University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Often times if I'm planning to actually brag about it, I go right for the throat: it's the #1 ranked school in the US for my major, and in addition to that, it's barely 10 minutes away from my actual home. Next comes a description of our campus' aesthetic beauty, and then I finish them off with a description of our Engineering fame and our huge size and amount of available activities.


I brag about the size of the school: both population and campus opportunities. I feel the size is what will make this college experience richer because you are surrounded by people from all over the world with various backgrounds and ideas. It will be simple to make valuable connections with those people. There will also be so many opportunities avaliable to find an interest or concentrate on one already and find people to do it with you.


I like to brag most about the quad. This piece of land in the middle of the entire campus, that was my second sanctuary and I believe that its' inspiring and creative nature makes it unparallel to any other school.


How much money went into the Engineering school.


It is top rated in almost every major, and we are #1 for being a top party school that also does well in school and gets jobs after graduation.


We are rated very highly educational-wise, especially for my major. We are ranked on having a very high starting salary average after graduation.


U of I is a top 10 school. It is very difficult to get into the school and they have one of the best foreign language departments for Portuguese in the country.


There is such a great social scene. I love how many clubs and activities there are along with a great night life.


Whenever I talk to other students, I make sure to tell them about the friendly, fun and ambitious atmosphere at Illinois. I never feel intimidated to ask questions in class or approach my teachers. I get to live with my best friends who I made right here on campus and there is always something fun happening to keep students out of trouble, and more importantly boredom. I feel like I'm surrounded by people willing to help me be the best I can in my education. I make sure that everyone knows I feel at home and U of I.


That we have alot of free time. You can enjoy being on your own without your parents bothering you. I love my freedom.


I really like the people and community there. People are willing to work together and help each other out. I have a group of people I study with regularly. There's a ton of clubs and activities to do because it's such a large school. You can always find somewhere to fit it.


As a civil engineering major, and a perspective architecture minor, I am always more than happy to point out that I am attending the best civil engineering school, and one of the top ten architecture schools, in the nation.


It has one of the best libraries in the country and is a great school to study engineering.


I tell them that it is a big ten school


The Air Force ROTC; the sports; and my dorm which is super diverse; the price is good!


We are a top-ranked school nationally and we have a proud history of innovation. The people responsible for creating the Netscape browser, YouTube, and PayPal all attended. On the liberal arts side, award-winning authors like Richard Powers teach here. In all aspects, engineering, agriculture, health science, and many more, Illinois is a leader in research, development, and education.


We have many research opportunities and organizations and clubs.


When I brag about my school, I usually focus on everything it has to offer besides academics. It is nationally ranked, but I prefer to speak of all the extra-curricular activities. My school has over 40,000 people, so we have pretty much any club imaginable. Something that many of my friends can't say.


When I tell people about my school, the thing I brag most about is the research opportunities and technology that are available to me. In lab classes I am routinely given access to (and taught how to use) some of the most cutting edge tools in the field I am interested in pursuing. I tell people how beneficial this is to not only to my current learning, but also to my future, as I will be using all of these tools in my career. I feel that with this benefit, I will be much more attractive to future employers.


I tell them about our career center and the opportunities that I have to get good internships in a down economy. I brag that some recruiters really hold U of I in high esteem when it comes to hiring recent grads.


I most often brag about how big the university is. I love how I see tons of different new people everyday. All of the facilities are amazing as well, including the residence halls, class halls, and gyms. I also brag about how much fun it is to attend Big Ten sporting events. Personally I think it is awesome that I was able to get a job through the university as well.


I tell my friends that the University of Illinois is a great place to study at because everyone is extremely motivated and intelligent. At the University of Illinois the atmosphere among the diverse group of students studying there is easy-going and relaxed. Also, the campus town makes it a great place to spend time with friends because it makes you feel that you are in an extremely safe area all the while learning to become independent on your own.


I brag most about the alcohol level students tend to take on the weekends and free time.


Mainly the fact that EVERYONE wants to come to my school for multiple reasons. From the academics to the social events, and the overall atmosphere of the campus.


I brag about the excellent academic programs especially the College of Engineering. Also, there are a great amount of opportunities at the university. Thousands of employers recruit at U of I. There is a fantastic faculty with terrific research opportunities. One can find anything at he university.


