University of Houston Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It floods when it rains


The worst aspect of the University of Houston is the Physics department due to the general ineffectiveness of the professors who teach within that department.


The worst thing about my school is its size and how it could be draggin to get from one side of campus to the other.


One of the things that 99.99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students complain about is parking. It is a nightmare. If you can not pay for garage parking due to price or availability, then you are stuck with economy parking which not only do you pay for but it is not guaranteed. It is a first come first served deal. If you can find a spot, it is usually really far away.


I love my school, therefore there is no "worst thing."


One of the worst things about my school is that is growing too big and mostly everything has to be done online. Example, scheduling an appointment to speak to an academic advisor. It's not like when I was at a community college and was able to walk in to wait for the next available counselor. Every college department has their own representative , but it's okay because that's the only way that the school can make sure they see every student. It can be intimidating at first, but one gets used to the procedures.


My school has had some problems with theft and students being harassed because of the area the school is located.


I believe that the worst thing at university of houston is the area that it is located. The university is located in the third ward which is not a place you would not want to raise your kids in.


Very big, hard to get to class on time


The ineffectiveness and apathy from nearly everyone who was employed by the school.


One of the worst things at the University of Houston would be the parking situation. With the new stadium being built and other kinds of construction that have been going on, there have been many parking lots that have been closed down due to the construction. If you want a really good parking spot and a guaranteed spot as well, you should definitely consider getting the parking garage pass because you will always have a secure spot on campus and your car would be protected from anything. Also you wouldn't be struggling in finding a spot every day.


The worst thing at Univeristy of Houston was receiving emails about police warnings of robbery, rape (rarely), etc. What I do know though is that security had been improving dramatically since the first day I attended UH.


I consider the lack of career advice the worst aspect of University of Houston. The lack of expertise and adequate guidance from the staff fell short of my expectations to the point where I had to seek guidance outside of the institution.


Due to miscommunication on behalf of the school, I was not able to access some of my important students records.


Since the orientation as a transfer student i haven't seen anything bad about my school. The only bad thing i am aware of is that the first year of studio for my five year completion of my bachelors degree in Architecture is that on your first day bring a lock otherwise other people will steal your stool. If you get a good stool its better to keep it close by with a lock nonetheless next time you will find yourself with an old shaky stool that might ruin your concentraion.


The school is located in an area that is high in crime, so at times, personal security can be an issue.


Parking. Parking by far is the only down side to The University of Houston.




I consider the availability as the worst thing about my school. From the time I was a freshman until now, I believe the amount of students enrolled has increased tremendously, and this means that more students are driving to school. The school doesn't really promote commuting to school either, so finding a parking spot is extremely difficult.


I'm a sucker for campus sizes. While attending A&M Galveston, I loved how small it was there. It took me 5 minutes to get to class on foot from my dormroom. I'm really nervous about the size of University of Houston. I have a long commute from home to school, and school to work. It's going to be a challenge, but I'm sure I will be alright.


The worst part about University of Houston is how I feel that I am only a number, not a person, and no one ever stops to talk or say hello. Everyone is usually walking by themselves and have their headphones in, and interaction is minimal unless between good friends.


the community lack of pride. Its annoying as a varsity athlete to see people that live around the universoty of houston and wearing UT or T A&M stuff.


In my opinion what I find to be the worst thing is their grading system. I came from a university that had a completely different gradiing systmer. Mostly I will it is something that I am unuse to.


The worst thing about the University of Houston is that it is primarily a commuter school. This means that the University Center closes early on Fridays and that there aren't many food options open on the weekend other than the cafeteria. Being a commuter school also means that finding a parking space can be somewhat of a challenge at times.


sometimes its very quite on campus and people need to be more involved


Organization is aproblem sometimes. The school is growing so fast that it may sometimes be hard for them to keep up with every single detail. But if you get on to them they WILL address your issues.


