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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to give myself some advise I would tell myself to take some college class while in highschool so that i would be able get ahead and also help with the transition from high school to college. I would also tell myself to get a job and start to save some money for gas and other expenses while on campus. I feel that these simple tips would be very helpful to me now.


Knowing what I know now about college life and the changes in life after high school, I believe I would have alot to tell myself as a high school senior. First, it probably is not the best idea to take a break from school after high school because it is so much harder to get motivated to get back to school. Even if it is just taking general studies class at a community college would be best. I did not know what I wanted to do after high school and decided to spend my time working, but not saving money for any future education. That would probably be the second thing I would tell myself as a high school senior. Mostly I would just say the same thing I'm telling my younger brother, who is graduating from high school in a year. Follow your dreams and do not let fear of the unknown hinder the possibilities of new adventures. College is about finding yourself and looking forward to the future.


I would advise to go to college and finish a degree, and start a career before settling down with a marriage and family. I am currently trying to go back to school to get a degree while raising two kids, one of whom happens to be autistic, and I am trying to find part time work to supplement our income. I feel that if I had finished my degree when I had the chance, I would have more to offer to a prospective employer. Go to college, finish your degree, then get married and have kids!


first of all i would take school more serious, meaning acadamically. Second retake SAT for better results to advance in college courses. Third, apply to colleges on time before the due date to receive diverse acceptance. and lastly know what career i want to do.


Be smart about all the resources available. Go see advisors and take classes that will benefit you and not waste your time. College is very expensive and there is no room for slacking off. Make sure that school is your priority and put all your effort into making good grades and actually LEARNING. Figure out what you enjoy doing and look at different careers. The worst thing to do is to go and take random classes because you're not sure about what you want your major to be. Join study groups but also learn to study alone and not depend on others to learn. Learn to be independent. Always be prepared and do all assignments on time... the worst thing to do is miss an assignment. Learn to study a great deal, that is the only way to pass exams. Do not expect to "wing it" on tests... it is not possible. Last but not least, have fun. Don't party too much, but enjoy every single step of the college experience... you will not get all these moments back so enjoy while you still can.


My first advice that I would give myself is to take more AP classes and dual credit classes as well. I would also tell myself to try harder my senior year to pass the AP test. And I would tell myself to really build a stronger bond with some people, because friendships can become very distanced once college begins. One of the most important thing I would tell myself is to apply to more scholarships and find more oppurtunites to get financial aid. It would really help my parents and I would feel better if they did not have to pay any of my tuition because they have given me all the oppurtunity in the world to succeed.


Plann ahead NOW for what you want to get your degree in. Don't spend four years just trying to find your nich in life. And most importantly get your general associates done right out of high school. This is the most basic and most important first step. Don't wait to start it untill you know what your bachelors degree will be. Get the Associates done first! As you work through your Associates seek the guidence of school councelors to help guide you toward your Bachelors degree in a chosen field. And above all don't procrastinate and don't become discouraged. Once you have a plan in place it is easer to set goals and steps to accomplish the task. And remember it is far easer to accomplish your degree while you are still young. Once you "grow up" and get married it becomes increasingly difficult to provide for a family and be a full time student at the same time!


Thinking about how college is going now, I would have to say that there's two things that I wouldn't mind advising myself about in high school: my study habits, and (awkwardly) my weight. As far as my weight, I feel like I'm not really accepted because of my size, which ends up being a big depressing factor in my life. With the studying habits that I had in high school, they were quite lazy. I felt as if I thought I knew the information, there was no need to study, which is something that I have now passed on to college. Now that I've gone through one semester, I know that studying is a very important factor that I need to add into my daily routine, to allow myself to be very successful in my future career as an Oncologist.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stress less over the little things and enjoy life more. As a home schooled student, I wasn't sure what to expect out of the transition to college. I was very focused academically in high school and wanted to make sure I scored very well on my SAT. Once the transition to college began, I found myself somewhat overwhelmed by the process. Instead of enjoying my first few years of college, I was over concerned with performing perfectly on every test and assignment. Looking back, I wish I had devoted more time to joining student organizations and community service. While I still maintain a good GPA, I have learned that there is more to college life than grades. Now I maintain a more balanced lifestyle, and am able to balance work, school, and outside acivities. I am still satisfied with my grades, but I wish I had learned to lighten up a little bit right at first - it would have made my first years in college much more enjoyable.


