University of Houston Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing is that no matter who you are you can always feel welcome on campus. I like that there are all different types of organizations pertaining to these people so that no one feels left out. We try to create an enviroment so that everyone feels welcome and thats what I love. I was used to being to myself because I did not want to be judged but not here. I was welcomed with open arms.


One of the best things about my school is that it is located in one of the largest cities in the nation. Students can take advantage of the internships and employment opportunities in the city. The university also has 40 research and community initiatives. It offers various graduate programs which brings different type of students on campus. It has a diverse culture feel which makes it a neat and unique campus. In 2010, According to U.S. News & World Report ,University of Houston ranked number two for most racially/ethnically diverse in the nation.


I think the bestthing about my school is the activites. There are so many things for students to do that itmakes the college experience much better


There is always something going on at UH; everyday there is something new. I think that this is good because it allows people who wouldn't normally find something they like find something.


One of the best things about the university is its diversity. People from all over the world study here; it is amazing to have the opportunity to interact with different cultures. The school is located in one of the largest cities in the country, which gives students great resources. It is in the heart of the city which enables students to have access to public transportation and local businesses. The university is 1 of 3 tier one schools in the state. Students have academic support that endows them with the necessary skills in order to be successful in college.


I consider the best thing about my school is the school spirit and how close the facilty is with the students. It truly does feels like a family. A student can feel comfrotable going to anyone for help.


The best thing about the University of Houston is the tutoring and working environments. There are free tutoring opportunities for all students at two separate buildings on campus that are available daily. This really helps when the school work is getting more challenging and demanding. The working environments are also extremely helpful. The library has selective areas where students who need the quiet environment can study. The fountain area located behind the library is also a great place to study or relax because it is usually quiet and peaceful with a grass area and benches.


The best thing about my school is the many resourse it posses and that are available to architecture students. It is not limited but included as having its own library, woodwork machines, metal work machines, spray paint room, and best of all total access 24/7. It is seemlessly enough that the great care of my new advisors is a plus that makes me feel even more happy to meet my future new teachers and peers that i will see for the rest of my on-going career.


I really like the fact that Houston offers my prefered major and the environment of the school is really welcoming. The overall best thing I like about the University of Houston is that they are very willing to help, in anything, whether it be for classes, or jobs, or money issues.


The most unique thing about my campus is that everywhere you go, there is UH spirit. The buses are named the "Cougar Line". The signs for the buildings are red, even some of the buildings are red like their roofs, etc. Moreover, our squirrels are part of the UH spirit as well. Our squirrels are definitely not shy, and they are extremely comfortable with people around. Sometimes, they even eat corn nuts right out of your hand! There is even a Facebook page for our squirrels.


You can make any place in any building a place to study! During exams the library would be full so I would go study in the Science and Engineering Building or Farish Hall which ever one was closer. And if someone sees that you are working they will try their best to make as less noise as possible. Everyone is really kind.


The University of Houston has, among many fine qualities, the property of being one of the warmest places to study -- not referring to the weather here. The college has been geared for hospitality and has never been more welcoming. Cougar pride all the way!


The amount of classes offered makes it easy to work around work schedules and still get the classes you need.


The best thing about University of Houston is that the campusis racialy diverse. There are some many languages that you hear being spoken just on your way to class. There is a group for anyone to join, no matter their affiliation. This school is very accepting of other nationalities.


I love the environment the school, there is a safe homely feeling no matter how late you walk the campus. I utlilize the study groups/computer labs wisely;they are open late for students who donot have computers or internet assess. Our faculty is willing to help students and office vistors are a comfortable settings, not intimidating where you willnot get issues solved. Counselors are willing to help and if not they will assist you to the right help so all your informationis handled. The school is big but is a family community of diversity, religion, and social activites.


The best aspect about the University of Houston was the diversity. (Ranked 2nd among national colleges on diversity). Diversity expands an individual's capacity for viewing issues or problems from multiple perspectives, angles, and vantage points. These diverse vantage points work to our advantage when we encounter new problems in different contexts and situations. Rather than viewing the world through a single-focus lens, we are able to expand our views and consider multiple options when making decisions both in the workplace and in personal life.


The best thing about my school is that fact that you will never be bored. There is always something to do. From school work to football games. If you don't have anything like that going on, you can always choose an organization or club. If you think of it, they have it here.


The best thing about the University of Houston is the student school spirit. We wear red on Fridays and support our football team at all home games.


The great on-campus things and activities available are really fun. Our dining hall is super nice. Fresh food and an awesome atmosphere. The dorm I live in is very nice and new(Cougar Village)!


I feel the best thing about my school are the professors. They really do care about their students and want to see them succeed. They are not fluff, they are the real deal. They love what they do and that is what motivated their students to succeed.


