University of Idaho Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is entirely focused on partying. That isn't what you are paying for, yes have fun. However, don't let it consume you.


This school does have a party atmosphere; however, it does have excellent professors and programs.


The kind of person who should not attend school should be those who really do not want to focus on learning.


A person who should not attend the University of Idaho would be someone who is not a 'people' person. There are a lot of students attending this school and it is a little hard not to meet someone new.


Anyone can attend this school. Its well diverse with the student and faculty body.


Someone who likes a lot of things to do outside of school. Moscow is a very small town and there is not much to do at all.


I think that any hard-working, dedicated person should attend this school! So any person not willing to study and do the required tasks will have a difficult time at this school, but that is probably true of any university or college. Also, anyone looking for a big-city type of school may have a tougher time adjusting to this school.


I like to think there is a place for everyone at the University of Idaho. However, I would say that students who really do not care about school and attend college for the social aspect should not come. While U of I does have the reputation of being a party school, I think it would rather be known for academic excellence.


Anyone who wants to have fun and get a great education.


Fun, foccused


probably someone that is very conservative and doesnt like a huge social scene.


I think there is a place for everyone at this school. The extremely rich students might stick out a bit. But that's all.


The people that shouldn't attend this school are the people that think the University of Idaho is all about binge drinking. Most people come tho this school thinking that it will be a breeze because all the students at the university are drinkers. All though the school is notorious for partying, the classes and schoolwork require more attention than most people think. Also, if you want to come here, make sure you come with an open mind. The students are more diverse at the University of Idaho than most places I have been.


I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like it here. i know students from really small towns like me an di know studens from large cities like LA. for the most part everyone loves Moscow.


I think that every kind of person could attend this school, because I've personally seen most of the types of people I can think of on this campus already.


Those not interested in drinking.




I don't think there is really a type of person that wouldn't like U of Idaho unless they really preferred a larger, more urban setting, or a school with warmer winter weather, since it's a somewhat small school with pretty cold winters. But our school is pretty diverse between religion, political views, and personality types.


Someone that is interested in the outdoors and enjoys a relaxing atmosphere should attend this school.


People that don't like small towns shouldn't attend here. The school itself is very accepting but the town is not very large.


someone who doesn't like smaller towns, it is not a heavily populated area


Someone who is open to new ideas and experiences. Coming from Idaho we are not exposed to a lot of diversity until going to college and its a great experience for someone who has not been exposed to a lot to gradually ease into this new environment.


Someone who is material faocused

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