University of Houston Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Achieving a Degree means a lifetime of dreams being fulfilled. To show my children dreams can still come true. Hard work and the American dream can be had by all who seek to better themselves. It is up to each individual to search within themselves and find out what that passion they possess inside is. Once you know follow that passion and pursue it with all your heart and soul. My personality strengths are resilience, compassion, hope, and joy. I am told I am always smiling and my attitude is contagious to others around me. It is impossible to fail if you never give up. If you can't get through the door open a window! I grew up on a farm in western Oklahoma and my Dad always said, take one day at a time and everyday do your best. No matter the task give all you have and at the end of the day you can rest knowing you gave your all! I give my all and am doing very well in the RN Nursing program at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas.


Truly becoming responsible and totally accountable for my actions is one of the greatest adjustments i've dealt with this year. The days of your mommy , daddy,and teachers getting on to you for not doing homework or doing assigments last minute have vanished. What you put into your studies is what you will recieve and thats one thing if anything an incoming college student should understand. Although I admit its a large adjustment in one's life; the transistion from high school to College, isn't that easy I can garuantee you that its a greater learning experience than any essay or Test can give you. Become responsible and accountable for myself is a tool that will not only help me through my college experience but the real world as well the place that College,ultimately, is preparing me for.


College is teaching and preparing me for my future career. I have learned how to ace an interview, how to set long-term goals, how to achieve my goals, and the steps it takes to reach my goal of becoming a Marketing Manager. Without college, I would have no drive for a future; I would continue to wait tables for the remainder of my life and I would probably still be living at home. College provides me with the fundamental knowledge of the real world and continually shows the importance of a career. I have grown up thanks to college.


I have gotten a strong network and great business acumen. It has been very valuable for me to attend since I have met great professors and great students who are very helpful. The help available to a freshman such as myself is great with a strong business organization such as APICS available. The University of Houston has been valuable to attend for me for giving me a steps for a brighter future and the Bauer School of Business great help.


One of the most important things that I have gotten out of my college experience is the chance to appreciate people different than I am. I always thought that a person was his/her best only if they were good at Sciences and Math. But some classes that I happened to take my freshman year totally proved me wrong. I happened to take a class called World Cinema that opened my eyes to the whole new realm of art films and its importance in the society. I should mention, I was not as good as some of my classmates, but that is when I realized that one can be a nerd not only in Calculus but also in Cinema of the World. I have a new-found respect for people that truly enjoy art because it is intangible and pushes one to think outside the box. Only a first hand college experience could have taught me this life lesson.


My college experience has been a very interesting journey. I started in the fall of 2007 at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. I was there for two years and ended up disliking the environment . so I ended up coming home to attend a community college by name of Palomar Community college. I then got a job at Costco, and for the past year and a half I have been working and going to school. I have come across a lot of uncertainty and a lot of stress. It comes constantly and from every angle possible it seems. College has taught me many things in the three or so years I have attended. In spite of the stress and worries that have come with me attending college, I learned who I was. I learned that in life there is a lot that always is going on, lots of stress, lots of almost and not enough. However I found that being true to yourself is the only way to get through college, or anything for that matter. It has taught me to stay focused and driven, more than I would ever have found out without my college experience


So far I have realized how to manage my next few years well. I have been planning out what courses to take and how to spend my hours during the semester and summer including courses from my Biology major, Art minor, shadowing, volunteering and working. The most important value I am developing is time management, short term and long term. I am also becoming very safe in managing my money to make sure I never have to take out any loans. Going to the University of Houston is very convenient because this way I am not too far away from my family but I still can be on my own, especially if I live on campus. The education is very respectable and can be challenging, but I crave challenge so it works.


So far out of my college experience, I have learned how to be responsible and manage my time wisely. I have learned that the possibilities are endless when it comes to college. I finally realize that everyone was right when they said "You can be anything you want to be in life. You just have to put your mind to it." It gets hard sometimes, but that's part of the real world, and it's a part of life. When I am knocked down, I learn to pick myself up again and keep trying. Teachers like that. They like the diligence of people with a drive that cannot be stopped. I am that kind of person now thanks to college.


My college experience has given me a lot of freedom, a chance to be independent, and a start to growing up to become a mature, self-serving adult. Money is an issue, but I know my happiness doesn't have a set price on it. College allows me to choose my path and have a career that defines myself.