I would be sure that I check the price of dormatories and the mealplans since I was planning on living in campus. I would fill out as many scholarships the University offered as well as websites that offers scholarships. I would especially go to class every single day because attendance is mandatory and a part of your grade unlike high school. I would turn in my FAFSA by the required deadline because you qualify for more grants and definately makes college a little bit cheaper. All in all, be more ontop of things, it is all about personal responsibilty at college, especially if you are living away from home. Don't take anything for granted because you never know what you could have experienced or missed out on.


I know that while you are in high school you can hardly contain yourself with the overwhelming excitement to go out there and change the world! Now, just take a second close your eyes and breathe. Stop and consider who you are now and how far you have come to get to this point. High school students and even college students get so caught up in the "future". Our minds are constantly swarming with thoughts and questions about it. The truth is that we do not know the future holds. In a matter of seconds our entire existence as we know it can be altered! Today is all we have, because tomorrow isn't promised! Be thankful for today and what you have. Enjoy the time you are in college. Make time to read the textbook, come to class, meet new people, and spend time with those you love. Never let schoolwork consume your life. Stop thinking about who you're going to be and do it now! It's okay to make mistakes, it's part of life. Many think of college as "you live and you learn" well I say, "you learn and you live".


I would tell myself to not feel stressed out about college, that things happen in thier own time and I shouldn't feel it neccessary to rush things. I would tell myself to enjoy myself, to relax and enjoy my time with friends and my classes without worrying so much about the future. I would also say that I need to follow my bliss, that I should take the courses I want to from the proffesors I enjoy. I would tell myself not to be frightened that a course might be to difficult, that if I want to study something I should even if I am scared because it isn't the easiest option. I would tell myself not to be frightened of other students or proffesors, but to jump into college life. I would say that people sometimes need to discover what life has in store and if one doesn't have a perfect plan don't let it paralize you. I would tell myself not to be ashamed if I do something differently than what I feel is expected. And I would tell myself that things aren't always final. You can always try something wlse.


Making the transition into college will be one the biggest changes you have ever encountered as a seventeen year old. As a high school student, you should focus more on prioritizing. Figure out how to organize events and assignments in way where you are able to complete your work to your highest potential and also have time for a social life. In high school, living with mom and dad, it will be easy, but having the foundation entilled in you while living with them will help in the future. Learn now that worrying about a situation that you can not control hinders the amount of quality effort and energy you are able to put into other work that is necessary. Understand now that the purpose of you going to school is to gain a broader understanding of many subjects - do not ever question why you are in a certain class or situation if it is necessary for you to gain that knowledge to reach your goal. Lastly, remember the phrase you are who you associate yourself with. Do not try and force a friendship with ANYONE who has qualities you do not want to be remembered for.


All I would say is that you can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let anyone tell you that you can not make it to the top. In order for you to succeed just go to a private place in your mind and know that you can go beyond the stars know that the sky is not the limit go beyond it. When you find go into college its not going to be easy but if you stay focused you will make it. You will be okay throughout your years if you just soar to the top. The advantage is all in how bad that you want to acheive your goals. There may come a time in which you may feel like giving up but just think as it being the devil and that he loves to tempt people. You must allow God to come into your life know that you can't do it without him for he is the leader and you should let him. If you are ready to create a lifetime of adventure and success just take on the challenge of being a college student.


