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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To any future college students, I advise you do your research before settling for "good enough". My parents never showed me the variety of colleges I could have attended, so I chose a university in the city I have always lived in, one that was good enough for me. But I wish that I could have known there were plenty of colleges all over the United States that I would fit in just right. Students, find one that is accepting, non judgmental to different people, and one that is diverse with a safe campus and supportive and encouraging teachers and faculty. Parents, help your children choose a college that would satisfy their specific wants and needs, research around different cities if they want to experience living on their own, and find out the extracurricular activities, group organizations, and what the campus is like by visiting them before they apply. Remember college is that one stage before entering the real world. So make your choices wisely!