I have learned a greater sense of responsibility. A responsibility to have an interest in my own work and other things needed for class because it is up to you to get it done. It is also your responsibility to create a proper schedule that allows you to get all those things done and study for upcoming tests and quizzes. All of those things need to be turned in by a strict deadline which prepares you for your future job.


I could write endlessly about the things I have acquired from my college experience, and why it has made a difference in my life. I have made many irreplacable friends, people who I hope will be in my life for as long as possible. They are people I can depend on, and who will be there no matter how dark the sky gets. I have grown more within this year than in my whole life-- I finally know what I want to do with my life, what kind of person I hope to mature into. My college experience has helped me decide that I truly want to help and serve others for the rest of my life, whether that be in the laboratory or out in a third world country. It has truly been an honor to attend this university, and it's an honor to be able to call myself a Cougar.


University of Houston is dedicated in providing its students with the best experience. Whether it be studies, student support, tutoring and career services or extra curricular activities, you name it and it is provided. The faculty is very well educated. They have ample office time for students to have one-on-one talk with them. Student support includes computer labs for every department, 8 floors of library space for research, individual and group study. It also offers space outside school buildings in order to network with fellow classmates. They provide tuoring services that have student helpers and faculty. Career services are the best of the best offered. We have career and internship fairs every month. They also offer us with seminars on how to write resumes, how to dress and how to better represent oneself. Our student organizations arrange plant tours and community service to have a better stand in our society. All these aspects add value to my education. I make use of every opportunity to learn more about business and network a lot with business professionals that frequent our college. It's a pleasure to attend it and I am proud to be a part of it.


I got a lot out of my college experrience. I have made life long friends and have connected with professors for future resources and reccommendations. From my college experience I have grown to be more responsible and openminded. I am now more culturally aware of numerous groups. It has been very valuable to attend college. By attending college and doing well academically while balancing social activities I have set the foundation for the rest of my life. If I could do it all over again I would, with only minor changes. As an alumni of the University of Houston, I still plan to support the school in any efforts possible. I would strongly encourage all graduating high school students to attend college, no matter where, to be able to transition into adult life and truely learn who they are, set goals, and find their purpose for life ahead.


So far, in my freshman year, this has been a very nice experience. Living on campus in the city I was raised in is like being away at college yet still near home. The on campus housing is aimed at being comfortable and geared toward areas to learn and study which is very convenient. Living on campus gives a whole different experience compared to commuting. I have made friends and met people I would have never if I didn't live on campus. There are so many activities to get involved and have school spirit. I am getting many opportunities to grow as a young adult into the person I will become. There are many great professors, a wide range of options for classes, times, days, and other activities to choose from. Living on campus is like a helping handfor students on how it will be to live on their own in the real world. I have gotten to explore my world and make my own decisions and learn from them.


My degree that I have obtained is something no one can take away from me. I have a passion for education. There are always something new to learn everyday. I have learned from my college experience that getting a degree does not necessarily earn you a job but the knowledge to excell in life. Attending the University of Houston is valuable ,because it helped me understand that having an educational background is extremely important. It helped me learn to be a good citizen of the United States, one that would help the economy in time of need.


Out of my college experience I have gained more responsibility and motivation to continue my education. My responsibilty used to be just going to school and getting good grades and now it includes balancing school with my social life which is actually challenging because it's something new to learn. As a freshmen I am still struggling with this new responsibility, but I've learned to make a few sacrifices to succeed in this new environment, like skipping out on a party or two to study for an exam. Likewise, motivation to live a successful life is what most people say they come to college for and I must agree, that is what I also came here to do, but I also came here to prove to friends and family that I could graduate with honors, a degree, and a career that I'm passionate about. Without motivation, I would never feel complete or accomplished when completing a task. Although these are only two new experiences for me, they are the most valuable because I know that if I keep up my responsibilities and stay motivated, I can achieving mostly anything.


i have grown a lot as a person because i get to experience so many different cultures. there is always something to do on campus and people to study with. it is awesome to go to UH because i have had the chance to try out different things to help me know what i want to do with my life and solidify myself in my major. i know i will succeed because so many people on campus want to help and are routing for me and all of the students here. i love that even though its a big school, my floor feels like a community so i have a second home on campus.


College is an amazing place to achieve and accomplish your goals, your in an environment where everyone’s going after there dreams. It’s been very valuable to me because my goal is to become a social worker and start a non- profit to help others, I have one more year and I graduate. It’s also valuable with meeting great people and having lasting friendship beyond college. Overall college has been amazing to me and I enjoy every minute of it.


