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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Campus life is very different and unexpected. It is so much better to be in college the experience is amazing not just outside of class though inside as well. It feels so great to fill your head with so much knowledge. If I could go back in time and talk to myself i would definitely give myself alot of advice. It is good for me to know what i am getting into so that I dont look lost or out of place. First I would warn myself to register for classes early so I can get the ones I want. It is a competition when it comes to classes so I have to know when to sign up. Then I would advise to drive to campus because getting picked up and dropped off is hard especially in the heat and cold. Then i would tell myself to seek advice on campus life, tour the campus, and get all the help I can get. I would also tell myself to enjoy my time in college and not work myself to death but i would also say study hard and really study not just blow off studing because it is very important.


Ok, Caitlin, seriously STOP procrastinating and learn how to retain information when you're studying!!!! Practice writing a timed essay, it WILL come in handy. Oh and for goodness sakes learn how to drive already!!! If you don't all you're gonna do is sit in your room bored out of your mind 'cause you don't have a ride. Also when you get a studyguide from one of your classes, as soon as you get it, START STUDYING!!! Do NOT put it off 'till the last minute. You will regret it! Oh before i forget, the "freshman 15" does exist!! So eat healthy every once and a while. Try to be more out going, watching your roommate come in and out at all hours of the night, because she actually has friends is a bit depressing. Oh yeah, GO TO THE FRESHMAN CAMP THING, trust me!!! Well thats all I can think of for now so just do that and you should be set. Good Luck. And don't do anything I wouldn't do!


"Self: Listen to everything you have been told because you are not an exception to anything." That is what I would tell myself if I could. College has been an overwhelming, yet fun experience that would have been better if I had simply listen to the advice and warnings from those who had already attended it. Going more into detail, I would tell myself to study, apply for scholarships and study some more! In high school, I was a very smart student. I took AP classes and miraculously did not have to study so much and made honor roll. I figured I was simply smart and college would be as much of a breeze as what high school was. I even figured that because of my intelligence, I would be able to get all the scholarships I needed. Basically, I thought college would be the same as high school. Of course, I was dead wrong. I had to deal with the blow of actually having to work for my grades and money. I suppose it's a normal blow to many college students, but nonetheless, I would tell myself those things in order to lessen the blow.


I want to go to a school that "gets" me instead of me having to "get" the school. I should branch out and try to meet more people, regardless of what race or appearance. In order to succeed as a college student, I must put my studies first as a priority and other things second. The best way to pass my classes with A's is to study something everyday. College is competitive and being on the ball and on target is the best way to be on board. Actually working hard pays off in the end.


If I could go back and talk to myself senior year I would tell myself not to worry and not to stress as much. You should enjoy life while you can. Finding the time for work and play will result in success.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior and give myself advice about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself that the transition can?t be done alone. I would tell myself that the transition into college is very difficult and that it?s okay to ask for help from family and friends. I know now that college is extremely difficult, if not the classes, the entire process of learning about yourself and what works for you. I personally made the choice to try and make it alone and that choice was completely and utterly wrong. If there?s anything I?ve learned in college, it?s that life should be lived in a way that works for you. College is a time to learn exactly who you are, and that life isn?t easy, that it cannot be done alone; but most importantly, college is about learning to say its okay to ask for help; it?s okay to give in. The people you meet in college are the people who are going to teach you what kind of person you are and who you?re going to be in the future.


Chris you you really need to to stay in school and go on to get your degree. This was you would be able of a good future. I know you want to open up a bakery, so you need to stay in school goto college and get a good degree.


A big piece of advice i would give myself is to take senior year seriously. I started to slack off because i already had the classes i needed and did not really care anymore. I would tell myself to keep up the pace i had during junior year so that the first semester would be less strenuous. Also, i would tell myself to review over the summer so that i would not go into the first semester ice cold. I would look in to summer internships and maybe summer classes.


