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The limitless resources at hand whether it comes to undergraduate/graduate research, general studying, or job searches make this school unique. The opportunities for intellectual development are given to everybody and everybody has a chance to shine.


There is more school spirit on this campus than any other campus I've been to.


Our school is unique because of the balance between social life and school work. Students here have very active social lives, but manage to maintain excellent grades at the same time. I feel as though students here at UIUC are well rounded and responsible. They understand time management and have their priorities in order.


As a Research I institution the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign afforded me access to renowned researchers and professors. You will not only have access to one of the best library systems in the country, but also have the opportunity to pick some of the most talented brains in the world. Because the university excels in so many areas, a student does not need to worry about the quality of their program if they decide to change majors, something I did three times! The university is highly ranked for several of their disciplines, such as business, accounting and psychology.


The University of Illinois is the best of both worlds. It is a prestigious academic institution but it is also a great place to have fun and be involved in a wide variety of extra curricular activities. Students are driven and focused on their studies and the future, but they are also friendly and welcoming. Students and alumni have a tremendous amount of school spirit and Illini pride, with good reason.


Although the University of Illinois contains a student population of nearly 40,000, it somehow manages to still feel small and welcoming. With a beautiful campus containing lots of available modes of transportation, the campus does not feel nearly as large as it actually is. Also, the amount of people you meet in the beginning of the first semester through the freshman welcoming events is huge and has a large play on the amount of people you know on campus. Even in a massive lecture hall, students here are still likely to know a friend or two.


The student body is incredibly diverse, and each student has something to contribute to the experience beyond the classroom. I have learned a lot about the campus opportunities through the people I've met in the incredibly expansive Greek life, and through friendly classmates. U of I also offers many services to pair students up with internships, jobs, scholarships, experience, work-study jobs, etc. If you want something that will help your future, U of I most likely has it available for you.


This school for me is more unique than other schools because it has the small town feel but also the city feel at the same time because it is inbetween two towns where Urbana is a small town type and Champaign is more on the urban side.


The greek life here is acutally the largest in the world. There are so many different types of fraternities and sororities avaiable for students to rush. There are panhellenic sororities, fraternities run by the Inter-Fraternity Council, service fraternities, fraternities based on major or ethnicity, and many others. It is awesome how there is a sorority or fraternity for everyone that wants to join one, however, greek life is not for everyone. People who decide not to rush can still have a social life and enjoy their college experience.


Academics are very rigorous. Sports are taken very seriously. People are passionate and supportive of the fighting Illini. U of I has a very historical background. U of I represents some amazing U.S. History achievements.


One of the best parts about the University of Illinois is every year, even every semester, boasts the chance to start over. This year I moved into a new apartment with new roommates and I have made some of the best friendships I've ever had- during my senior year! It is never too late to start something new at the University of Illinois, whether you change your major, become a part of a new club or just eat at a new restaurant. The opportunities at the University of Illinois truly are endless and as a senior I am still crossing things off of my to-do list.


Illinois is the best place for me to have gone to college. There are so many opportunities available at the University that I have just found out about in my last years here. Definitely seek out all possible resources early on!


Staying here over the summer with a good group of friends is the fastest way to grow up. I should have started staying here over summer my freshman year: it's amazing. I had a great job and a cushy internship my Junior year summer, and I lived right down the street from friends and the the excitement of Green St. Yes, without a nearby body of water, the summer heat is brutal, but aside from that, it's a great experience. You learn how to manage money and spend it as well! Let's just say that when I wasn't working, I learned how to beat my expert Super Smash Brothers Brawl friend... Yoshi FTW.


University of Illinois is unique compared to other schools because of the diversity, the school spirit within the students, staffs, and the community, and also what the different colleges there have to offer. The proffesors, teacher assistents, advisors, and other university officials go out their way to make sure we the students on the campus get the help we need to succeed and to also make attending the University of Illinois one of the best experiences we will ever have. There;s manny resources gving to us as well if we need to seek further information about certain things.


Visit campus! It's the best way to get a feel for life and the atmosphere here. Plus, we have awesome tour guides... ;)


I know that I say this throughout my posts, but Illinois really is a spectacular university. No matter your goals and interests, you will be able to support and accelerate them if you attend Illinois. There are so many opportunities here that you would be hard-pressed to not find something you would like to do or would like to start on this campus. The curriculum is challenging, but the rigor of coursework as well as the extra-curricular opportunities here will prepare you well for life after college.


