University of Illinois at Chicago Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The social sphere is as diverse, yet at times as segregated, as the city. Though this is a problem across college campuses in our nation (because not enough exposure happens in elementary and secondary education) though it is also a great place to meet people from other cultures or to be surrounded in the diversity you are used to. I grew up in a mixed community and felt at home in the melting pot that is Chicago and UIC's general population.


Diverse but not in the greatest of ways. There are indeed clicks consisting mostly of people who appear to hangout solely with those of similar backgrounds and never anyone else. Not true in all cases here, but these are more apparent. If living here, you can meet a variety of people from the shy, ghost-like fella, to the outgoing and kind one, to the rowdy guy you just try to hope doesn't make a mess near you.


The students are eager to learn, and they are dedicated to passing all of their classes.


The diversity of students enriches the campus at UIC. The different student organizations offer opportunities to learn about different careers and cultures.


Some students are very welcoming, other students don't bother in talking, and then there are other students that are just plain rude. Then there are also the students that are plain annoying as well.


My classmates, and in my summer class there are 100, are analytical, articulate, hard working, generous and happy.


My classmates project a possitive vibe that willingly help you if you need it, everyone helps one another, you are only as best as your weakest link.


Goal oriented and graduation driven


Classmates are enthusiastic learners like me.


Diverse, liberal, progressive


Hard to social with


The students at UIC can be describe in one word...unique. Every student is embraced no matter where they come from or what they believe in which makes our university one of the most diverse in the country. I have seen students who ride unicycles through campus as well as the ever so popular skateboarder. No two days are alike. During my highschool career I felt pressure to fit into the mold of my community but here I feel free. Your not judged if your rich, poor, black, white, or any other factor. Students are encouraged to do what they love. Some may choose science, others music, there is no campus norm. One thing that we do share in common is that we want to have a promising future. No matter what field a student may choose to go into, he or she has decided to come to UIC to build a solid background on that subject to prepare for a future career in that area. To some it could be what field produces the largest amount of income, for others it may simple be what they enjoy doing. One thing for sure is that, you choose what you feel, not your environment.


UIC ranks in the top most diverse campuses in the country. Our students come from all different types of backgrounds, ethnicities, races, religions, and communities. Many of our students speak multiple languages, are studying from abroad, or were born in another country. It is a unique opportunity getting to know so many different people. Because of our large diversity, we have a no discrimination policy and the campus is really a place where we can share our unique cultures with one another.


The students at this unniversity are like the ingredients of a garbage salad, everything in it but the sink. No one could ever feel like they are in the minority and everyone is friendly and willing to help one another.


Seeing that I am transferring to this school in the Fall, I really do not know how the student body is.


My classmates are mostly individuals who seem determined on attending medical school in their future yet learn the hard way that it is not a walk in the park as they so thought it would be when they entered the school.


They are DIVERSE!


My classmates are funny yet interesting individuals.


My classmates are a group of extremely bright and diverse individuals with wonderful personalities; they will all eventually change the world and make it a better place by providing outstanding care for their patients and families.


My classmates give true meaning to the word diversity.


My classmates are very competitive, and mostly want to go to a professional school.


My classmates are hardworking people who enjoy computers very much, so much so that they spend a lot of their free time together working on computers. They are friendly people who enjoy working together to learn as much as they can at the university.


Classmates are culturally diverse, interactive go-getters, in pursuit of a world-class education.


Very diverse personalities and all studying engineering.


There is very little student comunity at Roosevelt University and it is hard to meet to people, but I would describe them as unadventurous.


In my department: outgoing, helpful, and inspirational


Majority of my classmates are extremely focused and goal-oriented they come prepared to learn and correct the professor if an error is present I am happy to have inspiring and encouraging classmates to have classmates that are very positive makes a world of difference because if the teacher is not clear someone who may understand what the teacher is trying to get across may be able to state it in much simpler form my classmates are very diverse in age, gender, and ethnicity and to have all this diversification also contributes to our way of learning, engagement and success.


There was always a lot of diversity among my classmates, which allowed for a plethora of views, beliefs, and ideals that formed a rather versatile student body and classroom environment.


They are great.


My peers are very diverse.


Very diverse in every aspect, in race, personality and so on.


My classmates are sometimes very quiet depending on the class, but eventually become very interactive as the semester goes on.


Most classmates are friendly because they are in the same position as you so it's easy to strike up a conversation with someone or befriend someone from class. Usually people start by forming study groups or talking about assignments and then go on to form friendships.




They are fun, witty and very respobsible individuals who appreciate what they have been given by coming to this school. They will make exquisite additions to the work force once they have completed their education.


Fifty percent of my fellow classmates have all completed their masters degrees. They are now looking for their teacher certification. The comaraderie in the class is often times hard to find because we have the so-called techers who are presently able to substitute teach and the non-teachers who are looking for their certifications. The attitude of the group as a whole towards the professors is a 50/50 split occasionally you will find a difficult professor and occasionally you will ifnd an easy professor. The group has the ability to negotiate their syllabus with the professor.


My classmates are a diversified group between ages 17 to 47 years old. They come from all over the would and represent dozens of walks of life.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


Very diverse, friendly, and easy to work with.


Great people who are willing to learn. Students are trying to make their way into their own future, while at school making friendships that will last a lifetime. There are many who feel this way.


Since being a sophmore, classmates tend to already know each other, and only talk to their own friends.


class mates are pretty normal. if you talk to them and ask for help, they are eager to help


Very friendly, tolerant, from different backgrounds.


My classmates are very knowledgable about their subject matter, helpful and exteremely friendly; they are at all not difficult to approach.


Friendly, VERY diverse, and helpful


My classmates lack imagination and creativity.


Many are well classified as underachievers. Many people at UIC really try to coast. No one stays on campus on the weekends, so its pretty dead. Everyone is pretty much from the Chicago area too. We are ethnicly diverse which is nice. But many of my classmates appear to be dull and not that into anything they are studying.


Some classmates are great while some are just out of ordinary.


My classmates are very diverse. There are so many different people, it makes for a fun and interesting atmosphere. You learn a lot and become more accepting of different ideas when you meet a variety of people. While diversity is a good thing to have on campus, it is also challenging at times. Students have to learn to defend their beliefs and participate in activities which will benefit all of campus. Overall the people on campus are awesome and a lot of fun to be around. I have made several friends here at UIC who I hope to have forever.