University of Idaho Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The physical surroundings are boring. The Palouse is most beautiful in the autumn, but winter is horribly boring. It is also expensive.


The engineering instructors.


That some of the buildings and rooms are so old and the desks and seats in some of the buildings are really crappy.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I'm unable to know the date for any clubs or activities ahead of time so I could have tiime to get an interpreter. Because of that, I'm unable to attend a few clubs since I didn't have time to request an interpreter. If there was a website showing all the dates for all clubs and activities with the contact information, I would be able to prepare ahead of time and attend the meeting.


NOthing was frustrating.


Not enough Diversity and open minds


The only frustrating experience I have had at the University of Idaho has had to do with advising. As a psychology major, I still have not been assinged an actual advisor. This has left me feeling lost and unsure at times, but has also forced me to figure some things out on my own. It has pushed me to become less dependent and more sure of my choices.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is so far from home.


Perhaps overcoming the stigma that is associated with the school; that we are merely a "party" school. I don't indulge in such activities, and I get annoyed when people lump me into that group. I came here for studious reasons, not for socialization, beer, and girls.


Being able to afford on-campus housing.


I don't really find anything too frustrating about my school. Possibly the rates that I'm paying for tuition and how they're going up.


Just the weather can sometimes be tough because of the snow


As a nontraditional student, I was frustrated with a couple of professors lecturing with "modern slang" to appeal to the younger age group. I did not feel some of the language was appropriate.


The University of Idaho has a very high tech, well funded, and renowned business college, of which I am majoring in. My frustrations are not from any competitiveness in class but at the pace of the coursework. There are times when I feel I could be contributing and completing better quality work in my courses but I don't have the time or ability to do more than I currently do. For that reason most assignments are done in a group environment so that larger, more detailed work can get done. It doesn't allow an individual to standout.


The most frustrating thing about University of Idaho would have to be trying to decifer between the great social aspects and oppurtunities given at this school in comparison to the learning aspects of it.


It's hard to get help sometimes. Some professors are hard to get a hold of, and financial aid doesn't do much help for helping students find more scholarships or loans.


The most frustrating thing about University of Idaho is the gap between the social lives of fraternities/sororities and other housing options. Most of the fraternities and sororities try to stay away from socializing with "dormies". In most intramural sports and clubs, greek housing and dorms tend to create their own teams. This makes for great competition between the two, but it also gets intense and out of hand sometimes.


It dosent get the recognition that it deserves


Some classes are taught and the professor never deals with students. Sometimes you have to deal purely with graduate students for help.


The housing department doesn't listen. I love the people in my hall but I can't stand the run around paperwork of the dorms anymore.


Some professors do not teach well.


Not enough student choice in core curriculum. Very bad academic advising.


Because it is a larger university there are certain procedures you have to go through when dealing with things like advising, work study, and other members of the staff- a lot of which are very time consuming for students. For example, students in larger departments are given a new advisor every year which is more difficult when one advisor is more knowledgable in areas that might be more helpful to a specific student, like a double major.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the advising. Not that all advisors are bad, but the majority don't care. The school can better this by hiring advisors. Not teachers who are forced to advisor, or researchers or grad students, but advisors. People whose job is purely just to advise.


The diffrant departments don't work togeather to allow students to take classes outside their major, there are a lot of class cloflicts.


How cold it is in the winter


Too many team projects, a lot of meeting-scheduling conflicts, horrible sports teams.


I don't think anything frustrates me about Universtiy of Idaho i love it here.

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