University of Illinois at Chicago Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UIC is an extremely research-based, diverse university.


After completing classes at a community college, the University of Illinois at Chicago is exciting, challenging, diverse and located in one of the best cities in the United States.


Brings equality through excelent education.


I have not started yet so I cannot really describe my experience at UIC. However, I selected that school for the good review I have heard about their program in computer science.




it is very diverse.


A city college, many students commute, good science and math school, not good for a campus vibe


UIC is a racially and spiritually diverse, heavily academic, busy, and commuter friendly school located in one of the worlds greatest cities.


The University of Illinois at Chicago is one that encourages diversity and has resources that every student has access to while being a big part of the city of Chicago.


University of Illinois at Chicago is Chicago


University of Illinois at Chicago is a wonderful college. It has a variety of resources to help its students succeed, and has a variety of groups and clubs to help the students ease some of their educational stress. With two blue line stops in walking distance the city of Chicago s just a hop, skip, and a jump away.


It seems to have been getting worse over the past few years. Their focus is not in the right areas.


I was given a strong foundation on which to build the knowledge base that helped me to get as far as I did go. Now, I would like to continue to build on that base until I have a knowledge base that allows me to perform in the field that I have chosen.


It is very diverse culturally and ethnically.


The University of Illinois at Chicago is a multicultural institution filled with interesting, dedicated, and active students.


Univeristy of Illinois (UIC) has a distinctive identity with impeccable academics and noteworthry research programs and is home to the nation's largest medical school.


University of Illinois - Chicago (UIC) provides new and returning college students and adult learners with many options for class scheduling and degree completion; provides dedicated, creative instructors who care about their students; promotes citizenship and achievement; and offers a supportive environment in which students learn and grow as a person while UIC provides the tools neccessary for a successful professional career.


An institution not only for learning but to make friends and learn about life after studies.


UIC is a great school, it has great professors, they are very professional and the classes are great, they are very interesting.


My university is more than a school, In a world class city, UIC is a place to learn, laugh, and most importantly live.


UIC, a research-based university in the center of Chicago, boasts a diverse student population surrounding modern-day buildings with a traditional feel.


The University of Illinois at Chicago is a community that is filled with challenging courses, diverse cultures, and beliefs that challenges students academically, mentally, and socially on a regular basis that has a great impact on who and how the students become as a person.


The University of Illinois at Chicago is simply an amazing university that offers its students many oppurtunities to further their education while at the same time being a place that challenges the student's desire to accomplish their goal as well as being the type of institution where, through patience, discipline, and research, discoveries are made.


A university that challenges every student while giving each a dedicated and supportive learning experience.


My school is one of the most diverse universities in the nation, that mainly focuses on math and science, health majors, in an urban setting.


UIC is diverse; there is a wide variety of classes and majors to choose from, many student clubs and programs on campus, and there is also diversity among the students that attend the university., there is a wide mix of cultures and personalities.


A center of excellence in education for some of the world's most important professions including, engineering, architecture, law, pharmacy, psychology, education and many different support functions for those professions.


Research based.


UIC is diverse, research-focused, and many people are interested in learning and succeding.


My school offers great opportunities to better ourselves and also gives us the best education possible.


UIC is extremely ethnically and culturally diverse, allowing for many opportunites to learn about different people and ideas in a respective, open-minded, and friendly approach.


an extremely diverse school that is known for their health based academic programs


It is only ethnically diverse and could have more career options.


Students here are focused on the end goal- setting themselves up for the future. Don't come until you have at least some idea of your future goals. Once you decide, it's a great school!


The worst school in America.


This is a very challenging school and is much different from a typical state college because of its location in a major city and the very liberal, accepting views of the students here.


University of Illinois at Chicago is a multicultural school where you can meet people from all over the world, learn about their countries of origin, family traditions and religions and become more aware and tolerant of others.




University of Illinois at Chicago does not provide a "typical" college experience but does provide an atmosphere with much positive diversity in a location that offers many post-gradation opportunities.


UIC's campus and community is a great place to be not only for an eduaction but for lasting relationships and future opportunities!


An island in a concrete jungle.


It is Pretty good.


Its a huge melting pot


A place where anyone can find their best friends, figure out what they want to do in their future, and have the best time of their life.


It is a commuter school.


UIC encourages diversity and practicality; change is what i've learned most.


It is a very diverse school when it comes to ethnicity but lacks diversity in career courses they offer.