So far what I have gained out of my college experience is to be responsible on my own and be organized because if I wouldn't have put my act together then I would not have achieved good grades and meet my deadlines because the professors are not going to tell you what you need to turn in and what to turn in!


I'm not done with my expericence yet. I have more to discover abiut college, after all i am only a freshman. but I feel that I am going to succeed herebecause this is why i came to this specific school. To succeed.


Attending at University of Houston-Main Campus completely changes my whole life as a college student, because I learned from the faculty, advisors, mostly college friends who supported me throughout my academic career. It is also learned for myself to assess new skills, such as communication and time management, that greatly applies to my daily life as a successful college student. Overall, one thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is to be myself and try to take great care of myself.


I started college this fall, at Palo Verde College in Blythe, CA. I have gotten so much out of my college expierence in the little time that i have started college. I have learned so much already! I learned how to become a better listener, reader, writer, and since I'm taking the certified nusring assistant classes I have learned the basics of nursing from safety to the rules of being an assistant nurse , I am also taking medical terminology, english and math. My classes total up to 16 units. It has been valuable to attend college for me because when i actually start my career as a nurse I have to be a good listener, read great reader, actually know how to pronounce medical terms and know exactly what they mean, and also a great writer. I attend to stay at PVC to become a LVN then transfer to another college to become an RN.


the more you learned the more you would own. education is not only for making money but also for being distingue human.


Attending college has taught me many things. For example, you are responsible for yourself. No one is going to force you to do anything, if you want it you have to go get it. In college you make the decision whether to attend class or not. You make the decison whether to study for midterms, you make the decision whether you want to obtain a degree or not. I've also learned not to give up because sometimes you have to fail to succeed. I learned that never giving up and having the heart of a lion is what makes a champion. Everything i learned is valuable because one day i'll have kids and a family, and i have to teach them responsibility so that they can be successful in life. Last but not least when i graduate from college i will need these same traits when entering the workforce. College has taught me a lot and i look forward to learning more so that i can become a well rounded individual and make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.


I was homeschooled up until college. San Jacinto College, where I received my Associates Degree in December of 2009, was my first real school. It allowed me to not only build my academic education, but also relationships with friends, fellow students and teachers. San Jacinto College was a great opportunity to learn and gain both knowlege and experience about the world and its many interests. Now its time for me to move on and like a baby bird leaving its nest, its time for me to fly. The University of Houston Clear Lake will allow me to start building my own future and career in the exciting world of graphic design.


By: Kara Harders I began my college career at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling. Throughout the majority of my high school days I had no intention of furthering my education although I couldn't be happier I changed my mind. In my two years at NJC I felt I became an adult. College is life without training wheels, no teachers that give you special attention or parents nagging you about the calls for missing assignments. College makes you take responsibility of yourself, graduating proves you have persistence and devotion. At home you are surrounded by your families beliefs and values so much that it's hard to comprehend how others live so differently, college diversifies your interests and beliefs and at times tests your moral fiber because as I said there is no training wheels or parents telling you what's right. Regardless of what you do, be it college or not, you will become who you are going to be, although it's hard to say that extra schooling could worsen a person. I believe in trying your best to be the best you can be and my route to the best I can be certainly included college.


By going to the University of Houston, and more specifically the Conrad Hilton College for Hotel and Restaurant management, I have leared the value of hard work and effort. This college has a staff of many highly qualified teachers and idividuals who are considered to be some of the best in their field. I have learned there are great benefits to networking and getting your name out into the business world. With the HIlton college being one of the best colleges of its kind in the natio there are many recuiting and networking opportunities available. Top executives of many prevelant companies visit often and there are real opportunities to get to know these individuals and develope a rel;ationship with them that could help in the future. In short I have been able to get a real life perspective on what it is going to be like in my industry of choice which is restaurant ownership, and I believe what I have learned from the college will go very far in my over all success later on down the road.


I have not attended college yet, but I do intend to. I am currently in the process of enrolling into YTI Career Institute in Mechanicburg. I am going to go for Medical Billing and Coding. I am applying for a scholarship because I need some assistance in paying for it. I am glad that I have finally decided what I'd like to go to school for. I am looking to further my education so I can get a career that will be rewarding and growning. Right now with no education it is hard to find a decent job. I will look forward in knowing that I am secure and will be in a working field that I have potental in moving up.