"Do not fall asleep during lectures." That would be the first thing I would tell my high school senior self. Dosing off when the professor is talking will not help your grade and you cant always depend on other people for notes. "Find your classes before the semester starts." The professor's first impression of you should not be the girl who stumbled in late because she failed to locate her classes ahead of time. "Do your homework and don't procastinate, stay focused." Not doing work is the main reason some students fail. Care about your education and stay focused on the things that matter most. "Jalisha, don't be afraid because it's not the bad." The most important advice I could give.


As a high school senior I was feared the transition from personal attention to being just a number. However, migrating from a two year to four year university has made it transparent that the process is not as complicated as imagined. I would therefore tell myself to achieve as high as you want and do not let anyone prevent you from reaching your goals, journey myself to a four year university, remain focus in the educational endeavor, network with new colleages and get involved with organizations.


Assuming that I went back in time and I was able to talk to myself in my senior year in high school, I would have some advice to help myself in college. I would first tell myself to know what you really want to major in because it will get me to focus more on committing myself to the profession. Then I would tell myself to expect the unexpected because anything could happen in college. Also I would tell him to do all the work on time or as quickly as possible to have free time to have fun. Another thing to tell my past self would be to not plagerize because it will get you into a lot of trouble. Make a lot of friends I would say to him and that would be it.


Dear Ana, College is a fun and exciting place. You must very focused and determined. There will be noone there to hold your hand during those late night crammers. Trust me, if you don't do your laundry, NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU!!! College is place to find yourself and not be afraid to wonder off in the process. Also don't be afraid to meet new people and so try new things. Also you will have to change your way of thinking, remember everyone has a story so LISTEN!!! Do these things and you will be successful in your endeavors.


If I could go back in time to be a high school senior, I would advise myself to pick a college that would be better suited for my needs and wants. I am doing well academically at my college but it is so big that sometimes I find it hard to make friends and establish relationships like I wanted to. So, if I could go back, I would chose to go to a school in a smaller setting. Also, along with that, I would advise myself to go live on campus and to not be afraid to do so. I sometimes think that if I had done so, I might have made more friends that way. Other than that, I feel like I am doing well in my college life.


If given the opportunity to step back into my senior year in high school, I would encourage myself to do everything to the best of my ability. Including studying, sports, associating with people who have the same goals as I have set, I have always been a rather independent person. Partly because I had no choice. I realized at an early age that I wanted to become a better role model for the generations to come than what I had to look up to. he high school I attended was very low funded, so our teachers didn't do a really good job of teaching us. I let this simple fact keep me from pushing myself to the extent of which I could go. Rather than letting my study habits fall in line with the way my teachers went about teaching, I should have went another route and began to teach myself. I believe that the human mind will go above and beyond it's normal capacity when it is put to the test. That being said, although calculus and physics are difficult courses, with the help of my textbook and other references, I could have learned the entire course.


You need to straighten up! I know you are bored with high school but you need to practice studying and learn to discipline yourself. Otherwise, you will end up at age 50 without an education and jobless in hard economic times. Do you really want to be that old, divorced, a single parent with a child of your own in college, and jobless due to a lack of education all because you were a senior in high school who is bored and think you already know it all?? Come on! Look to the future and make something of yourself before it is too late! I mean it. Buckle down and improve your grades and study skillls so you can apply to top universities and succeed. Someday you will thank me. And I will be here to say, "Great Job!"


I would definately tell myself that it is not easy and that I have to take the time and teach my self good study habits. Not let yourself get distracted with boys or friends because they will come and go and all your'e left with is an extremly low GPA. I would also tell myself not to get a job. I was always so obssessed with being independent and getting my own appartment, I have spent most of my college paying bills. Its not worth it , you will have time for bills the rest of your adult life I would definately stay at home, or wherever it's free.


my advice to myself would be focus, focus focus and listen to my parents. They encouraged me all the way and wanted me to do more academically such as AP classes and to participate in school activities such as the debate team. community efforts, etc. Looking back now their advice was sound and solid because they were trying to get me well rounded in preparation for college. I however relaxed my mind and efforts when I needed to expand and apply myself academically, socially and emotionally. Perhaps I could blame it on peer pressure and all that but I should have paid attention because of the great support I had from people who knew better about life outside of high school. No, the transition to college has not been that difficult but I do struggle with some of the science classes. I believed I missed out some basic steps in my senior year in high school. Overall I am doing well but lack financial support as my parents struggle to put my brother and I through college. This time I will talk to myself so I won't look back with words like " if only I had..."