Resources and Greek Life.


I usually brag about the great friends I have made. My floor is coed and I have always gotten along with boys a lot easier than girls. Lucky for me I live right on the corner where the boy hallway starts, so I have made numerous friends just from my room location. My guy friends make living in the dorm an unforgetable experience that I would never give up.


The main thing that I brag about to my friends and family is the quality of my school's teachers and teacher's aids. My school has excellent professors and aids. The professors are focused and really know what they are teaching. The aids are just as good as the professor. It is obvious that they love their professions, and are available outside of class for the students if we need any assistance or have any other problems. They make a student excited to learn and actually want to attend class.


I have many things to brag about when it comes to my school; I absolutely love the place! First of all, it is listed under the top 100 schools in the United States. Second, it has one of the best engineering and architecture programs (architecture is my major, with an influence in engineering). Third, it is a very big campus with a lot of diversity. Last of all, I have meet many amazing and intellegent people who are all now my friends.


When I brag, it is mostly about the work I am doing. I am able to work on some very fun and exciting projects that really reflect how much I am learning. Most of all it is exciting to realise how much closer I come to being ready to enter the real world.


When I "brag" to my friends about my school, it's mostly because it is a very prestigious university for the engineering major, which I was very fortunate to get into. Also, they would probably get jealous because it is a "party-school."


Being a National Society of Collegiate Scholar and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society member at a prestigious school and the wonderful social life.


That it is a competitive school that is hard to get into.


The parties and events that go on. They are like none that I've been to back home and I'm from Chicago where alot of parties go on.


I brag about EVERYTHING at U of I. I know for a fact that anytime any of my highschool friends want to visit that I can show them a great time. Our football, basketball, and most other sports games are a blast to go to. I also brag about my proffessors which I am absolutely in love with because they give me a passion for learning like I've never felt before.


My school offered a lot of opportunity in any field I wanted to pursue. These opportunities extended beyond what students learned in the classroom, and extended into internship opportunities and networking with professionals currently in each field. It was due to the networking opportunities offered by my school, that I was able to get an internship that eventually led to a full time position at one of the best companies in my field when I graduated college. I was pushed to succeed and fortunately, because of this school's diligence, I was able to succeed in my career.


We have one of the largest workout facilities and the largest hockey rink. We have a beautiful main quad, wireless internet all over campus, a very easy and convenient bus system, the razor cell phone was invented by a graduate of the UofI. We have the largest Greek Community in the country. An amazing library to study in, and numerous coffee shops around campus, a newly remodeled football stadium and students receive an amazing education.


The academic rigor and excellence of well-known professors and the amount of new material that I learn.


The school is very lively. There are always new opportunities that one can unfold.


I brag about the campus life and the research that is done in at the U of I. It is hard to find a more lively campus than the one I attend. Add to that the extreme diversity and the sheer amount of different activities and things to do, and it is rather hard to beat. It is also nice to note that the internet was initiated in part with Mosaic as well as the first Magnetic Resonance Imaging device.


Awesome sports team, great faculty, always something to do, never bored


I think the educational opportunities at my school are really something to brag about. My school is a great school for engineering especially, and it is always fun coming home and telling all my friends about how our program is one of the best in the country.


I mostly brag about the variety of activities on this campus. Eveyrone on this campus is very goal-oriented and driven when it comes to their education but when it comes to relaxing, there is tons to do on this campus from going out to bars to concerts to plays. I would say that mos to the people on this campus that I have met are all very well-rounded and friendly. It's very easy to make friends that you can hang out with but that will also keep you on track in school.


It's a big ten school and most people know what school you're talking about when you say U of I. It is a competitive school and people look at you with respect when you tell them where you go.


So many people, you never feel alone.


Christian community groups are abundant and positive on a campus that emphasizes binge and recreational drinking.


It is great campus, with a lot of school spirit. The school offers many opportunities for all of its students, academically and socially. The campus is very culturally aware and diverse. There are many great classes offered some challenging and some just fun. There is a great campus life and really great people!


That it is so big, but this can be a bad thing in the winter.


The beautiful campus


The nightlife. There never has to be a dull moment at this school on the weekends. You have a variety of things to choose from when deciding to go out. There is a great bar scene if you are into that kind of thing. There is a good sized mall which is about a 10 minute drive from campus.