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The most unique thing about UIC is that it is really in the heart of the city. It is right in the Chicago Loop so students have easy access to trains stations (as a majority of students commute), museums, companies for internships, stores, entertainment, and a lot of great places to eat. It really adds to the experience. Not everyone has the opportunity to experience the city the way we do.


The unique aspect about my school is the fact that i have seen students from all over the world here. It is extremely diverse, besides the fact that it is a commuter school and most of the students here commute from their homes in the suburbs of Chicago, there is still a large international community that attends this school.


This school is unique in that it is a christian school with a high accreditation and offers correspondence courses by mail (I don't have access to internet this year).


UIC is one of the best public schools in Chicago. It has excelent teachers and it is very diverse. Because of this diversity you can learn many things not only from the courses taken but also from the foreign students that open your mind and teach you many interesting facts about their native countries.


It is in the center of Chicago and offers amazing oppurtunities.


It might be the biggest commuter university in the nation.


The most unique part is the diversity. Students learn so much not only in class, but by interacting with students from all over the world and learning about different countries and cultures. UIC is very proud of their diversity of student body. This was one of the reasons UIC was my first choice.


It would be how diverse the student body is and the type of people you meet there. Unlike other schools which may have the majority of a certain race my school is more diverse which allows me to have a connection with the students and even the teachers as well.


Affordable, public, Chicago based school.


It is very diverse, and you will not feel like a minority.


UIC is a school that's is directly placed in a BIG city. There's is so much going around you outside campus as well as in the campus itself.


The uniqueness of Chicago and also the racial and cultural diversity is amazing.

It's lovely location and price.


University of Illinois - Chicago (UIC) had a BSN completion program with a satellite facility at St. Augustine College located in Rock Island, Illinois. This made the commute to school 20 minutes instead of 3 hours (time to drive to Chicago from Orion), and, therefore, did not involve alternative housing during the week. UIC provided classes in the evening and afternoon that made scheduling easier while working a full time job as an Associate Degree Registered Nurse (RN). Enrollment and scheduling were completed with an on-site academic advisor which simplified the process and insured accurate compeltion.


This school offers a wider variety of science classes. Also, the laboratories are alot more hands on. For example, in Anatomy lab we actually have cadavers that we work with in labs and in other schools they only study from books. I think that UIC offers a better experience due to the hands on tools it offers.


It's close to my family's home. It has hospitals and clinics within walking distance. It has a lot of extracurricular activities and the ability to create clubs or activities within your dorm building.


If you are considering a school in the city of Chicago and want to stay at home, this school is well known for being a commuter school. You will do well to manage living at home and commuting at school and will find plenty of other students doing the same.


The most unique quality of my school is the location. Unlike other schools, University of Illinois in Chicago offers a location that appeals to both suburban and city originated students with the sense of community in a big city environment. The heart of UIC occupies a city block in between two influential neighborhoods, Little Italy and Greektown. Being between two strong "family" valued cultural neighborhoods, UIC is the link that helps bond both these neighborhoods to form a large community commonly known as the "University Village" or "Tri-Taylor".


Among the other schools that I considered, University of Illinois at Chicago was one that was located in a big city. At first, it was quite intimidating while getting used to all the social events that go on. From where I grew up, there wasn't much of a public scene because everyone had cars and where they needed to go was close and easy to get to. On the contrary, the city offers public transportation and many people use it to get places. The public scene is big here at my school and is definitely unique.


This school was the most ethnically diverse out of the schools I looked into. The value of integrity and respect towards others surpassed my other school choices. The architecture program here was by far more in depth and hands on and had a much lower class size then my other choices. My architectural classes are taught by actual architects in the field which is extremely rare and incredibly helpful. There is a greater emphasis on artistic and creative abilities here which I believe helps drive success later in life.


UIC ifs very ethnically diverse


UIC is known to have lots of diversity. Diversity allows the students to become friends with people of another nationality and learn about their culture. This allows students to become more acquainted with that ethnicity and understand their beliefs as well.


The location allows me to commute to school and save money by living at home. The engineering program is also a noted program that can help me acheive what I need to acheive to recieve a good job in the future.


I am an eighteen year old mother of a two year old daughter. I am able to live on campus with my daughter in family housing. The area I live in is like apartment style. I have a two bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom for me and my daughter only. Theres a daycare here for the children. I once thought I would struggle trying to go to school with my daughter, but that is not a problem in this case. This arrangement played a big role in me deciding what school I wanted to go to.


It's close enough to downtown Chicago that you can have a big city experience when you want to, but it's far enough outside downtown that it doesn't feel like everyone is constantly moving.


It is ten minutes from downtown in Chicago.


Compared to the other schools I had considered, the most unique part would have to be the closeness to downtown Chicago. While studying architecture I have a great oppourtunity to not only possibly intern at one of many firms in the area but to study the architecture so close to school.




it is in the city


I believe that the diversity alone is what makes the University of Illinois at Chicago unique. Never before have I seen such a diverse group of individuals who can completely emmerse themselves into the university environment without cultural boundries.


UIC is in as Urban setting. Most students at UIC support themselves and/or their families with an offcampus job, which has to take priority over school work. It is also incredibly diverse.


taking over surrounding neighborhoods, gentrification


Diverse, in the city enviorment


The diversity, the amount of extra cirrcucular actvities. Awesome gym. Lots of good places to eat. Intelliegent professors.


Internships and you really have to fend for yourself.


the most unique thing out UIC is that it is located 3 blocks from the loop, in down town chicago. UIC has so many opprtunities on campus as well as just out side of it. Btween hospitals, high rises, venues, the lake and beaches UIC's campus and community is a great place to be not only for an eduaction but for lasting relationships and future opportunities!


The campus is insanely near the city. It is your backyard after a long day of work and lectures. There are so many places to socialize on campus and to find help for homework.


It unique in the way that in 2 min away from down town chicago


Its down the street from the heart of downtown chicago


It emphasizes diversity, and as you look around the campus, that is what you see. It's located just outside downtown Chicago, so anyone can easily find something to do. At the same time, it's located outside of downtown, so those living in the dorms don't have to deal with the noise level and traffic of the city.


It's a sprawling more traditional campus in a large city. It's not like other schools in Chicago as it has a more defined campus and it's known and respected as a research oriented school. It's like you're in a small community yet the large city's downtown area is just minutes away.


More diverse, in a big city.


Public transportation.


its in the city and always has something happening


I think that the only thing that is unique is that its not a college town and right in the city makes it lively all the time.