If there was an opportunity for me to see my high school senior self, I would make sure he would get the chance to prepare himself at that point and avoid procrastinating. To avoid financial tribulations, I would make sure to let him know about scholarships that he can apply for easily especially at his current grade level because there are many opportunities that he can surely go for and his chances in obtaining them in the future is alot more difficult. Another advice I would give is the preparation in buying school supplies. It is important to know that once you're in college, you are responsible for your own school materials because buying book can be very expensive and you want to make sure you don't over spend and try your best to save up by buying used books from outside the stores. There are so many advices I could give to my high school senior self, but of course if I had to narrow it down it would perhaps be the two I listed above. I believe that the biggest preparation for college is financial resources.


I would tell myself not to sweat the small stuff and to look at the bigger picture. College life has so much to offer and if you get bogged down by little things you won't allow yourself to go out and experience life changing situations. I would tell myself not to go with the crowd, but to be my own unique individual. Go out and make friends of every kind and be there for them if they need you because they will return the favor one day. Be outgoing and willing to do spontaneous things that you might never have to chance to do again, you won't regret it. Grades are the most important thing and the reason you are there so stay academically focused and then have fun. You are less likely to be stressed if you keep your grades up. Things will happen that will make you want to quit, but they will make you a better person if you stay. Don't ever give up. You are strong and can conquer all things if you put your mind to it. In short, just LIVE.


study more and make it to UT without fail


Advisors are your best friend. Before you start college and before every semester, it is best to talk to the advisors so that you can have direction to what classes you should be taking and mapping out the road. Also, know what classes count towards your major before enrolling so that you do not waste your time and money. Do not waste your time. It might seem like you have a lot of free time at hand but it is very necessary to use them wisely. You will not know when the exams and due dates will start piling up if you slack up in the beginning of classes. A week or so before classes start, go and find where your classes are so that you will not be lost and late to your first day of class. DO NOT wait until near exam to start studying for it. Already be prepared by reading the chapters when the professor is on that chapter. Also, it is a always best to work on examples and problems on books so that you know ideas about topic that your professor did not cover in class but might be on exams.




If I could go back in time and tell my high school senior self one thing, it?d be ?Relax and enjoy life.? Throughout my high school career I always pushed myself to come out on top. Although I did manage to graduate in the top ten, I had little fun while doing it. Little did I know that college would be a thousand times more stressful, and a million times more demanding, especially since I decided that I wanted to try even more rigorous coursework by being in the honors section of the business college. As long as a student comes in the top ten percentile, it honestly doesn?t matter what place you get. A B+ in any given course would have been better than living a high school career devoid of doing anything because you wanted to do it and not because you had to do it.


Sticking to it is all I need to tell myself. Don't give up, don't give in. Listen to your heart, don't listen to your friends. Only time will tell if I stick to it from beginning to end.


I would tell my former high school self that college is not just the fun and games that the funny teen movies depict it. It is indeed fun and a wonderful social experience, however it is also a very worthy mental and physical challenge. In order to pass and do well in college you must work hard and put forth a great amount of effort or you will not succeed. Another point I would bring up is not to listen to your friends when they tell you to get a degree in X just because many other friends are pursuing major X.You must listen to your heart and follow wherever it takes you, and you must never let your self-esteem be shot down by anybody. I can tell you from experience that it is possible for you to achieve any degree regardless of how your high school grades were as long as you put forth that effort. I have seen countless engineering and pre-medical students with very high GPA's and when asked how they did in high school they will tell you that they were the ones who would be getting C's on math tests.