Parking, because after a certain time in the morning all of the spaces are full. Then you have to wait for someone to leave in order to get a spot.


The worst thing i would consider about my school is the size. We have a huge campus. Having a huge campus can sometimes be a bad thing like when the whether is bad. Most people don't like walking to class when it's extremely hot or extremely cold. If you are considering attending the University of Houston you should really look into getting a bike.


needs more seating indoors/outdoors.


The worst thing about this campus is the lack of pride in the university's athletics and school history. Also it is mainly a commuter school so this also makes it difficult to socialize with other students. That's why it's important to join frats or sports teams.


The worst thing about this school is the parking situation. There are too many students, and not enough parking spots for them. Although the university is constructing new parking garages, the problem still exists, and something needs to be done about this.


The worst thing about the University of Houston is the surrrounding neighborhood. We are near a 3rd ward and this leads to crimes on campus. University of Houston is doing everything that they can to help solve this problem. They have blue light, call boxes which is strongly advised to be used when needed. We have police patroling the campus to lower the crime rate and to increase safety.


The worst thing about this school is the parking. I come to school around 10:00 even though my class starts at 1:00. I come to school this early so that I would be able to find a parking spot before my class started. I feel that we need more parking for students.


The worst thing about my school is the price of tuition (including fees). It seems as if every semester tuition is increased and we have ridiculous fees for things we don't even use. For example, I must pay a "mandatory" fee of $84 for the recreactional center (i.e. gym) which I have never used since I do not live on campus. I think the idea of the gym is great but we should have the option to pay.


In my opinion, the worst part about the University of Houston would be the number of students commuting versus the number of students that actually live on-campus. Since there are so many students that commute to school, it decreases the amount of school spirit.


Three things that considered the worse are: too many students in some class room, need more organization and club, and it is hard to find parking at noon....


The size.


Parking is the worst situation ever!!!! No matter how much you pay for a parking sticker you are never ever to find a parking space. They are always having construction going on so when they close a parking lot the student's that purchase the expensive parking stickers come to the back where the students who have economy parking and use that parking lot, so then the students who have economy parking have no where to park because if we park anywhere else we would get a ticket.


At the University of Houston, I disagree with my university?s policy for courses which cannot be applied towards a degree plan. This system of degree plans discourages students from taking courses which they feel enthusiastic about attending. If students were to choice courses they feel passionate about, then they would more likely have higher GPAs. Also, students should have the opportunity to decide more freely which courses they can choose since they are paying for their education. Likewise, tuition should not be spent for expensive water fountains and students should have more control over how their money beautifies campus.


The worst thing about UH has to be the fact that it is such a huge commuter school. It's hard to get that "college experience" because unless you are in Greek Park during the weekend, it's virtually dead. Even those who live in the dorms go home on the weekends. You'll never see anyone on campus unless it's finals week. Then EVERYONE is at the library.


The worst thing about my school is the residential neighborhood that surrounds the campus. There is a big problem with students getting robbed in the parking lots.


The University of Houston is still a growing school and is mostly a commuter campus so its hard sometimes to spend time with friends.


The only bad thing about my school is that is gets very competetive around enrollment time. You have to put in the effort to make sure you get the classes you want. Everyone wants to get the best teachers and the ideal times so you have to have a good plan set out.


The worst thing about my school is that it is a commuter school which takes away from the campus life. Although there are many people who stay on campus, they are only a fraction of the student body.


school's setting is partly in the undersirable area of town


Be prepared for the walks across campus between classes, they can be a bother. Also, if you eat lunch on campus, it WILL be busy there and food may take a while to get.


the school is huge so its sometimes hard to find your friends in the campus


The school I'm attending now is really nice school but the classes aren't cheap.


the location in is the middle of third ward, which has become a not so great area over the years.


The worst thing is that its a commuter school. I come from a very school spirited high school and its hard at this school because it doesnt always feel like theres that much pride in coming to school here.