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It has a diverse international community and a focus on integrated the academic fields with a global perspective. I chose my program because it offered an international focus.


University of Houston is very diverse. This is what makes them special. There is rarely discrimination of any kind where its towards race, or gender, or how we look. I think that's why I felt comfortable being at this campus. Everywhere you turn youre not pressure to be stuck in one group but you free to become who you are. This school advocates that, to be yourself.


The racial diversity of the school.


UH is a nice campus in the middle of poor neighboroods. Yet with that in mind, there are so many things to do or see near or on campus. It is close to a bunch of attractions yet can still maintain the identity of a school in a college town.


The University of Houston is unique to me because of their efforts to helping a student. They will go above and beyond to help you. Another thing is, the campus is beautiful. Their campus is also near my home ,so I can come home everyday and enjoy a nice warm meal.


Diversity. I love being able to see all types of students in my school. I love that different cultures are able to express themselves without any judgement because of them being different. It's nice to be in an environment where people do not look down on you because of your background, instead, they embrace the fact that you're different. I think that's one of the most unique factors about my school.


plenty of resources that helps you succeed in all areas of your study.


What is most unique about the University of Houston compared to other schools I have considered is the success rate of the students attending it. Other schools that are located in near my hometown of Houston haven't compared to the University of Houston. The overall graduation rate is 65{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. The professors and adivisors of this unviersity truly make it easy for every student to succeed.


The location and campus are a bit different from other schools, as it is located close to downtown and Houston is a very busy, traffic heavy city. Cost of living can be high if you are not prepared, so choose your off-campus extracurricular activities carefully. The weather is very unpredictable as well. The campus facilities as faculty/staff are top-notch, however! You'll LOVE life on campus!


This school is so diverse, not just ethnically, but religiously, interest, hobbies, etc. There's so many things to do and explore about other people's perspective.




We have a lot of school pride.


Take a look at this! and for more info:


Um...GO COOGS!? Lol, nah. The only thing I would change is all the CONSTANT construction going on. It makes it hard to navigate the campus sometimes, especially when you're used to going a certain way then are totally detoured off your path.


The diversity of the school. Even though that the school is not so big it has a lot of different departments and is suittable for the studens to feel at home. It is not so big but it ensures that it gets the same quality education as bigger universities.


Students here are really integrated amongst each other. Transferring in from a big campus to a college within a metropolitan city as Houston was a blessing for me. In more remote colleges with large campuses, like the one I was attending previously often fall short of the care and attention that can be given to the students. Here, at the University of Houston the moto is "You are the Pride". The student body is highly motivated and help each other to attain their goals. The majority here seem earnestly concentrated on their coursework.


Our school is extremely diverse in race and in social/economical backgrounds. I feel like this creates a comfortable and safe environment for everyone. Our school is heavily research based, so if you happen to be in the science field, this is a great school to get hands-on laboratory and research experience. The university is pretty big but seems small enough that you get to know a lot of the other students. This holds true even if you are not involved in the Greek life or other extra curricular activities.


The Diversity of this school is through the roof. By just walking to class everyday you'll see and her different cultures and languages from all over the world. This alone is an eye opening experience for any student. With this diversity you learn to accept and understand other cultures and realize these people are just like you !


It's a commuter school, unlike most other schools. When most of the people commute including yourself, it is kind of like a high school where you go for a few hours and then go home. It is also very affordable mostly because I do commute. Since Houston is such a big city, the University of Houston is one of the highest populated campuses in Texas. It is well kept, regardless of the large number of people.


The University of Houston is unique to the other schools I have considered in that not only is it a respected-- academically and sports-wise--school, it is also culturally diverse, rich in its traditions, and a close-knit community.


The University of Clear Lake campus offers a unique Bachelor of Fine Arts degree through the Applied Design and Visual Arts program. With hands on experience in and even outside the studio and a variety of techniques and skills, this school has it all!


The loyalty and cooperation of most of the faculty and student, and most of all the acceptance of non-traditional student like me. For instance when my mother passed away in march, and I got behind the instructions were very understanding. That is not to say I got the grades that I could have made.


The thing that i found to be most unique were the campus' facilities. Especially when it came to my major, the facility seemed to be better than any of my top choices which cost more than the university i an currently attending.


Diversity of all Races and Ages in the University. Location of the University is in the center of Houston, with so much going on around us, but we can still keep a very professional University outlook and great activities in the campus with endless social gatherings, exchange of cultural ideas, food and festivals that every ethic group celebrates in their country. We learn about foreign student's country, background and intermix with all ages and races in our classroom.


