University of Houston Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


There is no specific stereotype at UH. UH's middle name is diversity. There are too many people at UH (with no majority) for there to be a label on the whole school itself.


Like I said before, since University of Houston is located in an urban area, there is often a stereotype that most of our students are "ghetto" and "uneducated." This could not be further from the truth!


That UH students are not smart compared to other universities.


That it is not as good as UT or A&M and that the students are not as smart.


UH is a second-choice institution for a lot of students. "Cougar High School" Non-traditional students; people going "back to school" Commuter students There is a lack of engagement in campus life


Some stereotypes of UH is that it is a "last resort" college. For many students UH is not a destination school but rather the school you go to because it is your last choice. Another stereotype of UH is that it is very easy to get into, which is not the case. We have many excellant programs and colleges, however they are not well publicized and therefore we are not recognized correctly.


Sterotypes about UH are that we live in an unsafe area and that the campus can be unsafe. Also that we are not very strong in our athletics, being that football is one of the biggest college sports. I think that we are not as recognized as other schools may be because we aren't in a big conference. Sterotypes about UH students are that we are not very smart because entrance to the university is very easy. Also that we are just a bunch of older people going back to school. I think that people believe that we are an older (meaning people) campus with the commuter school feel to it.


It's called Cougar High. People think that we're not real college students because we didn't go away from home for school. They think it's a second rate school.


I feel that alot of people stereotype UH students as being lazy and unmotivated. Because UH is largely a commuter school, I think students are looked down upon for not getting away and receiving the full "college experience". Living at home throughout their college years is considered to be "highschool-ish" and a way of just getting by.


That the school is located in the "hood" and there is a lot of violence surrounding the university, also that the professors and classes offered are not very good and U of H is a easy university to get your degree from. That the students who attend U of H are primarily minorities.


That UH students are ghetto; if you're from the Houston area, attending UH is 1 step up from a community college; UH is a commuter school


That we are not very school spirited because the majority are commuters.


We are usually stereotyped as people who couldn't get into the more well known Texas Universities. Either we're not smart enough or are too poor to afford it.