If i could go back in time as a highschool senior, i wanted to gather more infomation and major that i should known before select any school or univeristy. Getting advises from teacher and counserlor. Also, there is not only information about school, but about the tuition and fees from other stuffs such as transportation are considered before chose the University. For myself, i want to become a doctor, so i would help a lot of people when they are needed. Even i know that would be a hard time to face through school and its tuition, but i will never give up until the end. I hope someday; i can become a great person who help and make a better society.....Thank you...


Good things do not come easy. You have to work hard in order to be where you want and yes you will have those days that you will want to give up but just remember that at the end of that long journey lies the destination you have always dreamed of.


As an entering college freshman, develop a relationship with your professors, because they can help you find job opportunities, write letters of recommendation for internships, and give you an opportunity to participate in their research. Your college professors see your potential and want to see you do your best, so they can help you achieve you goals in life. Moreover, get involved on your campus, whether it is going to sporting events, joining organizations, volunteering, or participating in special programs. When you attend campus activities and events, you may meet life-long friends or even a potential employer. Furthermore, do your work ahead of time because you will not have to undergo stressful last minute cramming for tests or "pieced together" research projects. As you start off the semester making exceptional grades, you do not have to play "catch-up" towards the end of the semester. Essentially, the college life is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable, so make life-long friends, study hard, get involved on campus, and develop a relationship your professors.


College is a brand new beggining for yourself. Its the start of a new phase in life. Its the time when you learn to take responsibilty for yourself without having your parents do everything for you. Its nothing compared to high school. There are no longer free textbooks so learn to be thankful for the wonderful textbooks that are provided for you. Depending on the campus you attend, classes will be a far walk. In addition, coming from a small high school and transitioning into a large campus provides a major change. Know how to accept change and cope with large classes. Be prepared for the unexpected. Have a motivation to actually attend class and not skip to be with friends. There no one will tell you to go to class, you make your own choices that will later define your future. What you do now, the choices you make will reflect later on. Your life starts from now with your choices. You have made the right choice in choosing to attend college. Be organized and open to change. Have a desire to learn and make wise decisions that will shape your future into a successful one.


If I could go back and speak to my high school self, I would first try to convince myself to listen. I was very headstrong. Once I was listening, I would explain that things may get tough and it may seem easier to quit, but quitters never win. I would tell myself to trust in my gut and trust that difficulties are part of the process. I would tell my 18-year-old self that the worst mistake I ever made was dropping out, and that I should really stay with it. My high school self would need to know that mistakes are much harder to fix 10 years later. I would explain that the transition from a small private school to a large university is very difficult and that I should attend class even if the professor won?t miss me. The classes are very interesting if you actually attend and even if your goals change, there will always be someone there to help. I would want to say that eventually you really will get straight A?s. The most important thing that I could say is that, ?If at first you don?t succeed, try, try again.?


If I could talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself, "You're going to be okay, just enjoy the ride, learn from every choice that you make, regardless of the out come. "


If I had the opportunity to go back and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself four things: 1) NEVER give up your dreams for someone else, especially a high school boyfriend because you will eventually break up and move on with a much better life. 2) Stay focused on your own path no matter what anyone else may say you should do and don't worry if it takes a few extra twists and turns than you expected because you will find your way. 3) Being well prepared always beats being unprepared when it comes to class. Always try to study before the night before because it is a much sweeter feeling to ace the exam than to have to rely on extra credit the teacher may give (if there is any!). 4) Your education is something that can NEVER be taken away from you. You have earned it though hard work and dedication, so enjoy the ride!


The first day of college is the first day of a new adventure. Everything you think that you know is probably wrong. Listening to other people about all the fun and exciting things will hype you up so much that when you actually experience them and they doesn't live up to the hype that you will be disappointed. Patience is a virtue!!! Between the parking, the people, admissions, advisiors, financial aid, and your professors; you are really going to have to just take a deep breathe and relax. It is going to take you a couple of weeks to get into the groove of things. Being stressed isn't going to help you one bit. This is where you are going to define yourself. So even though you think that you have everything all figured out be open minded and understand that everything happens for a reason. You were meant to come to this college and major in this particular subject. Work your hardest and strive to be the best. No one can break you down but you. Finally, remember you graduated High School, so leave all the high school drama in the past. You define everything from now.


