University of Houston Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you're looking for diversity, a range of majors/minors, and/or city life experience, UH could be for you~ You don't have to be a genius to enter, but be prepared for hair-wrenching professors every now and then.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who has high career goals, aspirations and life endeavors.


Students from any background or phase of ife can find a home at the University of Houston, provided they are willing to work hard at their studies.


Anyone who wants to excell in life


Anybody. Religion doesn't matter. Culture is celebrated. Your career choices are respected and helped.


Anyone. University of Houston is such a beautiful and diverse campus. The people and proffessors are kind and helpful. Upon coming to the school you are automatically welcomed, and that makes you feel like you will be sucessful.


Someone who loves diversity or who's looking to experience what diversity is like


University of Houston is a very diverse enviornment. It does not matter what race you are or what your favorite food is, everyone on this campus will treat you no different than the person next to you. Anyone who would like to attend University of Houston should have this set attitude. Since the campus is currently undergoing a complete transformation, one must be patient. Ever since University of Houston being claimed as a tier one school, there have been many students transferring to the campus. Because of this change, one must be courteous of the many students walking around.


Students who like to go to a big university and would like to live near downtown, Univeristy of Houston would be their school since it is located just minutes away from downtown. Also students who are majoring in business would come beneficial to them since University of Houston is one of the best schools that offer business.


A person who likes diversity, school spirit, getting involved, and a good sports team.


Students or parents who are looking for a university that has active professors, reasonable classes, Honors College, great scholarships, lots of resources, social life, and is very diverse.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a fun loveing, people person that love health and believes in policy. Also the kind of person who wants to make a difference in the world. A risk taker who would jump at the chace of anew opportunities. Someone who is well educated, outgoing, not afraid to speak their mind. Someone who see the world half full and not half empty. A person who would risk their life for you, pull down the sun for you and tell you, you shine. Basicallanybody who is Whitney...Me...U


I think the type of person that should attend this school is someone that is truly driven in every aspects of life.


Anyone who wants the experience of attending a university that's fun and has a great deal of social events/activities as well as being able to concentrate on their studies in an academically focused environment. University of Houston is a great blend of academic and social environments. We have students from all ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. A great number of students are in their 30s and up. So, those who didn't attend college straight out of highschool wouldn't be alone. We are known for excellent business and restaurant/hotel management schools, as well as our scientific research.


The University of Houston is a school that anyone can attend. As mentioned above it is very diverse and has several different colleges that individuals can attend. It is a public university therefore the costs are significantly lower. Also it is a commuter school as well as on -campus housing therefore students have options.


It is known as a commutter school but the on campus population is growning. It's good for students who want a urban atmosphere and a good school.


The type of person should attend this school is someone who can distinguish the mentality between a college and a high school student, meaning that they will have to work extremely hard to get whatever position they want to be in their supposed major. This person will need to take charge of being how they wanted to be portrayed in college, selecting the courses that exhbit their strengths instead of settle with whatever that is given to them.


As of now, the type of person who should attend this school is someone from instate. This university does not seem to be focused on having students from other states attend. The reason for my assumption of this is because students from other states pay double for each credit.


People who follow their commitment, whether to study or help people.


The type of person that should attend this school should be someone who is looking for a college not too far from home. The university is located in central Houston, so everyone can easily get to it. Also, a person attending this school should have tons of school pride, because a university is only as strong and live as it's students.


Any person who wants a better life and career can attend this school.


Someone who is well organized and motivated. This is a very large school, so teachers can be difficult to get a hold of. Be prepared to seek answers and do a lot of work on your own. The harder you work, the more it pays off.


Those who are ready to take advantage of the college education. Those who ar looking to make a difference in this cruel word. Those who want to start careers or start their own business. Those that are ambitious about the dreams that they are trying to accomplish. those that are not afraid of being someone with an educational background. Someone that is not just worried about how much its going to cost to attend this university, but is looking at the educational acheivement.


A UH cougar should be goal-oriented and have high expectations for their future. A student should enjoy being around people of the same goal-oriented likeness and should also expect satisfactory faculty to help them learn.


There is hardly any reason that prohibits any kind of person from attending this school, but if you are the kind that doesn't like big cities or big schools then the University of Houston might not be your number one choice. At this school you will find at least three extracurricular activity, sport, club, or volunteer opportunity that fits your style. You can choose from joining weekly biking trips in and around Houston to volunteering for our annual Frontier Fiesta. The many choices are up to you.


The individual who should tend this university is a go getting, willing to be independent, some one willing to put themselves out there, because at this university things don't come to you, you have to go to them.


To fit in perfectly at UH, the person would be a commuter. They would have some school spirit, but not too much. That's for the greeks. They don't put to much emphasis on having the "perfect college experience".


no specific demographic, just somebody who is willing to learn and tollerant of different backgrounds and religions.


A person that doesn't mind a commuter school. Someone that is looking for things to do on campus after class hours would hate it because no one is there. Someone who doesn't mind the hot houston weather.


The great thing about the University of Houston is that anyone can attend it. It is a very diverse university where you can find people of any race, ethnicity and religion. The best part is that because of its diversity there is no discrimination and everyone is nice to one another. This makes it easier to speak to whoever seems interesting and hopefully get their help when studying for exams or if a subject just seems too difficult, which will hopefully lead to a good grade.


A person who can show great responsiblity, strong dedication, good communication, and integrity.


Diverse students willing to be surrounded by every different kind of category a person can be boxed into. A person with raging school spirit that will be proud to wear our university colors and logos. Someone that is academically focused and strong-willed.


hardly anything to do in the evening


Likes large setting in urban environment, maybe lives at home; commuter university.


Someone who is dedicated and ready to make the most of their education but at the same time know when to relax and indulge in company and the fun activities offered on campus. Everyone is family here and a social life is the best way to connect with U of H's students.


any kind of person


Someone who loves video games


Our school is very diverse. The campus is a great one, it has something for everyone.


if you enjoy friendly people and a stimulating work enviornment then this school would be a good option.


Someone who likes a small-college atmosphere in a tiny, historic town and who is big into community and learning with "family."


Somebody that likes a big school in the city, who likes diversity and who doesnt mind big classes; its a big commuter school though--not alot of school pride, which is rather sad.


Someone who wants to be in a diverse enviornment.


I think a person who should attend this school is a student that is prepared to study as well as having the ability to have a little fun. I think at any college where you want to do well a person needs to study. Socially however a person should also be able to connect to other students who have the same interest.


Any kind of person should attend this school. The campus is very diverse.


Outgoing, driven, tolerant, active student.


a person who is open minded and is intrested in reserch study.


The University of Houston is geared towards hard work and dedication. What attracted me to it was their discoveries and laboratory work in the science department. This school holds a high standard for learning, as well as students staying focused and on track, only to meet specific and strong goals at the end of their school career.


i would think the person that wants and desires to better themselves, a person that is willing to take school seriously, and not throw this oportunity away.


everybody should attend this school there are many nice people here!!!


One open to diverse cultures and a less school spirited environment.