At first, I was hesitant towards my decision of attending the University of Houston. As it is, I was born and raised in the city of El Paso, Texas. I graduated top ten out of five-hundred and fifty students in my high school class of 2008. This brought a lot of opportunities to my future because I was offered admission to marvelous universities across the country. But the University of Texas at El Paso was the only one to offer me a full scholarship. I had always dreamed of becoming an architect and unfortunately the University of Texas at El Paso does not offer this career as a major. Therefore, instead of pursuing my academics for free at my home city, I decided to leave to the four-times larger city of Houston. Although the financial situation has not been easy, the experience has been unregrettable. My professors are extremely well known among the field of architecture, and many important international and local guest speakers have been present at the university and at the city of Houston itself. In addition, being the fourth largest city in the United States has allowed me to experience a variety of wonderful buildings.


I have attended other Colleges/Universities, and I have found that the University of Houston has captured my thirst for knowledge. Last year I decided to complete a second majorin psychology, and the psychology department offered me a chance to explore my interest in people. My first major is political science, and the instructors are insightful and experts in their field. I have found that University of Houston offers me the chance to explore more options that will benefit me in the long run. I am a student with disabilites, and the Dart center for students with disabilities is awesome. I donot believe that any other university can offer me the edge that I need to be successful after graduation. I completed my Associates degree in Social Science in 2005, and transferred to the University of Houston in 2006. The admissions department was very helpful, and made the transition effortless. I consider myself lucky to be a student at the University of Houston, because of the cohesiveness of the community. Being an indiividual that believes that the power of the mind is important, and the faculty and staff at University of Houston empowers you to want to learn more.


My journey has been a collection of ups and numerous downs. Growing up poor, losing my father at a young age, watching my mother sell all her precious belongings to pay for my middle-school clothes, struggling financially as an adult all categorize a few of my downs. But the uncontrollable circumstances of life aren?t what defines me as a man, or my emotional-scholarly maturity. I had to do that on my own; and it?s through the achievements made at school that spawned the most lasting and life changing of ?ups?. Self-control, hard work, self motivating, creative thinking, risk management, self-educating during practice, and positive thinking all took conscious effort and drained my brain of energy daily, but in end created a whole host of positive consequences that are freeing (because positive consequences are freeing), and lasting to my character. If only all would put effort towards such a venture. My inner self has grown-which is the best and most satisfying ?up? of all.


What I have gotten out of my college experience here at the University of Houston is a deeper understanding of the many cultures that surround us here in the United States. The University of Houston has one of the most diverse campuses in the U.S. this is extremely beneficial when it comes to your learning experience. Most other big university is comprised mostly of Caucasians. When people go out into the real world they have to learn to adjust to others customs and rituals where as here we are already surrounded in a diverse atmosphere. One of the biggest clubs that you see around the campus is Muslim Student Association they are very active and host different activities that let the students learn about their culture. There are many programs that are put on by other clubs for informational purposes they usually have traditions, dances, and foods. This campus has been extremely valuable in seeing different people from all walks of life. It has been a complete eye opener to go into a classroom and see equal proportions of all sects, genders, and ethnicities.


University of Houston has opened my eyes to the world. Throughout my years in school I have never been around so many people with different cultures and beliefs. It's truely amazing to go to a school in which you encounter people from all around the world and who speak so many different lanuages. At U of H though there are several different cultures around me I still feel as though I belong. In my year of college experience I have also learned how to prioritize and study. I see that in order to reap the benefit of making it onto the dean's list you have to work for it. This hard work that I have put into school has also allowed me to put that same effort into my job. College has most importantly has taught me how to socialize. I am able to meet new people everyday.


My college experince at Ivy Tech Community College has been great. My major is social work. After taking a couple of classes at Ivy Tech I got hands on experinces how to work with clients a diverse background. Tools I can use during a crisis I learned people have many of crisis not just death and natural distaters. Alot of tecachers encourage me to push forward in my educational goals. Going to college made me believe I have a passion to be a social worker. Attending classes on daily bases help me gain new experinces. Also going to college help me gain new firends that wanted to learn like me. Going to college is valuable because helps me get a job get that fits me personnal. Also going to college helps bring new skills to the community. It a huge goal that I futher my education now because i believe in myself also i have a huge support system such as teachers, mentors, family. Now since I attend college I can tell other people the value of getting a college degree and I can now help other people. Kowing that I can help other puts a simile on my face.