I will tell myself to memorize as much vocabularies as possible. They are extremely helpful even for things beyond college.


If I could go back in time knowing what I know now as a college student, I would tell myself to create a good balance between school and social life. Do not overwhelm yourself and know when your in over your head, there is no need to stress over things you have no control over. Most importantly, do not procrastinate, you will drive you self crazy if you find yourself waiting until the last minute to do things.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself how important it is to stay in school. (not drop out as I did.) I would also encourage myself to go to college and get a degree so that I could support my family and not have to struggle to put food on the table and cloths on my childrens back. With a degree there are alot of opportunities available for you. I find myself now looking to go to college but not having the funds to do so. With a college degree I would not be where I am today.


The most important advice I would give myself is that you don't have to make a life plan for yourself so quickly. You can take time to think about what you want for your future. Don't be afraid of your potential and don't let fear hold you back. Take each day at a time. Appreciate everything that you learn and the people you learn from. Don't take anything for granted. Grow from your mistakes instead of letting them bring you down. College will be the best experience if you want it to be and time management is the key. You need to learn how to balance school with your social life and know that your education should be your first priority. You are in college to build the pieces for your future. Have a good time, make smart decisions and enjoy the company of people you meet along the way because your only in college once so make it a worthwhile chapter in your life.


I would tell myself that it is extremely important to start college entry work as early as possible. I didn't start that early and now I am having a lot of issues getting into college right. I would also tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible because I did not realize how hard getting the money together is also. I would tell myself to get ready to move earlier because working on college information for Florida colleges is harder to do from a different state. I would also make sure that I got my senior self enrolled as soon as possible so that I do not lose my health insurance, which looks like it might be an issue now. Mostly I would be sure to make my senior self knows that it is important not to slack when it comes to getting into college because that can mess up my chances at getting where I want to be in life as well as changing what roads I might have to take along the way.


If I could go back in time and know the things I know now about the real world and college life I would have done things differently in High School. I would have been more responsible, studied for the test instead of just coming to class and taking the test. I would have been active in more school functions such as Class Officers, involved in the after school activies. If I would have done these things I would have received more scholarships and it would have helped me out a little longer. Dont get me wrong I made good grades, but I wasnt in the top 10 percent. I did graduate a semester early and then went straight into the community college in town. I received 2 scholarships but they sure did run out quick. Working a full time job now and doing night school is draining me financially. College life is different than High School. In high school you have your parents to help you and guide you in the right path, but in College you dont. College is for responsible people seeking to obtain a degree.


Transitioning to a university, I would apply for more scholarships and work during my senior year or freshman year of college to earn money. At a university, I should place my class work as my top priority. Creating a daily routine to study or complete assignments, I save time from studying late. For instance, I would go to library directly after my class ends to finish my work. Likewise, I should feel confident about completing work by utilizing my on-campus resources such as tutoring and writing centers. Also, I should enjoy the ?college experience? by avoiding time consuming distractions, yet I should engage with a few volunteer programs by helping communities and networking with community leaders and business leaders. Similarly, I would apply for part-time office positions on campus to begin developing my resume and earning recommenders for scholarships, internships and study aboard programs. Saving my money and making more responsible decisions, I will prepare for the worst and hope for the best during my collegiate career. Overall, I will organize my life as an adult by meeting the high expectations from my college and scholarship or employment by improving my study habits and building a positive attitude.


