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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


All the services and resources that are provided for the students.

Venessa Steinlicht

I like to brag about the campus in general. The architecture of the buildings/facilities alone is something breathtaking really but I also just love the people and events that I've gotten to experience while there. There is just so much diversity and opportunity available, it's just an amazing place.


What I brag most to my friends about my school is my amazing friends that I made and my business program.


I brag about my degree. Virtual Technology and Design only exists at one university in the world. They encouraged me to grow and make risks, even fail. I left the university not knowing the name of my dream job, only knowing I wanted to use my skills to change the world. To change how design is used to impact our lives. Even after moving away I have a love of my alma mater and pride I'll always have. The University of Idaho, Virtual Technology and Design program and staff was perfect for me.


I love to brag about how active the University of Idaho is with the community it's in. There are regular community service projects, opportunities to work with local businesses and non-profits, and projects within majors which consider the local area specifically. In my architecture classes we focus specifically on improving the urban enviornment in Moscow, as well as the rural enviornment surrounding the town.


The professors at the University of Idaho are extrememly helpful and truely want to make a difference in their students' lives and education. I don't believe any other university can offer as much support to their students.


One aspect that I am proud of is the cleanliness of the University of Idaho's campus. There is recycling and garbage disposals near every doorway and building. There is also a large bike commute community, which show that people care and are concerned about the impact they have on the surrounding community, as well as the planet.


I love the atmosphere of my school. Being from a large city, I thought that living in a small town would be difficult. However, people are so kind. I feel as though I become friends with everyone I meet, even teachers. Also, teachers are able to work with you on a personal level. Another great thing about the University of Idaho is that in the programs I am in, upperclassmen are my friends and willing to help me.


The heated sidewalks, no one understands why but while it is cold and snowy all winter they really come in handy. Also, I talk a lot about the dance classes and the chances to go out dancing, even in a town of 24,000.


pretty campus, friendly people,


That it is known for being small and able to drink most any other college under the table. Not exactly great, but they also have a great engineering program and their IBC (integrated business curriculum) is a great course to take.


The housing choices are wonderfull compared with other campuses, it is a very diverse campus with many people from all cultures and walks of life, everything in administration is simple compared with other campuses, this makes it far easier on the student , there are many wonderful choices for use of free time there and they are very environmentally focused towards a greener world.


The teachers are all great. The greek system is fantastic and there is always fun to be had.


How cheap it is.


The fun I am having.


There are all types of climates. Our band is amazing. We have top professors here. Our engineering department is incredible.


I brag about the fact that it is an academic school and has a great campus with professors that care and do everything they can to help students.


The interaction between students and teachers is awesome. There's a low student-to-teacher ratio, so that helps.


The campus is gorgeous--it was designed by the same firm that designed Central Park in NYC and Duke University--and it has a New England feel to it. It's small enough that you can walk from the north end to the south in 15 minutes (if you don't include the arboretum), but well-respected enough that students here can get into whatever grad school they want, or whatever career they want.


The fact that I'm a Vandal ;)


how you know your techers and many times get to meet their families. teachers give out their home and cell phone numbers to students.


I brag about the social interactions I recieve with the U o I. The parties I go to, and the class size


The University of Idaho at Moscow is a wonderful place with fantastic professors and staff. There are plenty of on campus activities to participate in and there is also easy access to outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and golf. Anything you need can be obtained within the local stores. Moscow Idaho has everything a big city has but is still small. This makes Moscow a great place to live and go to school. I could not be happier with my choice of education as are both my sons and my wife who also attend the university of Idaho.

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