University of Idaho Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There will be people that will try their hardest to make your days bad, don't let them get to you.


There will be people that will try their hardest to make your days bad, don't let them get to you.


The worst thing about the University of Idaho would be smoking on campus ground. People walk around with their cigarettes on and smoking, they don't understand that they are hurting other people as well as they are hurting themselves.


The University of Idaho has one fault which is that there are many programs, that the school offers and many of the students there might not be rare of its exists; but entirely being honest the University of Idaho is the image of perfect.


I believe that the worst thing about the University of Idaho is the ease of understanding tools such as VandalWeb transcripts, and the degree audit although there is help in understanding it is still very confusing. The hills at the school aren't the greates either but you will have great calves by the end of the year!


The worst thing about the University of Idaho is the campus bookstore. They seem to lack good communication skills and are generally unhelpful and sometimes a bit rude. I only purchase books there when I cannot get them anywhere else.


At the University of Idaho the hardest thing for me was that the class sizes could be realy large. This was difficult because it made the classes unpersonal. You did not meet the same students very often making it dificult to find people to study with. the large classes also made it dificult to ask the teacher questions.


The rural setting we're located in. I come from a large city, Boise, and moving to such a small, isolated community was a startling change. I feel isolated from society; sheltered and segregated. I suppose I really miss the diversity.


The worst thing about my school is the location. The palouse are very flat and boring, though Ican see how some people would love it. The school is just a little too far from anything worth looking at.


I think the worst thing about this school is that when you have a bigger class, the student does not get as much help/attention that is needed. The students grade can suffer because of this. I find that at a smaller school it becomes more personal, thus creating a better learning environment for students.


The worst thing that I can think of about the University of Idaho is that it doesn't have a lake or mountain resorts within a half and hour, but other that that I love where I go to school.


Probably the sororities and fraternities. Practically everything that has to deal with an injury in an inebreated state happens there. And a lot of them feel entitled in class. Another thing wold be the cutting of prgraoms becaus lack of funds. And how some classes won't let you make up some absences.


The worst thing about University of Idaho to me is the prices of on-campus meals. For example, today I noticed that a plastic cup of celery and a small cup of peanut butter is $2.39. Everything food related on-campus is severally over priced.


How cold it gets in the winter. the heated sidewalks freeze.


Poor leadership and poor financial decisions have left the University of Idaho to make bad choices. For example, the school is in a lot of debt and they continue to cut arts/language classes. Our football team is third from worst in the nation and we just signed a deal to renovate our "kibby dome" ( football stadium) for about 17 million I believe. There is too much politics involved in our school and the way it is run.


I feel like the administration and student government do not take into account the students' needs before they make decisions concerning us. Therefore they are often trying to make up bad decisions that don't actually help the students in practice, because they didn't bother to ask the community as a whole before they made these decisions.


cold weather in the winter


The worst thing I consider about the school is the cliques, some of the professors who can't speak English well, and advisors who don't know what they are doing.


The limited number of pages that can be printerd per student through the campus computers. Some buildings are very old, which gives them character, but the desks are very old along with the seats, making it uncomfortable and often times they break.


The hills through campus.


Needs to put more money into academics and less into failing athletics


The weather


There is quite a lack of ethnic diversity in our school mainly because of where it is located, being in northern idaho where the majority of residents are white, making it harder to get some diversity. But that is really the only thing if that affected someone's decision over a college.


I believe the worst thing is that it is in such a small community that there isn't much diversity, and not much to do besides party.


university dorms are not the best. they have expensive nice dorms and cheaper old dorms. there is no middle level of dorms and the meal plan for dorms is not good.

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