Fantastic hotel/restaurant management program


The professors here are amazing. They are always willing to help out in the event that you don't understand something. Even in large class settings you can still feel as though your voice is being heard, and that your opinion really matters. If you still are having a hard time in your classes U of H offers amazing tutoring services.


The best thing about my school is the learning enviroment. The professors are patient yet challenging and the scholars help one another out considering we are all there for one reason, to further are education for better job oppurtunities.


The best thing at the University of Houston are the people at the univresity. It is great to go to a school that has so much diversity and there is always a place for anyone. Other people at the University include the faculty and staff. All of my professors have been great and they care about your future.


Being able to discuss my religious beliefs was an important factor in choosing a college. When I discovered the University of Houston offered an all women (women of the word better known as W.O.W.) bible study group that met once a week I was sold. As a active member of W.O.W. I have formed a sister hood with a group of beautiful women that can never be broken. Not only am I getting feed the word of God but we also support each other in the classroom giving both study advice and words of encouragement.


As redundant as it may sound, I consider the diversity at my school the best thing. I am specifically referring to its' ethnic diversity. I have come to awe at some of the things I have learnt from what other students have been through in their countries of origin. There was this was student from the Phillipines who told my World Literature class that his village was the first to have electricity. There was another guy who was Palestinian who had a dauntingly eventful past in his country. He now inspires to become a doctor to help his fellow countrymen.


the school has outstanding programs acadamically, clubs, and so much more. academically the school has a diverse variety of careers to chose from with well educated staff. clubs help students open their perspectives and share with others with common interest. they also gain knowledge of thier career because there are clubs that are part of their career, so it helps them stay in the right track of their career.


The best thing about my school is the resources! They truly try to help you out in any way you need! There are writing centers as well as math centers just in case you need help. Also, we have a great library that has countless books and resources. Everyone is very helpful including the advisors, who go out of their way to service you.


I would say that the best thing about my school is the racial diversity, people come many different backgrounds and we are all here for the same reason. To learn.


The best thing about my school is the ethnic diversity. This diversity has allowed me to open up to other cultures and even try some of the many delicious dishes. In addition cross-cultural friendships are created which allow any student to learn a new language.


The Women


I consider the best thing about the school is the level of communication between students and their respective teachers and how well you can communicate with them. I have been to about 7-8 colleges and have talked with over hundreds of students and discovered that the level of understanding and communicating between the faculty and students is far from being the most pleasant in most instances. I have communicated with my teachers? quite well and am glad I picked the right school for me.


The best thing about my school, is the fact that it offers a wide range of classes and it's not that far from where I live so commuting isn't so bad.


The best thing about my school is the wonderful learning environment. Many students want an education and make great efforts to learn. You will always find students that will help you get better and strive to do more.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the help you can recieve from your professors and tutoring facilities. It is very important to have help when you need it and the University of Houston does a great job at it.


UH is a great school for non-traditional students (i.e. older students returning to school after a break in education) as well as freshmen who want or need to live at home with their parents to save money. Dorms and apartments are expensive! UH has a good reputation which seems to get better every year.


the best thing about my school is that noone gets in your business


The best thing about my school is the diversity because attending a school with diversity helps you meet different people with different views and opinions.


UH is very diverse and has a positive atmosphere.


The best thing about the University of Houston is the strong connection with the university and local companies. Houston is this fourth largest city in the U.S. with many of the companies that offer jobs and internships being fortune 500 companies. This connection gives grads the edge they need for a successful career.


The diversity and the fact that everyone who goes is is extremely friendly


It's diverse, we have well rounded programs, and we have some amazing professors.


Since I am attending a community college, the small school atmosphere and the one-on-one help from the teachers help a lot. Also, with the help center, you can get great tutoring and advising on papers and homework.


One of my favorite things about the University of Houston is the great diversity we have here. There are literally hundreds of student organizations to reflect that diversity, and thus, there is a place for everyone, regardless of color, creed, or unusual interests.


It is very diverse in culture and ethnic groups who attend.


The academic advisors are amazing, they are very helpful and knowledgable. They are also typically easily avaliable.


There is an extremely diverse student population which allows for the free flow of a much broader set of ideas. This quality was key in my decision to pursue the study of political science and a catalyst for my understanding of the much broader picture. There is alot to be said about the amenities on campus; the gym, library and research center, the food courts and adjoining study areas and the broad stretches of lawn and trees that connect the buildings. I benefitted more from the students around me than from any other factor.


The best thing about University of Houston-Sugar Land System is that its so close and convienent. The school is located fifteen minutes exact away from my parents home and eight minutes away from my job.


The remodelled gym is the only thing that makes me feel, my tuition is being used somewhere important.