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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I thrive in small classrooms and in the frunt row of the class. I wish I knew really how big some of the class sizes were. Coming here I feel swallowed up in the mass of students and don't get an easy connection with professors.


I wish i would have known a little bit more about the clubs you could join. I also wish I would have known how much tougher the classes are than in high school. You actually need to put dedicationin your work and it is all on your own to be responsible.


I wish i was a more informed on the school as a whole. I remember, at orientation, going through "Hello Walk" but I didn't learn about the presidents grove, or where students hang out, or a few other things. Being dual enrolled at another college during my high school years, i didn't quite realize that I would be able to live off campus because i technically had two years behind me. I was also ill informed about which classes i was supposed to take whe i started, after knowing that though, I feel like i knew a lot.


I wish I had known how open the community is, as well as the Greek system. If I had joined the University of Idaho's Greek system earlier, I would've had an earlier start on all the opportunities it brings. I now have alumni contacts, peer relations with more than just my grade level, community service opportunities, and strong lasting relationships which I was unable to find as easily while living in the school's residence halls.


I wished that I knew about the deadline to get in the architecture program. Because I was too late to get in, I had to add one more year to my education length. It meant that my last year will be just two classes to complete as I need them in order to graduate. So now my classes for next year are supposed to be full 3rd year and yet, I have to take a class that's meant for the second year, not the third year. That mean my classes are a little mixed up.


I did not know that smoking was allowed everywhere on campus, as well as the fact that the dining hall had limited hours of availiblity during the week. Also, I knew nothing about the weather conditions before I arrived here and was not prepared clothing wise for the different types of weathers. It would have been easier if I had also known how to properly transfer credits and who to talk to, that knowledge would have saved me a lot of trouble in the end.


I wish I had known how important living on campus was. I have lived in Moscow my whole life so I figured it would be a waste of money to live on campus. I was wrong. I have missed out on so many friendship building opportunities, parties, and social activities because I am not part of a campus living community. Because of this, my friend circle is small. Next year, if I have the money, I fully plan on living on campus. The dorms are nice as far as dorms go as are the Greek houses. Totally worth the money.


I wish I would have known that the whole area of Moscow is surrounded by wheatfieilds and the nearest access to wilderness is 5+ miles away from town. I wish I knew that the university housing wasn't as "splendid" as I thought. I wish I also would have known that there is a lot of partying on the weekends here, yet pretty dead on the weekends.


How amazing it was and the extent of the programs and classes it had to offer to students!


It is actually a fairly liberal school despite being in Moscow. The on-campus dining is pretty dismal, as is the on-campus dining facilities. The weather can also be pretty extreme, with temperatures reaching into negative numbers.


I wish I had known that the All Access food plan may look attractive because it allows you enter for food as many time as you want but the fod gets boring after a while. It also would have been nice to hear that college is less intimidating then I imagined it to be. Finally, I would tell myself to breath and keep your nose pressed to the grind stone. Scholerships are as easy to lose as milk.


I wish I had known not to stress as much. I've always had good grades, however I tend to stress about finances and my future. I am beginning to find that everything will fall into place, just maybe not the way I think it is supposed to.


I wish I had known all of my available places to live. The one thing that I also wish i had known was all of my options as far as scheduling classes goes, I went in under a program that did everything for me and didn't give me many choices.


I feel that I was well prepared for school. However, I do wish I had known that the food was the greatest. And to pick classes relativley in the same area, because sometimes 10-15 minutes isn't enough to trekk across campus.


I wish I had known some better study habbits. You can't just glide through college like high school.


I wish I had known how expensive student housing is at UI compared to off-campus. The savings I have made since I got my own apartment are immense, even with food , rent, utilities, etc. Student housing is way too expensive, especially for the lack of privacy and freedom you get while in the dorms.


I wish I would have known, from experience, how cold it gets here in Moscow. It has been about 15? all week for a high, and about 5? for the low. Other than the very cold winters, I love it here. I just would have liked to be more prepared for Moscow winters.


The water on campus is horid!


I wish I would have known about the cost of attending school a lot more and could have budgeting for the costs better.


I wish I would have known how important it is to get involved early in clubs and organizations. There is so much more to school than just studying. The hands-on experiences you gain from clubs is also extremely important.


There aren't a lot of places to study


I wish I had know that you can't be afraid to heckle your professors. If you want something, you need to go after it, and in some cases, they won't get it done unless you force them to. Usually, in the end it leads to a close relationship between student and professor as long as you know how to get your point across without coming off as insulting.


I wish I would've known how much of my stuff to bring. The dorms are small!


All the opportunities available and how hard the classes would be


To take advantage of more resources on campus.


I wish I could have realized that I wanted to do pre-med studies. I also wished I would have realized how much I missed playing soccer because then I could of tried out for the team.


I wish that I had known what was required of me before I started my degree program. Looking back I would have had to take less classes outside of my area of study.


I wish I had known better which classes to take and in what order so that I could finish my degree in a timely fashion. Also, I could have used more research experience and opertunities.


More about getting friendly with the financial aid people


How sucky the teachers were in my department and how I would not be qualified to find a job after school


I wish that I had known better study skills. Get your lazy butt out of bed and go to class. Also, that getting involved outside of your living groups and meeting new friends will take you fare. It will open up doors of oppurtnity to leadership, volunteering, and growing as a better person. Get involed in clubs, sports, or anything else, because those will make the best memories, those will make life long friends.


That the dorms are not that cool but still had a good experince.

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