University of Houston Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Do not know of any.


Not many stereotypes because its very diverse already




The reason i chose to school at the University of Houston is because due to the research I'd done, it is a Tier One university. I always want the best in education especially for my intended career in the medical field. However, when I got admitted, I realized that I probably hadn't made the smartest decision. Yes, it is a Tier One college. Yes, the lecturers are awesome and always want to help you understand and pass their courses. But there is no definite guarantee for me that graduating from here with a degree in Biochemistry will get me a job or get me in an outstanding medical school. Let's face facts here. Employers of today are not entirely concerned if you attend a Tier One college or a community college. They want an employee with skills, experience and adequate training related to the job being offered. If it were in my power to change anything about my school, I probably would incorporate nursing programs into the school's curriculum. University of Houston isn't a very large school and by large i mean that it is not a big school where students have to commute from one lecture hall to another. It isn't a small school either where every department is in one building. Its perfect size is just that--Perfect. Irrespective of my uncertainty about getting a job when I graduate, I still love University of Houston. It's such a diverse place and this diversity eliminates or reduces to barest minimum any traces of racism, thereby creating a conducive environment for students to excel. When I'm not attending lectures, I hang out at the University Center. My first semester here, i quickly realized that I can't go missing if I can find my way back to the UC. To me, that is the center of the school because anything I want can be found there. Things like food, games, a nice quiet spot, a bowling alley, a bookstore, a bank and many others. The UC is a perfect hang-out spot. My overall opinion of University of Houston is that it is a perfect mix of everything a college should be. Fun and sound academics. It all depends on what you really want to do in college, what you want your future to be like and how much of fun and academics you feel is necessary to guarantee that future..


Common stereotypes: -frat students -sorority students -commuter students -on campus students


I have seen the usual stereotypes at my university of course there are jocks and geeks. In the University of Houston one of the great things about the school is it diverse so you see all walks of life. The people I hang out with, however, some are nerdy like they play pokemon and video games, and then there are "hipsters" the people who are just too cool and are trendsetters.


I have seen the usual stereotypes at my university of course there are jocks and geeks. In the University of Houston one of the great things about the school is it diverse so you see all walks of life. The people I hang out with, however, some are nerdy like they play pokemon and video games, and then there are "hipsters" the people who are just too cool and are trendsetters.


A common stereotype of UH students is that we are all bad drivers. The stereotype is semi-accurate. UH students have to be aggressive drivers in order to find parking and get to class on time.


Most people consider UH to be the rebound school as in where "stupid" people go when they are rejected from their 1st choice schools. But, UH is actually a very good school. I love my major and I believe that it would not be better anywhere else! I made friends in probably within one day of class, and my friends at UT even after a semester of school have made no friends. UH has the most friendly atmosphere, people come to UH from all over the place for that friendliness. Not only are the students friendly so are the teachers and staff! I added my Finite teacher on Facebook and he totally rocks! :)


we are very outgoing, sociable, friendly. If you were one of our classmate from the last semester, you would never miss a big smile and hi5 from us when we walk by each other at school. Moreover, we're very proud to study in a diversely ethnical environment. You would be able to befriended with someone who live half of this planet away from you and from countries that you've never heard of. But, we all get along together very well. We are very active volunteers! On the other side, we're nerdiees worm-book like too. Friends in the same class compete in a fair and motivating manner among each other to be on the top list. And much more, you would feel like we're your big families and big brothers and sisters over here.


There's not a lot of stereotypes on this campus. It's a very diverse campus, and its a campus where someone can actually feel like they belong there. Its a campus full of different races where everyone gets along and does not discriminate. When there's a big game, everyone tries to come and support the Coogs as one big UH family. You would high five everyone that you do not even know, and they each come from a different background of race. I feel like this is the campus that you will be most certainly comfortable at. I know I have.


UH isn't really a stereotype school. We get too many people from too many different backgrounds to actually even get a strong stereotype. Sure, there are your general cliques but you can usually find those mostly hanging around the frats and the clubs. We're not like UT or A&M who specialize in snobbery or snobbery with an air of good ole boy. If there is a stereotype, though, I suppose it's working-class type. A good amount of the student body are people who are returning to complete their education, so there tends to be a bit more maturity than most other places.



We have an amalgam of different types of people at the University of Houston. Houston in itself is a melting pot and has many features that attract various people with various goals. There are many fraternities and sororities present on campus. We have an excellent football team, basketball team, and much more. We have many nerds on campus as well because people that go to UH want to be successful in the future. We are a Carnegie Tier One school in research. Some of the smartest people from all around come to UH to attain education, knowledge, and an experience that will be extraordinary compared to any other college in Texas.


Since University of Houston is located in an urban area, there is often a stereotype that most of our students are "ghetto" and "uneducated." This could not be further from the truth! By being located in an urban metropolis, we have one of the most diverse campuses in the country! Here you will get to meet and interact with all kinds of people, which is the main reason I love this place so much.



Since University of Houston is located in the fourth ward, a lot of people have the impression that all the students are "ghetto" or poor. University of Houston is commuter school, and it is common for people to assume that we don't have that real "College" feel because some students are only on campus to go to class and leave. There is also a large number of transfer students who come here from other colleges, which make it seems as a back-up school, or only for students who didn't succeed at other colleges, away from home, giving the impression that only "failures" attend University of Houston. None of these stereotypes are true, I for one was a transfer student and it was not because I failed at my other school, it was because of money and I couldn't afford living in a dorm.


Occasionally the University of Houston is referred to as Cougar High, which implies that its students are at a high school level in terms of their depth of understanding and are not as intelligent as students at other universities. This is completely inaccurate. The University of Houston has extremely intelligent students that attend this University from all over the world. In one of my classes, I have peers from Morocco, India, Pakistan, Serbia, and a few other countries. The University of Houston has one of the most diverse campuses in the United States and one day my friend heard five different languages walking across campus.


University of Houston doesn't get near the recognition that it deserves. It's an older campus, so we don't have the nice fancy buildings that UT and A&M have, and we are often considered the odd stepchild. The neighborhood that the university is built in isn't the best either, known for its high amount of crime allows us to be titled the "ghetto" schools. But honestly the schools taking a lot of money out of its pocket to make the campus look nicer, by building nicer buildings. And we have one of the most diverse, intelligent campuses in Texas, most of which are Indian and Asian students from the area. We are a tier one research university and we are rated as one of the most difficult skills to get A's in. We never get the credit we deserve.


No stereotyping. If people do it is pointless


UH students are diverse and are either working full-time or part-time to support ourselves and our families.


The University of Houston is a diverse institution. It is also a commuter school. Throughout my entire university career I have constantly heard "There's no need to get involved, I won't ever have time" or "The clubs are only for people who live on campus!" In addition, there are the beliefs that UH is a not a top school and so a lot of times students might not show their cougar pride. However, these misconceptions are not at all accurate. The university offers a diverse menu of student organizations, whether it is fraternities/sororities, honors associations (pre-med, pre-health, NSCS, etc), social clubs (Cougar Salseros, Social Dance Club), athletics (intramurals, fencing, soccer, football, swimming,etc). Our University prides itself on how much school involvement there actually is. Furthermore, UH has recently achieved Tier One in Research status, meaning we have attained the same prestige that other Universities in Texas have achieved (aTm, UT). Lastly, we have one of the best football teams in our conference and the amount of students that wear red to show their school team pride is impecable!


UH is known for having a very diverse student body, you often here people call us the "commuter campus." Obviously there's the typical frat guys and sorority girls that you see on every campus but UH has everything