs than can be listed!!!


The students at my school are from all walks of life and from different parts of the world. The atmosphere is very cosmopolitan.


Student in UHare very diverse. No matter what club or organization you are in, you will feel at home. Most students are very helpful and friendly. Many of them are involved in more than le event on campus. If they are not involved, they will participate. UH Greek life is a wonderful experience. It is a small community of people who are committed to philanthropy and the group as a whole.




UH is really diverse and we have all sorts of organizations to prove it too. People are so friendly there that no one will ever feel left out, especially when there are study groups. Every class has a study group and anyone is welcome to join that way no one is ever left out and someone makes a new friend.


The students at the University of Houston are very friendly. I meet at least one new person every day. There is a ton of diversity at the University of Houston, which is very cool. I have met so many different races of people than I ever thought I would have. I'm sure I have a friend from every race. There are groups to incorporate any type of person or race. No one would feel left out here at UH.


I can only think of one word : Unity. To be honest, every school has it's cliques, but when you come to UofH, you will see a variety of students all hanging out together. Diversity is the biggest thing we have going for us.


The student body at UH is extremely diverse. People from all over the world, from different backgrounds, and different perspectives can be found here! We have a vast variety of student organizations and groups that reflects and supports our student population! We have everything from fraternities and sororities, to religious groups, to political groups, to community service-based groups...basically, you name it, we have it! When I first came to UH, what struck me immediately was how friendly the campus is in general. Student organizations always bring the campus to life with spontaneous festivals, events, and gatherings. It really is a warm atmosphere because of this diversity! Honestly, there is a place for everyone at the University of Houston because we thrive on this diversity and we are proud of it.


This school is so large and diverse that I do not have a way to categorize and the students you would find here. There are students from all over the world with all kinds of religious backgrounds who are studious, tend to party, enjoy working out, join feminist clubs or political clubs, or environmentally friendly clubs or any other clubs you can think about. I am sure anyone who attends this university will find many students like them that they enjoy spending time with and many students who are very unlike them that they will enjoy learning more about.


What are your experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, and/or other groups on campus?no exp What kind of student would feel out of place at this school?the non college type? What do most students wear to class?clothes Do different types of students interact?yes There are four tables of students in the dining hall. Describe them. Where are most of the students from? all international students usually What financial backgrounds are most prevalent? completely different range Are students politically aware / active? yes Are they predominantly left, right or center? right Do students talk about how much they'll earn one day?yes


The majority of students I meet are from Houston, and part of their decision to attend UH was the location. However, many students travel to UH because so many of our programs are so highly ranked. Coming from Houston, financial situations are diverse, ethnicities and religious and personal orientations are diverse as well.


Much like our mascot, the cougar, the students here are rather fiercely motivated toward success. There isn't an ounce of energy wasted otherwise.


Its highly competitve in each course you choose from. You need to understand and study everything well to get an A. Classmates help each other without any selfishness.


Most of my classmates I already know from high school or through other friends. Everyone is eclectic in style, race, and personal ethics. I think it's nice to be involved in a school with so many people to meet and get to know. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people on a day to day basis.


Most of my classmates have started out the semester being fairly enthusiastic, but as the semester goes on, the enthusiasm seeps out of them.


Driven, experienced in the work field, ready to become independent, influential individuals once while in school and outside in the society. Focused on achieving every goal they have placed on themselves upon the decision to apply for admission to University of Houston. Diverse and accepting, each student is willing to help one another accomplish their personal goals.


The students here are just real people, wanting a better tomorrow


The classmates I have faced have been either introverted and competitive, helpful and compassionate, or somewhere in between depending on the class and amount of pressure from various variables.


Most of them are upbeat and satisfied with their experiences at University of Houston. Many are friendly and very diverse.


The University of Houston is a very culturally diverse school, therefore my classmates are all different and unique in their own ways.


My classmates are lost souls attempting to adjust to the hard knock life of college.


My classmates are friendly, lovable people that do their absolute greatest to conquer in the classroom, on the court, and in all other fields.


They were very cooperative.


My classmate is focused on his field of study and excited about his future career.


My classmates are very nice students and great to get to know. They are very studious and participate with much effort during class which makes it even easier for me to understand the materials. The classmates are people you can depend on at any time for any situation, such as homework and study groups. There is really much diversity on campus, so I learn a lot about other classmates' culture and language! You're still learning about others even off class hours.


My classmates are helpful, smart and very involve when it comes to group projects.


All my classmates come from various backgrounds, most of them full time parents or breadwinners. We are all taking our classes online in order to continue our pursuit of a full time job or to be able to take care of our dependants full time. Our online classes are essential to all of us as we would be unable to continue school if it were required that we be physically present on campus in order to take our classes.


My classmates have their own personality, all being different in their own way.


My classmates are very friendly, easy to talk to, and are willing to help out with courses they have taken.




my classmates are pretty nice and open-minded. The overall atmosphere of the campus is friendly.


A group of people you are able to communicate with in order to expand and help your knowledge of a subject.


They are bright, inviting people who are genuine and extremely friendly.