It has great pride. I like the campus environment... everyone is friendly here. The proffessors will not let you get away with slacking off but will help you out if you truly want to get ahead and pass the classes.


Even though the University of Houston isn't that widely known and popular there are a lot of good programs here and a lot of Top Nation programs as well. The music program especially has really good music courses and the directors here are very widely known and good at what they do. So, being a music student here you have a lot of opportunities for success.


The University of Houston is a school where all students are made welcome and the faculty caters to them. Rather than fostering an environment where students fight against one another and the faculty act like they are constantly testing you, the University of Houston is caring. Professors and staff are thrilled when you do well. When you write a good essay they lavish you with praise and when you falter they are willing to help. While other schools appear to not be accepting towards students the University of Houston works to help students succeed.


It offers great scholarships. they have advisors or special helpers that tutor. They offer many resources to go to when in need. they offer you payment plans if you can't afford to pay for college right off the back. All the staff is encouraging and friendly. The school is in excellent condition. There are alot of people that will make you strive to accomplish your dream.


There are quite alot of thing . Teachers are friendly and pro-teach. Students are from diverse include international. adviser and counserlor very nice to help student.....


You feel at home at UH. The campus is always buzzing and it's rare to find someone who isn't willing to chat. Although it is strong in Liberal Arts, UH still supports many Science and Mathematic fields as well. Many of the "Colleges" at UH are world renowned and receive awards on a regular basis. The support a student receives at UH is amazing. The football team is pretty good as well.


This school is very close to home and I get can get my degree from this community college instead of going to a big university and paying tons of money. The professors here are so caring and concerned about you that it makes it better to understand and grasp things without having to stress about not passing.


The campus was what hooked me, its beautifully green, and you can see downtown from varies areas on campus.


It's affordable! I chose the University of Houston over Baylor strictly because of the price difference. My tuition costs are around $3,500 at UH and they would have been around $40,000 at Baylor. They make it easy to access anything you would need while on campus like banks, restaurants, bookstores, and transportation options. You get notifications from campus security and the transportation office on campus and I'm constantly getting emails to notify me of all the activities happening on campus and around the city.


My school is actually two schools. The Art Instute of Boston is partnered with Lesley University so I am able to take liberal arts courses as well as visual art classes. It is also a very small school so the classes are small. I am able to get feedback from both the other students and the teacher about my artwork because of the small classes. The administration is very helpful in helping me create successful pieces of artwork.


It is definitely more cheaper but at the same time it is a great school. I love how it is close to my home and the people passing by are nice. I love waliking in the outdoors its fun. Sure other campuses have this but i feel like my school is home i guess its because its close to my home where i have grown up all my life. Plus my parents were so porud when they found out I was accepted.


UH has so much cultural and religious diversity. The environment is very friendly and warm.


It was just far enough from home to feel like I was "away" but close enough that I could catch a ride home when I was homesick.


The students of the University of Houston have a shared spirit like no other. Everyone has a sense of comminuty and comradery which is especially shown when supporting our teams. The teachers are one of a kind and the courses offered are varied, outstanding, and far less than most other colleges. I live on campus and enjoy all the activities provided by the housing.


whats unique about my school is that it is very diverse


Same as above.


It's nice and big in the right way, and has a decent amount of green around. It also closest to home, and not as expensive as the others in the area.


The people that attend the university are very diverse.


The University of Houston is unique in that it's one of the most diverse campuses in the nation. There are people from all parts of the world with different religons and ethnic backgrounds. It's a great place to learn about everyone and it makes you aware of what all happens in the world.


The most unique thing about my school is that it is located in a historically Black part of Houston, but has such a racially diverse student and staff population.


I attend the Conrad Hilton College, which means on the University campus we have a Hilton hotel. We get great first hand experince, I am honored to be a part of the program. Our mascott is the Shasta the Cougar, we used to have a live cougar, how cool is that.


I only ever considered this school. This is my home town and i wanted to be close to my family. There are 3 other universities within the city, one requires a tuition i cannot afford, one leaves much to be desired in terms of the amenities previously listed and the third is primarily an arts school.


Our campus is the most diverse university in the state. We rank in the top percentage in each of the individual colleges (such as Natural Sciences, Business, etc.) in the state. People here, due to their involvement with their personal families and jobs, are more well-off for life post-graduating and for their careers.


The school caters to many types of people which allows everyone to get an education.


There's nothing that unique. I just like the diveristy.


In my opinion, this school is very diverse. Although everywhere there are snobby people, but this school not at all, there are very few.