The things that I learned within my first academic year while attending University of Houston is that you have to work extremely hard to earn the grades that you may desire, don't overload yourself with challenging courses that your major may wanted peers within your classification to take, network with peer study groups and attend your professor's office hours whenever you may not get something, and to take in charge your college destiny. University of Houston have been a valuable experience to attend because beside having challenging courses, it also help to get extra coursework help assisting or tutoring to help to excel your knowledge from the course concept that you probably didn't understand before. The campus includes a lot of college campus involvement opportunities, to help the students to involve themselves with activities on campus and also to meet new students, who may be just like you.


I have received the value of education from attending college. When I attended high school, I saw school as a chore. I did not find school important I felt that the things I was learning were not going to help me in my future. The reason why college is so valuable to me is because without it I would not be able to do what I really love. It is impossible for me to become an architect with out any higher education. Education and college are one of the most important things to me. I am always striving to do my best and enjoy learning and studying different things in the fields that spark my interest. The major thing in which I have gotten out of attending college is a different outlook on design and art. These are the things I have the biggest interest in, and while in high school I was not able to explore these to the fullest.


Of the many imporant values I have gained from my 2 year tenure at Norwalk Community College maturity stands out as possibly the most important. When i graduated high school in 2008 I will admit I was not planning on being where I am today. I recognized in myself that i was not ready to handle the exceptional responsibility of college. However, after 2 years at Norwalk i feel I have grown intellectually and emotionally and am at last ready to take on the challenges of a higher education. I believe that since I have found a subject which I enjoy studying and learning about it will allow me to accel at a higher institution.


I have recieved wisdom, confidence, and passion from my college experience so far and it has been valuable for me to attend because I grew as a person. I have learned the dos and donts of everyday life; I have gained from my right choices and learned from the bad. I just want to keep growing as a person and be all that I know I can achieve.


College is a very important part of every student. I personally discovered many things such as networking, the freedom of campus life, and a step to the real world by involving myself in campus. The most important thing that I got out of campus is the ability to connect with other people. Since I've been traveling around the world looking for a better place to live, I arrived to the United States couple years ago; speaking with people in English has been difficult for me. Here in the University, I found others with similar barriers, as well as new friends that were willing to help me. Talking to professors, which I wasns't used to at school before, is a very enlightening thing. I personally learned as much as I did in class by talking to them. Networking with people here at the University will set my feet in the real world. Any obstacles that I may encounter along the road, there will be always somebody to help me get up and continue.


I have been attending college intermittingly since 2005. My experience since then has been a rollercoaster. During my first year of college, I received news that I was pregnant with my first child and my grandmother was dying from breast cancer. I was only 19 and taking on big responsibilities as a freshman had forced me to mature before my time. I had to learn how to prioritize my life around school. As any young adult, I made mistakes but as I continued on through college, I?ve learned to correct them accordingly. I wasn?t permitted to party like my friends but I would always keep my head in my books and work to take care of my responsibilities. I believe attending college has taught me to be responsible of my actions, learn the ethics of human life, and be able to project my knowledge onto others.


I am in my first year of college life. This has been my family's goal to put me in college in America. I am enjoying my self reliant way of life, without my mother waking me in the morning, and attending to me daily. I have the opportunity to live with a room-mate ( a total stranger) and learn how to accommodate each other for a year. I am very lucky, I had a very nice room-mate and we became fast friends after our first meeting. I learn to make friends fast and we learn from each other their best traits, get valuable pointers from each other in learning, studying together,movie late nights on the weekend . I took a military science program and I was totally uncomfortable in it, but after doing all the vigorous exercises and marches, I even learn how to throw a hand granite during our military exercises! I was given so many opportunities to learn different things from different society and clubs if I chose to join, I feel so lucky that I am here. I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime.