If I could go back and give myself advice, I would say to myself that having a balance between fun and studying is a must. Come up with a routine and stick to it, making amble time to do the things you enjoy and getting out with your peers. Another thing I would tell myself is to make sure you fully investigate your major and the career opportunities associated with that major so that you end up with the career you want when its all over. The final advice I would give myself is to take the time to learn my campus and those individuals who can help you along the way. Make an effort to get to know the professors in your major and your academic advisor as they can help you with finding opportunities that you might not normally come across and will make your transition a bit smoother coming into college as well as on the way out.


Dear Yun Philip Chen, Before entering college, everything has to be done. Everything consists of three elements. First, everyone is worried about financial situation, but I would say that there is many opportunity to get free money out there. Many scholarships are looking for its rightful owner, I would encourage myself to look for those opportunities. Second, it would be preparations for college. One must needs the knowledge to choose the subject one wants to study, it is very important to stick to that one goal. When that is accomplished, go to a counselor immediately. Counselor provides information?s to help you; he/she will walk with you through the route of your major. Third, selecting classes and professors; it is essential to look for the good classes and professors. The meaning of good is when you are organized, being organized means that you will find the right time to eat, sleep, study, work, and have a social life. Time management plays a big role on the third element. Again, I will remind myself that everything has to be done before college; I will show myself how important it is to prepare and find the time to plan my future.


BE OPEN TO CHANGE. College is SO much different compared to high school. There really is no comparison.


I would tell myself to start preparing for college as a high school senior. Also, I would say keep the motivation that I had all through high school because it is needed in college. Make sure to have a great social life because in the long run this will help you with the college experience as a whole. Try to get into study groups and other groups where you are surrounded by positive people that help you throughout your college years with coursework, major decision, etc. Always strive for the best and don't let anyone take away your drive to succeed. Don't be afraid to expose yourself to diversity. Study as much as possible to stay on track in all courses. Remember there are many people at the University that are put in place to help you reach your goal. Access all resources giving to you by the University. Lastly, believe in yourself and you will succeed.


I would say: do not waste your time, go to college, and do not stop until you get at least a bachelor's degree!


START SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY!!! Don't procrastinate. Apply to as many college as possible. Fill out applications for scholorship regardless of what they ask you to do. Unfortunately I didn't do anything of these things and now I am stuck trying to play catch up while my friends have careers now and high paying jobs. As for me I am working part time (barely making it) and finishing school as fast as I can.


i would say him/her not to stress a lot about college. To take clases that would be easy and difficult to balance her workload . and slowly get involved in the college. I would also tell her to meet the advisor if any doubt about her degree


I would prepare better academically, especially in the area of preparing well written research papers. Additionally, I would have participated in more community events and joined clubs that would have transitioned better to the college experience. I am glad that I took many pre-AP and AP classes as I believe I was better prepared than some of my friends. In hindsight, I believe I would have benefitted from attending a more remote campus and living on campus. I think this forces you to be more engaged. The first year at college is scary and I'm not sure high school adequately prepares you for the emotional experiences and the freedom that many experience for the first time.


I'd go back and tell myself not to procrastinate so much and to get all my college related documents done in a more timely manner. I'd also tell myself I had made a really good decision in chosing the University of Houston because so far all the classes and professors have been amazing and that I probably would have regretted attending A&M because of the cost. As a final reminder, I'd tell myself not to worry too much, that I'll have made a lot of friends and support during my stay.


