University of Idaho Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is an exhilarating challenging experience.


Students seem to get along with not only eachother, but the professors also.


My school has a beautiful campus and intelligent professors.


The University of Idaho is a culture rich school with a good verioty of programs while still maintaining a small town feel.


The University of Idaho is a very amazing school. They offer so many different kinds of degrees and they have a very good agriculture and natural rescource college departments. There are so many activities and clubs you can join so you feel like a part of the University.


The University of Idaho can be described by one word that makes up the whole campus which is truly a “Diverse” campus.


The University of Idaho was where I found myself and left feeling confident enough to pursue my dreams.


University of Idaho is a smaller school with a small town feel, but the best part of this school is that the faculty is a fabulous and always helpful!


The University of Idaho is a school with a cozy atmosphere, helpful teachers, comfortable dorms and a great attitude about life and the possibilities; all in all it is a school that strives to give its students the best leg foreward it possibly can.


The University of Idaho is a large campus with friendly people and has an excellent curriculum.


University of Idaho is a that is home away from home, student orientated, and spirited.


Great school with excellent academic programs in a small town setting with plenty of things to do for fun. Loved my time there.


The campus is warm and friendly.


Perfect size for a university experience without being overwelming.


The University of Idaho spends too much money on sports rather than remodeling it`s oldest buildings.


U of I is the home of the vandals, I joke that we are encouraged to vandalize, in my time here only one bathroom has been vandalized we just don't get into the spirit. The school is small enough to make getting around campus a breeze but big enough to have most of the classes that are wanted. Overall my experience at the school had been a positive one made even better by the ironic signs posted on out of order bathrooms telling us not to vandalize things.


The University of Idaho is a prestigious school offering many degrees in many areas.


its fun, and youll have great teachers and social life


Ethnically diverse, politically liberal, environmentally aware, and middle of the road academically difficult.


The University of Idaho is a great place because it's easy to balance your school life and social life and have well rounded fun.


green and friendly.


My school is full of friendly people in an enviornment that is fantastic for learning!


A beautiful campus with up-to-date technology and a strong, helpful faculty


The best school that was ever built.


Small, community oriented and friendly because it is a small town and houses a variety of students.


It is a very good school for any form of science such as biology, genetics and law, has a very broad curriculm, some of the classes are very demanding, a fun environment, plenty of recreational and social activities such as sking, snowboarding, k,ayaking, rafting, hiking, camping, a great rec center and pool, a beautiful campus, great town with many social offerings and is close to some major metro areas.


An affordable choice that may not be the best one.


This school has terrible sports teams and the University itself revolves around the Grrek system; if you do not belong to one of these organizations, you can bet that the administration dosent care about your needs.


A great place to learn, have fun, and meet best friends.


Cold in the winter but a lot of fun the reat of the year.


The school is very laied back, fun, goes through all seasons, and is about personal choice.


Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.


A nice sized campus in the farmlands.


Has a very strong since of tradition and networking atmosphere.


We play hard, we work hard, and we party hard. Oh, and we have a world-class faculty. If you work hard, the faculty will go the extra mile for you. Most of them really care about the students, and if you make time to get to know the ones who are experts in a field you are interested in, they will bend over backwards to help you succeed.


An easy school to get into, but pretty good for the price and value.


Greek life


Right size, good reputation


My school is very social, there are parties every weekend but it gets balanced out by other non-alcoholic functions that are presented throughout the week.


The University of Idaho is in a great location and offers exciting academic challenges.


it is a beautiful campus with a homey enviroment that can make anyone feel comfortable.


A True college town atmosphere

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