University of Houston Top Questions

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I was surprised at how great the orchestra and opera programs are here. They are well-funded.


The Univesity of Houston is an extremely diverse campus. I don't believe that you could name an ethnicity or race that is not present on this campus. Everyone is very open and communicative to each other, and each person is willing to learn about other cultures. Religious diversity is also prominent at UH and I am very proud of this campus and its open arms to every student regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or any other diversitfication quality.


I enjoy the close proximity that it somewhat is to my home.


It is in the city where my family live.


it's diverse and gives people more opportunities


BETTER SECURITY!!!! I know that I feel unsafe many times and I don't want to feel that way going to school.


This is a really good idea to let students get their opinions out in the open! Thanks for doing this!


Get students involved, give more support UH organizations!!!!!


SAFETY NEEDS TO BE RAISED!! The campus needs to be cleaned up majorly.


UH is an overall good university, but it does have it's problems. Depending on what college you enroll in (Liberal Arts, Education, Sciences) there will be different high and low points. Any university has these problems. You just have to pick which school's crap you feel you can take.