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school, I would tell myself to stay focused and perserver. College and high school are two different worlds, even AP classes do not prepare you for the harder course material college professors take you through. The grades in college are few and rare, making every grade count and every handout, quiz, test, and paper worth the time and effort you put into it. Also, study groups are a must! A study group that is focused helps you to understand your course and will challenge and prepare you for the test. Each member will bring something different to the group, along with their knowlege. Study groups are especially helpful in math and science; they are just as important if not more important than tutors because you are all driven by making the grade. One more thing- do not take any breaks, including summer courses. College is fun, yet you want to get in and get out. You do not want to prolong getting your career. The summer courses are quick and intense and are over just as fast. It is an easy way to get ahead.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would have encouraged myself to apply for more scholarships. I also would have told myself to apply to the University of Houston sooner to increase my chances in receiving entry level scholarships. When I was a senior in high school, I had a full-time job and an expensive car payment. With the knowledge I have obtained as a junior in college, I would tell myself to choose a cheaper car and work less to focus more on my high school studies. My transition from high school to college was not difficult because I listened to my father when he said, "Live at home and go to the University of Houston because it will be less expensive that way." College programs such as the Society of Women Engineers enhance networking among peers and employers so if I was able to talk to myself in high school I would have engaged in school programs to increase my leadership and networking skills. Even though I have some regrets from my senior year in high school it does not overwhelm my enthusiastic experience at the University of Houston.


I would tell my self to take all advance classes because it would make my college life so much easier. One of the classes I'm taking now I could have took in high school. Always study for every test especially math.


I would go back and encourage my self to prepare for the the rocky road ahead, to expect nothing from anyone, to be myself, to do what I can, to not give up, to see it through to the end and expect nothing in return less than success.


To form better study habits, and to not take so much time off between semseters. Getting done is a bettter idea then a little at a time.


I would volunteer at different places and talk to advisers to know what i wanna do and what to major in. and also i would tell anyone who wants to go to college that this is their time to shine and do their best! those 4 years determine your future and how you will be living for the rest of your life. if you will spend it partying and not working hard you would be ruining your life forever


Save all the money you possibly can and try to win as many scholarships as possible.


To make sure of the profession that I would want to be in for the rest of my life.


The only thing I wish I could go back and do is find more duel credit classes. I took one AP class which didnt really help me out. It would of been nice to come to school with a few credits already under my belt.


I would advise myself to stay focused in class and carefully concentrate on what professors explain about their coursework and teaching techniques. Search each professor and see how well they are with students before enrolling in their class. I would also tell myself to make sure I know exactly what I want to do and be for the rest of my life, that way I won't waste time taking classes and studying for a subject that isn't necessary. I would make sure I won't be shy and place myself in a more social circumstance, which makes it easier to create a study group and help each other understand each subject in depth. Know how to manage time carefully because you will be involved in a lot of activities, including your favorite sport (swimming), and you'll try to juggle everything at the same time. Learn how to eat healthy because your mother won't be there to serve you healthy food. Last but not least, exercise.


Take math and writing more seriously.


Looking back at myself in high school, I realized that at some point I became lazy since it was getting so close to graduation, thinking the chaos would finally be over. In reality it was just the beginning. Now that I am in college I understand how the system works and I am struggling with some things as far as classes go. I would go back and encourage myself to not just give up so easily when I see the high school finish line within reach, but to get ready for another starting line to appear, the starting line for college. I would also take time to dwell on how important it would be for me to concentrate even more on math classes and to probably not take co-op classes during that year. Most importantly, I would tell myself not to be discouraged from sticking to whatever I want in life because someone else seems to be smarter than me.


Start studying on the first day of class. Otherwise, the workload will overwhelm you very, very fast. Also, talk to more people and form study groups as soon as you can. Its a big advantage to have friends you can go to when you need help with your courses.


Try to pick the major you want right the first time instead of having to switch.


Go with what you want! What you FEEL passionate for. Don't let things in life like friends, family, or even boyfriends get in the way of what you are determined to be. I know you're confused right now, but don't worry in time, you will understand what's your purpose in life and grab it before anyone else can take it out of your hands. Just do it and listen to your heart.


Prepare yourself physically.mentally, and emotionally. Leave high school behind. It is a brand new day and you have an amazing opportunity for a fresh start for the rest of your life. Watch what you eat! Just because you can eat whenever and whatever you want doesn't mean you should! Eat healthy and exercise daily! Prepare for a big smack of reality! You're no longer the head "honcho" at your school anymore. You have to work your way up there again. Think of it as another challenge, and fight till the end for it! Your high school friends will be there for you if they are your real friends. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and let people in. Let them love the you you love.