Finally made it huh? Four long years you thought would never end and here you are just days away from graduation. Well let me just say that the long, hard, and fun road will still continue. And this road that is a mere passage will become a part of your history if you walk together with your goals and dreams set straight. Sure you will meet many obstacles in your road such as getting lost on campus or mixing the wrong reagents in organic lab but this and many others will help you learn. If you really want to become that diligent optometrist then fight for that dream. Do not fall behind in classes and try to avoid changing your major since it would probably increase the number of semester hours you have to take to finish your bachelor's degree in four years. Make friends with people that will influence you positively and that will be there when you most need it. Join clubs that will enhance your strengths and correct your weaknesses. By doing so you will see that your mere passage will have become a very memorable part of your history that will continue in optometry school.


Its not as hard as you think its going to be, the hardest part will be being away from your family and making yourself stay on track. Keep your eye on your school work, and don't let the party girl bring you down. You did just fine in high school without drinking or doing drugs and its really nothing amazing, so avoid the drama and feeling bad about yourself and just don't pick it up, trust me. The people you meet here are going to be different then what you're use to, and these friendship won't be the simplest to maintain, but you'll come to see, that the best things in life aren't free, and everything thats worth having, takes hard work.


I would tell myself to go to school because u haveto have a better than high school to have a good paying good paying job if u do not want to worry about every little penney u spend and worry how u are going to pay thing u have to have .I would tell myself if u are going 2 have kids it takes more to raise them than what you think. Most of all i would tell my self that going to school gives you this pride in yourself and that u will feel better about yourself .


Be prepared to spend alot of time driving, both to school and to work. It's going to be alot of work, but you're used to working for what you want so you'll do fine. College is no different than anyohter school you've been to. It just takes sometime to get the hang of everything, trust me though by the end of the first semester you'll feel like a seasoned pro. If a class is online and offers different options dont choose the easy option that involves less work, because you will probably forget all about the class entirely. Stay focused and set some time aside from work and school to have fun or you will get stir crazy. A lot is going to happen this next year so be ready for your life to change for the better.


Congratulations on your college acceptance! That?s a real accomplishment. Wow, I can?t believe you fit in those jeans! That's an even bigger accomplishment. Here are a few words of advice: There may not be another time when you have such incredible resources at your fingertips. Take advantage of them. Now is your chance to explore. Go to campus lectures, get involved with student organizations, take classes outside your major, and try new things. Go talk to your professors. They have much to tell if you will only listen. Throughout this exploration, pay attention to what makes you tick. Listen to your inner-voice when it pushes towards or away from things. This will be the seed that may sprout into something fruitful after college. Work hard in all your classes, not just for the grade, but for the sake of working hard. Learning how to work will serve you your whole life. Nothing is easy; success comes to those who persevere and work at it. Have fun but do not lose focus of why it is you?re going to college. Higher education is opportunity that few in the world are granted. Treat it as a blessing.


College is as everyone says a huge step in life. As a senior in highschool however, that never hit me until my first class in college. College curriculum is different than in high school. I was not prepared for the endless reading and writing which really made me stress for a couple of months. If I have known I would have told myself in my senior year of high school to go in and be ready to balance school and your social life. To add to the stress from my studies, I worried about money to pay for the University. If I could change one thing the most it would have to be applying for a lot more scholarships than I had. Now that I am in college I don't have a lot of time to sit down and write scholarship essays are search for them unless it is during the long winter break. As a senior I would take an advantage of the time you have because going to college you have to grow up quick.


I would have told myself to prepare for college early. I procrastinated much of my senior year and it really limited my options of schools to attend, as well as made me miss many scholarship opportunities that I could have easily gotten. I also would have told myself to have fun, but also to take the time seriously. My GPA was hurt because I did not take one of my classes seriously enough.


I would tell myself about the variety of distractions that will come your way. I would let myself know about how although you may not believe that certain distractions can negatively affect on your priorities, it's very easy to lose focus in favor of what is "fun". I would say that there is nothing that is or will ever be more important in your life than your family, and everything they have to say is only for your own benefit because they love you and care about your well being more than anyone ever can imagine. I would tell myself that your parents and other family members take great pride in having a son who is not only going to college, but also has serious goals in life that he wants to accomplish, and will do everything in their power to make sure that you follow your dreams and will never give up on you no matter how hard things may seem to get. I would tell myself to picture your grandmother, mother, sister, father, etc., smiling as they watch you walk across the stage and finally recieve your degree at your graduation. And most importantly, never give up!


