University of Illinois at Chicago Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it has an "urban" style campus. By which I mean the buildings are very boring and unappealing to the eye. Some just seems very box like and blah. It would be great to have some nice, traditional architecture on campus. Also, more greenery would be nice, but it is in the Chicago Loop so it is understandable that there wouldn't be much grass and trees in such a large city.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be finding the classes.


The most frustrating thing is registering for classes because they fill up very quickly


The most frustrating thing about my school to me is the fact that it is primarily a commuter school and I feel like it is difficult to meet and hang out with students outside of your classes or on campus. Of course this is not a huge disadvantage but it does make having and witnessing school spirit more difficult.


The age and design of the buildings. They're not old enough to be classically beautiful, and they're not new enough to be described as modern.


Long commuting can be tiresome but it's worth it because of the school's diverse campus.


The courses are extremely rigorous. It is very easy to fall behind. I feel as though I am not getting the full college experience.


I haven't found anything all that frustrating at my school, I have had a very good experience so far.


The school is a commuter school, so the feeling of community is often lost.


The most frustrating thing would have to be that the university is still mainly a commuter campus so most students go home right after class which makes group projects very difficult. The campus is also very dead on weekends.


That the state's budget crisis has become the university's.


The most frustrating thing about my school is: The cost of tuition, books, etc. is so much money. I tend to have a hard time buying my books, because everything is so expensive. I usually don't have my books for my classes because I'm too busy trying to find a way to pay for my other school expenses.


Socially the school is extremely seperated. People rarely associate with those of a different background.


Not necesarily the school itself, but the transportation and the commute to school. Being in a being in a major city, commuting isnt the best of experiences. Also there are a couple of fees in which i was very disappointed in, for example, every student is charged around 300 for a u-pass, which gives access to bus and train transportation, but i and many others dont need this convinience , but unfortunately this fee is unwaivable and can't be applied to something else like parking permits or books!!!


The very strong concentration on medical sciences and engineering.


The most frustrating thing about the school is dealing with financial matters.


Sometimes the teachers do not help the students and the TA's do not speak well english.


The frustrating part about my school are the large lecture halls. Since the population is about 25,000 at my school, it is your responsibility to seek the attention you need because the attention isn't given as a smaller universtity.


The classes tend to rush the lectures and important forms a student need for classes are never given to them on time.


Getting financial aid and applying for scholarships and getting denied.


Much of the time the school touts the fact that its student body is very diverse. And it is true that there are many races, ethnicities, religions, etc. represented on campus. However, it is frustrating to see that rather than being a truly diverse environment, ethinc groups tend to stick to themselves, creating an environment of micro-homogeneity.


Trying to register for classes the first two years.


The BookStore is soo small! It takes me forever to get my text books, not to mention expensive


Large lectures are intimidating and the feeling that you are alone academically with no help. With a large lecture hall, the professor seems more intimidating since there is no connection or relationship with the students. The Teachers Aids usaually do not know English.


The most frustrating thing about school is that there are many people that expect to be successful with all that they are doing and is always trying to run over you and compete with you in order to achieve thier dream faster making it harder for you to success in the same field of study together. Other than that there is nothing that is more frustrating than that when attending college anywhere in the wrold, for we must learn to mearn fro m each other and apply our skiils to our own lives.


The weather makes it hard to get around campus. ie. raining, snowing The homework load can be frustrating, along with exams of different classes being around the same time.


Parking! Personally for me, tuition!


In all honesty, while the professors are very intelligent in their respective fields, they are not the best in lecture. The ethnic diversity of the staff, while very refreshing, can also make for some difficult to understand lectures. Good teacher aides, however, make up for this.


The most frustrating thing is that we are always compared to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, since we're both state schools. But we're very much different, and I wish that there wasn't so much competition.