University of Illinois at Chicago Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe students who cannot learn in large class settings should not attend.


Once again, back to the "college vs university". As far as the College of Engineering is concerned (and the computer science department in particular), if you don't want to work hard, then you should not come to this school, becasue you will simply fail out, and that'll be that. As far as the university is concerned.... well, I suppose if you don't like certain ethnic groups then you shouldn't attend (if you're like, "OH NO -- AN ARAB!", or "OH NO, NOT A BLACK GUY!!" then this is probably not the place for you).


If you are uncertain of how much time, energy, or money you are willing to commite to furthering your education, then UIC is not for you.


A very lazy and all into him/her self is not a good fit for UIC. The reason I say this is because at UIC, everyone is friendly and people enjoy studying and learning. From personal experience, being lazy and or not being used to studying will cause that individual to be a hinderance on other people that they socialize with.


People that are looking only to party and not study


A person who is not open minded should not attend this school.


I think that any kind of person can attend this school, because there is a lot of diversity in this school.


Someone who requires a lot of hand-holding. This is a very independently-minded school and you shouldn't expect to have a lot of support. It's good if you have a relative or someone else who can help you through the process. It's hard to make friends on campus, especially if you don't live in the dorms, so if you have trouble making friends or require a lot of interaction, it may be hard for you.


A person that doesn't like large schools or a person who hates the city life.


People who are looking for more fun and activities on campus.


I do no think a person who is really into theatre should attend UIC. I am not really sure that it has a good program when it pertains to students who want to strive in theatre or music. All others would be wise to choose UIC.


A person who has a hard time self-motivating themself should not attend this school. It is a larger university and there will not be anyone holding your hand along the way. A student who is just looking for university to party at and have a good time would surely be dissappointed if they came here when they learn that is not a crazy school and the academics are quite challenging.


You should not attend this school if you are not a city person, the school is located in the Chicago dowtown area.


The kind of person who should attend the university of Illinois at Chicago should be a dedicated student who can get things done. UIC is a very competitive and only the best and most dedicated students suvives. Lazy students should be aware because if you do not work hard and study, you will fail and be kicked out of the schoo.


A racist.


People with different learning disabilities should not attend this school because most of the lectures are very large and it is hard to get one on one time with the professors. If you do not understand something it is difficult to get help during the lecture. Also, if someone is wheelchair bound I noticed that a lot of those students have a hard time getting around campus because the campus is not very wheelchair accessible.


A person that is not willing to work independently. The courses are hard and demand full participation. If a person never had to go to tutoring before they will now. If a person is not a hard independent worker and doesn't do stuff on time they won't make it because classes get packed quickly. This college waits for no one.


Even people who are not yet focused on learning and working hard should attend this school because they may still need time to realize their priorities; however, those who have utterly no intentions of working hard to achieve their goals should not attend this school.


People that cannot speak or understand English language because it will be nearly impossible to understand the course you are taking.




UIC is a very diverse school. Anyone can attend the school if he/she is motivated to succeed in school.


A science person that doesn't like big classes nor cities.


I think that people who are not used to the Chicago weather and are not fans of the city life should not attend this school. It is a very fast paced and hectic environment and perhaps many people do not really like that. Also, it is a pretty big school, so if they do not like big schools this school would not be a good choice.


A person that shouldn't attend this school is one who cannot handle many different political and cultural views. I strongly encourage people who are and are not used to being exposed to diversity in religion, ethnicity, and culture to attend because it will allow to see things from a different perspective. However, if the individual does not want to learn about many different views on many topics, they should not attend this school.


If you are someone who is used to the 25 person classroom, do not attend this college. If you cannot manage on your own, do not attend this school. What I love about this school is that it challenges you academmically and socially.


Lazy, unmotivated people.


I think every kind should attend this school, unless you really don't like the city, because the scholl is located right on the edge of downtown chicago you see amazing views of the cities skyline (sears tower and such).


A person that is indefferent toward studying and schooling will do bad at this school. I have learned that one must do much independant studying and not rely on just what is given in class.


Lazy and slack offs.


a person that likes a lot of school spirit


If you are not open minded or if you are prejudice/ racist. One thing that this university prides itself in is their diversity. You can experience so many different cultures. There are people that come from all over the world to come here. The ethinticy here goes beyond words.


Some one who needs one on one time.


A person who is interested in heavy Soroity or Fraternity life! A person who hates the city!


An anti-social person should not attend this school because the most random person will come up to you and start a conversation. If you don't say anything, you will get looked at as crazy. Most classes or discussions involve some kind of communication between the students.


A person who does not like the atomsphere of living in the city of Chicago should not attend the University of Illinois at Chicago. Chicago is one of the most busiest cities in the world. If a person does not like being around large crowds and busy streets, they should not attend UIC. UIC is near the heart of Chicago and the people of Chicago experience all the four seasons. So, if a person is not used to snow and very cold days or rain or very windy days, they should not attend UIC.




Someone looking for a party school should not come here; also, anyone looking for a large fraternity / sorority base should not come here. It is a very friendly school but doesn't lean towards those two aspects of college life.


Every kind of person can do well at this school. It's so diverse. Everyone can find a group of people they feel at home with.