I would tell myself to try harder in classes to get better grades. Start looking for scholarships while I am a senior. Apply to any and all scholarships. Do well and take SAT/ACTs over if neccesary, more opportunites are available if these scores are higher. Visit the prosective college campus several times and try to sit in on a class if possible. This will lessen the first day shock that happens freshman year. If undecided about major take basic classes, not major specfic classes the first two years, just in case you change your major. Find a job with flexible hours, or one on campus.


I would tell my self to enroll in AP classes and try to get college credit. The reason for that is because i could of saved time and money if taking it in high school. The college classes are not everyday as high school classes are. So taking college classes in high school in a everyday bases would really benfited a student, becasuse they can learn in a pase that they are used of. Also i would of not graduated early as i did. I graduated a semeter early and had only a weekend off from high school to college. That fast transition really hurt me in start of college. I was failing all my classes and that really held me down until mid terms where i finally brought them up to a passing grade. I would also try to have as much fun as possible beacause in college thier is no time for fun. At my first semeter i was having to much fun and that also was a cause of my failing grades. Working full time and going to school full time leaves out no fun and a real small socail life. Aslo i would relax!!!


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in highschool, I would tell myself a couple things. First and foremost, I would tell myself is: DON'T TRY AND IMPRESS ANYONE! It's not high school anymore and people can see right through your act and know when your uncomfortable. Be yourself. It's OK to eat alone. It's OK to walk around alone. Don't be shy. Talk to people in your classes the first week, because they are most likely feeling just as vulnerable as you and would not mind at all if somone initiated conversation. A couple other things I would tell them: If you have to eat in the cafeteria, it's all about the OB. Don't eat in the towers if you can help it. The quality of food is just better in the OB. Chilli's Too is your best friend. And never underestimate studying in the library. If you take the time to go somewhere without the distractions in your room, you will see the benefits. Always go to class. You'll need to hear the lectures from professors for exams. Good Luck!


Stop playing games and fooling around! Get scholarship information now! Also talk to your counselor to see if you can go ahead and take some college courses while you are still in high school because if they will allow you to take classes directly from the campus you can have college credits before you get in to college and have the advantage of taking some basic classes and not worry about taking them at all.


If I could go back and give myself advice about college and the transition I would have just a couple things to say. First I would tell myself to work harder at getting scholarships and other alternatives for paying tuition because college is way more expensive that I had ever imagined. Then I would actually calm myself about the worries of moving and going to a new place. I was very worried about not making friends or getting lost in the university, but in fact it has been the exact opposite. It has been incredibly easy to transition to being away from home and I have made more friends than I would have ever expected. In fact, I know find myself wanting to stay at school more than coming home. So, if I could go back I would encourage myself to work harder to pay for school, and calm myself from the worries of being alone and hating it.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself about preparing for college I would prepare myself for the personal and mental preparation I would need when I start college. High school prepared me enough for the coursework, but not for the adjustment to college life. It is important to understand that no one is there to make you go to school or do your work. You need to be able to set aside your time wisely so you can do all the things that need to be done. You may think it is fun and games at first, but college is serious and you don?t want to waste your time playing games. There may come a time when you have to be the rock in your family and everyone depends on you, but stay strong and keep going to school. You can do it as long as you put your mind to it. You may have to work full time to keep it, but just remember how important school is to you. Always remember that you want to make people?s lives better and as long as you stay strong you can do anything.


