University of Houston Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The dining halls have healthy food. Like, HEALTHY food. No over-spiced meals. No worry of lactose intolerance (the cheese from lasagna doesn't upset me at all). And no big portions--unless you politely ask for some. I also like to brag about the Anderson Library in UH. There are so many books. And it's so QUIET. The sheer amount of clubs in the university amazes my friends every time.


My school is very diverse and friendly. The staff are helpful and are often available for concerns or extra help.


Degree is easy


Diversity, great proffessors


That I learned more on my own than I ever did there.


The classes, professors and on-campus activities are amazing. You'll feel connected to a community of peers who understand you and well-prepared for your future. The campus grounds are comfortable, scenic and well cared for.


i mostly brag about how we are so close to downtown and it's an easy access to us. i also brag about the many parties we have. free stuff they give us. football team being one of the best


When telling my friends about my school, I first tell them about the great education at U of H and how were are ranked a Tier One university. Secondly, I brag about our football team since we just won our bowl game!


Their is a ton of thing that I could brag about the University of Houston, but it is inpossible to mention them all, so I am only goin to mention a few. University of Houston has a pretty campus or for boys, a cool campus for starters. Their is a amazing art department, and large diversity. Its a great school, squaky clean, lotsof parking, and hands down a good place to go. their competitive, which it should be for being know as the school for law. but on top of that you won't regret your opportunity their.


I say that the university of Houston is now a Tier 1 school and that its gym facilities are amazing. They also have a wonderful and very caring staff.


One of the best things about the University of Houston is its constant endeavor to improve. Recently named a Tier One university, the University of Houston is well on its way to becoming one of the nation’s top public universities. The University has spent millions of dollars on renovating its residential dining halls and building new dormitories, classrooms, and research facilities. Most of all, the University is making major improvements to its teaching staff. With improvements to its infrastructure, the University has been attracting many well qualified professors over the past five years. Truly this University is Tier One.


I brag mostly about the amount of money that I'm saving and how lenient the curriculum is, at least in comparison to the schools they go to. I have heard many people who don't go to UH complain about how hard their curriculum is and how much they are struggling, but I don't seem to have that problem. I also brag about how much more of Houston I am exposed to now as opposed to when I lived in the suburbs.


University of Houston is like a city inside of a city. It has everything you will ever need, down to underwear. You can eat anywhere and you will make all types of friends along the way. The faculty and staff are supportive and don't be intimidated by the size of the campus. By the third day, you will know your way around "town". Also, there is ALWAYS something going ono. You will have tons of fun.


we have huge campus, high qualified teachers, comprehensive establishments


When bragging about my school i tell my friends about our cafeteria. I tell them how my school has an all you can eat buffet. I also tell them that we are allowed to take plates to go. My school allows us to have visitors any day of the week, which isn't allowed in all schools. I also brag about how my school has a two floor recreation center with a store, smoothie king and a swimming pool. These are all things that my friends wished their school had.


The excellent medical programs that we have here at U of H as well as the football team beating Texas Tech!


The football team has make a historical win since I attended this college, it make us all proud that we are in the Couger team, like a big family


The atmosphere on campus is wonderful! It is near where I live, and I can still see my friends high school! The campus has a lot of events from the Student Board, such as comedy events and tournaments. The campus also has a whole bunch of restraunts that I love, and the University Center has its own arcade center with some of the classic games, such as Street Fighter. The campus is large but at the same time not too expansive, and I can get from point A to point B easily by walking!


I brag mostly about the spirit my school have during sport games. How I was able to find a perfect job on campus and don't have to leave campus to go to work.


At the University of Houston, professors have diverse background, project their passion towards their lectures, and work with students to improve their understanding about the course. For instance, my History teacher, a former Civil Rights Movement activist described his experience about racial tensions when a student asked for clarification about racial discrimination. Also, my Pre-calculus professor would post her online reviews for all exams, so students would take advantage of the covered material to learn for the upcoming tests. Overall, professors try to engage students through humor, powerful stories, or individual attention when students ask for assistance or questions.


I brag about the diversity our campus has, and about all the new and different types of people i have met.


I often brag that I love my classes. They are fun yet help me to plan my course through college and create pieces of artwork. I love my teachers simply for the freedom they give to us students, their wisdom, and their ability to help me out when I need help. They give great advice, especially my favorite teacher, who is also my adivsor.


The Recreational Center is one of the most amazing places to not only enjoy oneself but to also create new friendships. The Rec Center has everything one can think of... it has an inside and outside pool, indoor track, a rediculous amount of gym equipment, an indoor soccer field, racketball courts to release stress, and of course five courts for basketball. During the weekdays, instructors teach tae kwon doe, fencing, and if someone doesn't kno how to swim they teach you as well. To top it off, U of H has a rock climbing wall!


When I brag about the University of Houston, I tell my friends about the awesome people that I meet as well as all of the knowledgable professors teaching at this school. I always hear my friends who are attending community colleges that their professors are lazy and will not help them, so I strongly encourage them to go to the University of Houston because the professors here will answer all of your questions and most even stay after class to tutor you until you understand what they are teaching you.


I brag about our football team, as they did well this year.


When talking about my school, I always tell prospect students and family of how our school does not receive enough credit and recognition as it should. University of Houston is looking forward to being a Tier One university, meaning we have the hardworking teachers, determined students, outstanding achievements in science and sports, and many more accomplishments.


I tell everyone that there are many great choices for your mojor and minor. There are many subjects that any student can concentrate on.


i brag about how my school is more real than theirs since its next to the ghetto


U of H has one of the best business programs in the country.


That our University's Kinesiology program was number three in the nation, and that the University center not only had Chick Fil-A you could watch soap operas between classes.


The Honors college


I love telling them about how diverse this school is. I never get tired of meeting new people with way different types of backgrounds and ethnicities. I meet new people everyday and that's what is so fun and different about this school. It's a fantastic experience.


I mostly brag about how small and interesting the campus is. The classes are small and the teachers know you and you aren't "just another face in the crowd"


I talk mostly about how accredited my particular college is at the University of Houston. I also brag about the great professors at my college and how recognized they are in the industry all over the United States and some of the world. Also the job opportunites through having my college on my resume is very high.


The game room and hanging out with friends gets me trough the day.


I tell them that UH has a real campus feeling. The people you meet are awesome. There is so much diversity around our campus.


There are so many research opportunities available.


I brag that my school is a time honored school that holds a lot of weight and prestige within the community. I also am very proud of how diverse the student population is.


i brag about how fun and intresting the classes are. And how i enjoy going to lab for classes like biology and physics.


I brag about the city the most, I really went to Houston to live there and to see if I would like the city and thus far it has been a better perk than the school itself.


The school is probably the most diverse in the United States. Wonderfully friendly and academic environment. Our colleges (departments) are very reknowned and proficient in Texas.


The neighborhood is not the nicest, but there are three universities within a few mile radius of eachother, so it is nice to be around the same cohort.


The school spirit and how big the campus is. I am always bragging about the Communications department and how awesome the professors are here.


I have smaller classes than my friends.


I brag most about he ROTC program. It's something I've worked hard at and has helped me exceed in all aspects of school and life. It is a great program focused on leadership and vaules. ROTC is my favorite part of UH.


that the services are there, they just have to ask for help.


I brag about the diversity of students and prominence of certain colleges affiliated with the University of Houston.


tail gating before football games, being in the middle of fourth largest city of the US, the diversity, so many people, easy to find your place, clubbing