My college education has been extremely valuable. Not only did it expand my horizon in incredible ways but it also strengthen the confidence I have in my self and in what I can do. Many students attend courses and they do not pay attention to the content of the course, they just go through the motions, however, if they would just stop and really wrap their heads around the issues discussed in the course they would not only learn more, but they would actually become more interested and involved and maybe discover new interests and new challenges. Event the math courses - I always absolutely hated math! - ended up to me a rewarding experience for me. With lots of hard work and studying I discovered I could manage and solve the problems in front of me, and once I found the correct solution I was absolutely exhilarated . Getting an undergrad education is a must , it not only builds self-confidence, but also teaches how to make better decisions, how to communicate with others, how to write better and it opens a world of opportunities that a person otherwise would never have access to.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience from the University of Houston, and I must say that it has been very valuable to attend this university. One thing I have gained is amazing friends. From forming study groups, and just sitting next to random people in my classes, I have met so many people that I know I will never forget. If it weren't for my friends, I don't know how I would survive college. The most important thing I have gained from my college experience, however, is a sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from anything else that I have done. I know that I must try my best to achieve good grades, and earn a high paying job, and the professors and students I have met here at the University of Houston have been able to help me throughout my freshman year in my studies. The confidence I have gained from attending college is like nothing else in the world. I love attending the University of Houston, and I am proud to be a Cougar!


My college experience, so far, has taught me to not be shy and to be myself. The day that I moved into my dorm, I didnt know anybody. We then had a floor meeting that brought everyone together and this made me come out of my shell and I had to show who I am to everyone. This led to a more outgoing person and helped with a lot of my classes. I am no longer scared to introduce myself in my classes which leads to getting into study groups. So because of my dorm floor meeting, which might have not happened at any other school, it has been very valuable to attend the University of Houston.


I just began going to college this semester. If I have gotten out of it a fresh start a new life path. I say this because after i dropped out of high school I spent the last seven years of my life being an alcoholic and using drugs. Now I have quit all that (thanks to my new baby), and I'm going to do something with my life.


I learn more that what college teaches you in class. I learn a lot about other people, and their own way of life. The way they talk and live make it interesting to get to know them. You can understand how people feel about society, and it just makes you easier to understand other people and their culture later on in life. The learning experience still continues even after class hours. I have a more in-depth perspective on how to be independent and understand what other people are like in society. I learn more than just reading textbooks now.


If I could go back in time and tell myself to stop stressing about academics and instead allow more time for family because soon I would be four hours away from the ones I loved I would. I studied so much senior year that I forgot to spend time with my family that helped me get thus far. Even though I was extremely proud of my grades and my graduating rank I think if I stressed less about the subjects I had to study I would have been able to comprehend the material more efficiently. Now that I do not procrastinate with the tasks I have to complete as I did in high school I realize life goes a lot smoother, I have time to do the things I want because I don?t have a three page paper due tomorrow I have not started yet. If I knew the power of time management like I do now back then I would have had a an easier time making the good grades I strived for.


I would go back and tell myself to study harder and learn new ways to study for tests. Studying harder would of allowed me to score better on AP Tests so I would recieve credit for certain classes that way I wouldn't have to take in college and it would be less on my tuition. I would tell myself to make better grades so I could graduate at a better rank. I would warn myself to start signing up to scholarships as soon as they came out so I wouldn't miss the deadlines and due dates and have a better opportunity to recieve more scholarships. College transition isn't as easy as people may think and to prepare for a bigger variety of obstacles. College classes are a big deal because it is paid out of one's own wallet so to make sure to do all homework and do well on tests. And most importantly, I would tell myself not to be afraid and that if i put my mind to something, anything can be accomplised.


Going back in time would be more than being able to tell myself the phrase that my aunt has told me since I was little, "College is important and you must always do your best to succeed in life." The difference would be that it would be more than just advice, it would be a warning of some kind. Being face to face with myself so that I can prevent the constant stress I feel of not keeping up with what I want myself to be academically and as a human being. I did poorly in my first semester for reasons I now look back on and see as petty. By talking to myself I would be able to redeem myself in front of people I know and, most of all, myself. The best advice I could give to myself is to "start studying as soon as you feel a hint of problems occurring. That will help keep your mind focused on important things and you will be doing what you need to do for school. Don't let social issues of loneliness and being gay get in the way. It feels hard now, but it will only get easier."


Going back to high school and getting ready to make the transition towards college, I would advise myself to be patient, study hard and enjoy campus life. With patients, I can relax and not worry about multiple assignments that are due on the same dates. I can be healthy by being stress-free and getting my work done on time. I would advise myself to study hard because with college I?m becoming a career woman and within the career I choose I need to be professional and most important knowledgeable. Last but not least I would have advised myself to enjoy campus life. Living on campus can be convenient to resources but also can be fun. I would advise myself to join activities, get involve with school and get involve with the community.