I know that I say this throughout my posts, but Illinois really is a spectacular university. No matter your goals and interests, you will be able to support and accelerate them if you attend Illinois. There are so many opportunities here that you would be hard-pressed to not find something you would like to do or would like to start on this campus. The curriculum is challenging, but the rigor of coursework as well as the extra-curricular opportunities here will prepare you well for life after college.


If you're looking to get a job on campus their are plenty of opportunities. The university has a virtual job board that various organizations within the university, such as the performing arts center, museums, and catering, post job opportunities. Many of these organizations also offer work-study programs. The work is usually not too hard and it's a great chance to meet to new people and boost your resume.


One of the best parts about the University of Illinois is every year, even every semester, is a chance to start over. This year I moved into a new apartment with new roommates and I have created some of my best friends ever! During my senior year! It is never too late to start something new at the University of Illinois. Whether it is changing your major, becoming a part of a new club or just eating at a new restaurant. The opportunities at the University of Illinois truly are endless and as a senior I am still crossing things off of my to-do list.


Come here for a diverse, large, fun, and worthwhile four years. Its relatively inexpensive if you're here for one of our nationally ranked programs (Engineering, Psych, Mathematics, and even Business) because you're basically guaranteed a direct hire out of school in a job you will actually enjoy. You can DEFINITELY have a blast, whether your Greek affiliated or not. This is not a religious base, although you can find churches if you would like to go. This is the type of college you will see in movies with an added excellence in academics. If you're in state and looking into Engineering/Business, keep up your extra-curricular activities. Sports doesn't count. If you can do something to stand out (start a charity or business, a cool project or invention), that is the real trick on how to get in. I've talked to some people from the admission board about what is important. And I've known a lot of people who have been accepted/denied over the years. If you are targeting this school you obviously need to excel in many dimensions. You will not be looked at with under a 3.5/4.0 H.S. GPA and < 28 ACT if you're looking at a competitive college. You should sacrifice some GPA points for AP classes. Even if you don't perform well in them! Taking 5 AP classes in highschool and ending up with a 3.5 is *immensely* more desirable than taking none and keeping a 4.0.


U of I is unique since it is one of the best schools in my major (2nd to MIT in Materials Science). I also chose U of I since it is close to home and has a lot of research happening at it. The research was very important in my decission since I want to develop new materials when I am done with college.


To put it simply, Illinois is the best decision I've ever made in my life. Choosing Illinois is guaranteeing that you won't have any regrets.


Illinois. Do it. It's a GREAT school -- best time of my life!


One of the largest greek communities in the nation. But you can still find fun activities outside the greek system. You are held to a very high standard of conduct as well as quality of your work. I enjoyed being pushed to do my best.


The University of Illinois is known for having the largest greek system of any university. Greek letter fraternities and sororities create bonds between students that are strong during their time in school and continue after students leave the university to begin careers. This allows for students at the university to create large social networks that are incredibly valuable later in their careers.


The most unique thing about the University of Illinois was that it was in the Big Ten, but never seemed to overwhelming. There was a good balance for academics and social life. I never felt out of place and in my program I had great opportunities to collaborate and share ideas.


This school is its own town, compared to the two other schools I was considering in the city of Chicago. Its, in fact, nothing like Chicago and its busy streets.


Compared to other schools my school has a unique atmosphere, whereas as one walks they come across many different types of people. Now usually this is normal; however, at my university the people you cross are defined by where they are on campus. By this I do not merely mean a party dorm is here or an engineering fraternity is over there, but there are clear and distinct lines in which the campus and its people are separated between areas of study (north campus), areas to party (south campus) and places to relax in the middle.


The University of Illinois offers almost any major and all extracurricular activities. Students can participate in student senate, academic bowls, community service, or other adventurous activities. Falling Ilini, the skydiving club, is one of the most popular booths on "Quad Day," when all the students pack to quad (the heart of campus) to find out about the Registered Student Organizations (RSO). Along with "Quad Day," the university recently built the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), equipped with basketball courts, two swimming pools, an indoor climbing wall, kitchen (for cooking classes), and massage center. Students love to hang out on campus!