If I were able to go back and talk to my high school self I would say a number of things. Most importantly, I would tell myself to not let the girls who make fun of you get you down and to make friends with the guys instead as they would become some of my best friends. I would also tell myself not to get overwhelmed with all my choices and planning my future. Also, sleep is the most important thing. Sleep! because you will spend your whole first semester sick! If I had known to manage my time better and have better sleeping habits the first semester would have been a lot easier and more successful. I would tell myself to work hard because now I'm in a pickle with college funding and grades. I would tell myself to work hard at keeping my Dean's Scholarship, as I will need it to stay at the school I love.


Keep in mind that High School was in the past and the rank one graduated as is only a number and only counts toward admission, but now you have to start all over. Keep in mind that college is extremely expensive and your parents are suffering trying to get you an education that they weren't able to afford at their time and are clueless about how the College system works. Keep in mind that counselors are ones best friends and they are there to "Help" you make wise decisions. Keep in mind that it is foolish to have an attitude where you think you know everything and in reality you are lost and have to admit to yourself that ones wrong and have to start from scratch again. Keep in mind that what ever one does is only gonna effect oneself in the end whether it be a positive or negative result. And most importantly, love what your gonna major or else your gonna hate waking up in the morning going to work, regretting about the decisions you made in school, thats why one should browse around before one committs to a major.


Knowing what I now know about college, if I could go back in time I would take calculus and more AP classes to challenge myself instead of taking the easy way out for my senior year. In addition I also would teach myself how to study, or just put more emphasis on it. I've been in college for four years now and I'm just now learning really good studying techniques. The main thing I would tell myself is, to not get into the fight that got me sent to alternative school the last semester of my senior year. At the time I didn?t realize how serious to take school, and I could have easily messed up my chance to graduate on time and walk across the stage with my friends. I now know how serious an education is, and it is nothing that should be jeopardized because of thoughtless and reckless actions.


Enjoy how easy life is. And take a few ap courses to get the credits out of the way. Not to many though because you want to have some easy classes your freshmen year to get your feet wet. But find good study habits or what works best as soon as possible so you will know what works. Have fun with your friends because you will barely talk to them and you need to get all the partying out of your system!


Going from high school to college is a huge transition, especially if you are not ready for it. Throughout high school you have teachers and counselors pushing you and telling you what to do to get things right, but once you graduate that all ends. College will be a wake up call if you are not used to doing things on your own. No is there to remind you to stay focused in class or that there is an assignment due, and the teachers will not baby you and help you every step of the way, you have to figure it out on your own. What I have learned about being in college is that you have to really stay on top of things and not slack off because everything will start piling up. Also remember to study all the time because if you want to pass all your classes the usual "cram before the exam" just will not cut it.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply to the school early and apply for as many scholarships as possible because it is really tough taking 17+ credit hours and working to try to pay for all the classes required for my major. I would tell myself to try to decide on a major as soon as possible so I woyuld not waste time taking non-required classes and wasting my hard earned tuition money. College life is not as hard as high school teachers made it out to be, but I believe that I should have listened to their college preparation lessons so I could be even more prepared to conquer all my courses. If I was able to talk to myself in the beginning of senior year, I would tell myself to take all of the AP classes available to further my learning and give myself an advantage in my freshman year of college.


Having attended the University of Houston for three full semesters, I would relish the opportunity to inform my high school self of the insanity I was about to dive into. To start out with, I would give myself a good slap for not leaving Houston when I had the chance. Houston has been my home for the past fifteen years and I am beginning to feel stifled. I do not know what other school I would have gone to, but Houston has not been a good place for me to try to grow in character. I feel that by staying, I wasted a good opportunity. Then, I would try to convince myself that I should not be an Architecture major. My first two semesters were lonely, stressed, and sleep deprived. I did nothing but work to complete projects that my professor later declared "underdeveloped". Even after I left the Architecture College, it took me a full semester to decide Geology as my new major. I would encourage myself to be outgoing, to work to be involved and accepted, to actively look for a place to belong. And knowing myself, it is unlikely that I would have done anything different.