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The tuition for the University of Idaho is more affordable than other schools I considered.


It is a welcoming school and teachers are great.


The professors are great to go to for advice and help you with decisions


The University of Idaho offers many unique majors and cares about student success rates. They are also very good at listen to our feedback and keeping in mind things that we wish were better or different in any way. I am also impressed at the overall tuition rates at my school compared to others I looked into. Overall, University of Idaho had the most to offer in my situation and I believe it is well suited for a variety of students and their interests.


It is very friendly and a close, safe student life. There is a lot of diversity on campus.


University of Idaho is one of the only schools that I visted that allows students to discover themselves in their own personal way and there are more programs and clubs to help students than you can think of.


I think the University of Idaho is unique in research compared to other collages. This college is pretty heavily based on research as well as the arts. I chose this school because it was known for it's wildlife program and a lot of the biologist that I admire and respect had gone to this college for the same reason.


It is mostly greek dominated


It was the land grant college in the state of Idaho and since I was highly involved in FFA it was the best choice for me to stay in the mist of Agriculture.


University of Idaho felt so much more welcoming and happy than some of the other schools I got in to. The school was smart in making the campus feel small. It only takes 8 minutes to walk from any point on campus to another.


I think the most unique thing about the University of Idaho is that I have an older brother here. By having an older brother near me, it helped me adapt to the college life, especially because our majors belong to the same college department. Also what is unique is that we have an actual indoor stadium in which the university has it`s ceremonies and home games. I do not really care about the home games but it is nice be in a ceremony away from the rain and snow.


An interesting component to the University of Idaho is the amount of undergraduates. Compaired to other campuses, UI has a significant amount of younger students. This may be a wonderful aspect to those who are in that particular age bracket, however, as a non-traditional student this feature becomes a daunting issue. On a more positive note, it is the only higher education facility that has my intended major in the state if Idaho.


The University of Idaho was the best choice for me because it was in a small town just like where i grew up in. Most of the area around it is agriculture based and i figured that with my degree being in agriculture it would be a good fit.


University of Idaho is a very nice campus. There are a lot of outdoor activities available throughout the entire year, from rock climbing to skiing.


It's an out of state school where I saved money over in state schools because of a program called Western Undergraduate Exchange. It's a rural environment, and I've always lived in a metropolitan area. There is also an agreement with nearby Washington State University where students are allowed to take classes at the other school that are not offered at the university a student is attending.


i was always thinking about this university, but the campus is beautiful and it is just the right size and easy to get around.


The availability of academic resources.


At the university of Idaho, because of the drab surrounding, everyone is devoted to school, the teachers and the students. All are also very into drinking on the weekends.


The campus is spread out and is very agricultural.


I think the University of Idaho is just the personal campus that most students are looking for. It's in a small town and the campus makes the town run. Everyone cheers for the teams (even when they do poorly) and you get to know so many people.


It is a beautiful campus that is in a neat town.


There is small teacher to student ratios and very involved classroom environments.


Size, reputation,


Greek life and the ag program. I am an ag major and many school in the area don't have to great ag program that U of I does. Also the greek life here is so much different than evver expected. It helps support students and really creates a network unlike any other.


It is close to home, has all four seasons, and it's very safe.

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