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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek Housing has a huge role in the University of Idaho. They house roughly 60% of students on campus, and provide many activities and leadership roles for students. Another large group on campus is the University Honors Program. The Honors program provides housing, Honors-specific classes, and a variety of events for Honors students to participate in.


Intramural sports, football games, Sarb, the Greek System, Humans vs. Zombies week, Jazz festival, Mom/Dad's weekend. These are some of the most popular activities/groups at the University of Idaho. I am currently involved in intramural soccer and when ever I have the chance I am on the team for intralural sports. They are a greta way to play what you once loved and played in high school as well as a great way to exercise with your friends. I am also a part of the Greek System I joined Delta Delta Delta fall 2010 and it was one of the best choices I have ever made. Through my sorority I have met amazing friends, held multiple offices which have taught me more than I could ever imagine, and has created a passion in me for St. Judes Children's hospital. In addition to those three wonderful thing I have learned how to party and self control. A lot of people here party on wednesday, friday, and saturday night. I guess some people even go out on tuesdays now. I cannot do that anymore! If I am awake on a tuesday at 2am it is because I am finishing a project for one of my classes. Plus there is more to do than just party on the weekends. This past weekend I volunteered at the humane society and made sweatshirts for my mom and best friend while watching alladin with five other girls! It was so much fun and something I will never forget.


There are a huge amount of clubs, organizations, sports, and more to get involved with at U of I. Sports are always a great way to bring students together, and we not only have numerous teams to try out for, but intermural and club teams as well. Sporting games are well attended on average, bringing in both current students, fans, and alumni. One organization that I am involved with is the Student Alumni Relations Board. Our group plans many different events on campus, does volunteer work, and interacts regularly with alumni and students on and off campus. Another great experience to be apart of at the University is Greek life. I myself am not a member of a sorority, but there over 20 fraternities and sororities to rush on campus. This can be a great way to make your mark on campus or make life-long friends. There are always things going on during the week days and weekends in Moscow. This can range from school organized events like comedy shows or movie nights in the sub, to hanging out with some friends on the weekend and then hitting up the famous bagel shop downtown for a midnight snack.


Of the many student activities/groups associated with the University of Idaho campus the two most prominent would be ASUI and the greek system. Both retain a heavy impact upon the college's social standing, and both retain elements of student empowerment. Subsequently, organizations such as these provide students with empirical applications of classroom theories allowing students to obtain real world experience in management and public relations.




Since the University oif Idaho has such a strong Greek community, a lot of the students are in a sorority or fraternity. I am a member of Pi Beta Phi, which allows me to meet all sorts of different people on campus, providing different opportunities for me. Football and basketball are the two most popular athletic events, but as I am sure you are aware, the winning rates are not that high even if the pride is. One event that happens every year is Vandal Friday, which gives high school students and opportunity to spend the weekend on campus to get a feel for what the U of I is all about.


One of the most popular groups on campus is the Vandalizers, a group of students who are responsible for promoting student pride at events. Often times this group is on television at sports games loudly cheering on the Vandals while covered in paint and wearing Viking hats. ASUI student government is one of the most talked about groups on campus, but not for the best reasons. Many students are unimpressed by ASUI's spending record, and recently there were actually protests in the Commons building for some of ASUI's past habits. Like I said in other questions, fraternities and sororities are extremely popular on campus, with a little over 40 percent of students choosing to go Greek. Greek students run the student government for the most part, and almost every large club on campus is at least half-Greek. Parties at fraternities happen often, and usually attendance is in the hundreds. The Greek scene is educated on safe drinking habits, and it is unusual for people to get injured or hurt because of drinking on campus. There isn't a lot to do off campus surrounding U of I. There are a few places to eat, a bowling alley a few miles away, a movie theater, and skiing in the winter. This is one of the contributing factors to the party scene at U of I, because without alcohol, Moscow would be one of the more boring towns to go to college in.

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