This school offers a lot of opportunities and have a lot of resources that I can have access to.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has unique aspects. U of I has a tight-knit, community feel, brought on by the close vicinity of class buildings, residence halls, and campus activities. There is an activity or club for everyone's interests; you always feel at home and you get a feeling of belonging when you attend the University of Illinois. At the same time, U of I fosters the search for knowledge with the myriad of classes it offers and the availability of multiple areas to study. U of I offers a balance of education and activity for everyone.


One of the unique aspects of University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign is the merit programs In the merit program, the discussions are led by graduate students and there are about 10-20 students in one discussion class. In this environment, the students are able to get one on one help by the graduate student. In addition, the merit program goes more in depth into the material compared to the regular discussion groups.


What is unique about the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is that although it is a very large school, it's numerous student run organizations, the way the different colleges within the school are divided, and the attention and help the professors are willing to give make it seem so much smaller.


It has the best of both, two different cities to call its home, and then a variety of cultures that make the campus something different. There is a great history behind the university as well. It really becomes home.


I think my school is unique because it provides a large campus, but allows students the opportunity to get to know their professors and fellow students. Here, I am not just a number, despite our staggering size.


This school has a unique atmosphere due to the widespread school spirit and the fact that the students share being a part of something great. The University of Illinois has a great academic reputation, an endless number of ways to get involved, and is the best public school in Illinois. Unlike many schools, the majority of students wouldn't just say they like it here; they would say they absolutely love it.


My school is unique by means of academics and social life. UIUC offers many of its majors and career options via the students? interests. They keep in mind the potential of each and every student in the making and declaring of majors. However, unlike other prestigious universities in Illinois, the tuition is affordable. In continuation, the social life at UIUC is unique thanks to the award winning faculty (ratio 14:1), learned students, and registered student organizations. Thus, with assistance more readily available, an environment of intelligent peers, and opportunity for involvement, unique is an understatement for my university, UIUC.


The most unique thing about U of I is that it is a very large school and seems that way when youre seeing it for the first time, but the best part about it is that it does not take very long until you begin to think otherwise. You're able to feel comfortable there after a while, it easy to learn the campus and before you know it you'll start to think of it as a smaller school. It can be intimidating at first , but after a a couple of weeks you're good.


The student to teacher ratio is 14:1 ensuring i get the help and can establish a more personal relationship wit my instructor's. Also, that we are inside the city and so close to everything we could need.


My school does an amazing job of blending academics and everything else. You become a smarter student and a sharper learner all while discovering so much about yourself in the process. There are clubs for any interest. There are groups for any game, talent, pretty much anything.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is very different than the other schools I had considered. To begin with UIUC is topped rank in civil engineering which really caught my attention since I had chosen that career path. Before starting college I visited the campus through the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE), the visitation consisted of many engineering workshops and engineering activities around campus, members of the society really showed us a good time and provided us with a great experience. Through this visitation is how I finalized my decision to come to UIUC.


One unique thing about U of I is its diversity. U of I consists of many people from different race, culture, religion, and background. U of I is known for being one of the largest university with the most international undergraduate students. I think I wouldn't have been able to find this kind of diversity at any other university. I personally wanted to make the most of my college experience by meeting as many people as I could and diversity at U of I was a big plus.


Not a campus as much as it is living in the city and going to class


The thing that's unique about my school is that there is a wide range of diversity. There are people who attend my school who are from all over the United States, China, Japan, Africa, Mexico, India, and many other countries around the world.


I don't really know much about other schools because I always knew that I would go to the University of Illnois In Champaign since I was in middle school. The University in my opinion is very diverse. Not having much diversity in the high school I attended in Chicago, the university has opened my understanding to other people of ethnic backgrounds and their customs. The University of Illinois also has reliable staff members where they are there to help you when you need them and don't restrict educational time to just a couple of hours for office hours.


I think the location is a bit strange. We're situated a few hours from any large cities and surrounded by farmland, so the students have really developed a community and created a large social network that is very extensive and amazing.


The university of illinois at urbana champaign has a lot of study place to offer students, and also offer plenty of opportunities for students to get involved on campus!


The Illini loyalty is one of the things that makes this University unique. Alumni as well as current students are dedicated to their school and its athletic teams. Students who attend the University of Illinois "bleed" orange and blue. This makes attending sporting events such a fun and memorable experience.


Good community, great library.


It has a lot of options for areas of study.