University of Illinois at Chicago Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Good Nursing Program, GPPA Program.


Univerisity of Illinios at Chicago is best known for it's wide campus, 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} commuters, and money efficent for a great education.


Research, Medical School, Career


UIC is best known for its position as one of the top research universities in the nation. It also has highly ranked programs as well, especially for the professional programs. While UIC may look like an easy school, do not be fooled. It may be easy to get accepted, but you have to work hard to graduate. Many students end up transferring out of UIC because of its tough and fast paced curriculum, so take on the challenge it presents to you.


my school is best known for its diversity. we have students attending from all over the world. it is also located in the middle of Chicago, which makes it a world class university in a world class city. The university is known also for its great healthcare programs (medicine and nursing, etc...) It is near the Illinois Medical District which makes it easier for the student going into the medical field to get interships and job shadows.


They are best known for their strong foundation in research.


I feel that this school is best known for their nursing program. It is also a great school with a great education at a low price.


Research and medicine.


UIC is best known for their medical departments. They also have a strong business and architecture department. One of the things I like best about the architecture department is that all profesors work in the field as well as teach, allowing connections and a better grasp of what its like in the "real world".


Being a commuter campus right in the city.


My school is best known for good academic standings. Very involed in extracurricular activities.


It is predominately based on research and is also well known for its medical and dental programs.


I would have to say that UIC is best known for three majors which are medicine, account/finance, and dentistry. A very huge portion of doctors in Illinois are University of Illinois graduates. Also, this school is also known to be at the heart of downtown chicago, as the school describs it to be a "world class city."


UIC is best know for its nursing and medical programs they are one of the best in the nation.They are also well known for thier great soccer team which is also one of the best in the state.


UIC is best known for its proximity to downtown Chicago.


My school is best known for it's engineers. It's reputation of a good school has changed in the past few years. It wasn't a very good school but they are making many rennovations to building and curriculum. It is a work in progress.


The university of Illinois at Chicago is best known for its health and medical fields of study. It is one of the best research colleges in the United States. It provides an opportunity to be involved in research in your prospective medical field of study.


Academics and location; UIC has many programs for various majors that are very well known and it's location in Chicago is pretty much in the dowtown area with access to various types of transportation, including the CTA blue line.


My school is a well known research school and medical school. It is also known for having a lot of cultural diversity.


UIC is best known for art and architecture school and urban studies.


The best thing that I think that our school is best known for is our D-1 athletics. And the athletic games are very enjoyable to attend.


Location, affordability, social conciousness.


UIC is best known for it's medical school and medical research.


UIC is well known for its strong research foundation for most of its curriculum.


In the art department, the faculty is phenomenal. I am told often that the conceptual art program I am in is the best in the state.


mens basketball team


The University of Illinois at Chicago, is know as one of the top ten most diverse universities in the nation. This creates a very unique, open environment, particularly effective in providing different points of view. It is best come prepared to drop your inhibitions and dive into new groups of friends to expand your social circle and embrace the diversity around you. The University is also known for its internship programs, particularly for its great access to major companies in the city of Chicago, giving students a competitive advantage over those who attend universities in more rural areas.


Its engineering programs and its research facilities.


To others, my school is best known for its medical and engineering programs. To me, however, I know it best for its location, diversity, and what it has done to make the community surrounding it a safer and more family-friendly area.


UIC is best known for being a commuter school in downtown Chicago, and for the pre-med program.


Health Professions and Research


Its diversity.


My school is best known for their awesome professors (most professors are internationally and nationally known scholars who have made exceptional contributions in their fields of study be it the Liberal Arts or Sciences. My school is as equally known for its diversity. UIC prdes itself on embracing a number of ethnicities.


Diversity and being in one of the best cities, Chicago.


Best medical studies in all fields!