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What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Typically, schools are given this tag of "party campus" or rate themselves based on how crazy the weekends, and sometimes weekdays, tend to be. I feel that's not an accurate stereotype and doesn't tell a whole lot about any given school because, let's face it, partying goes on at every college campus. I refuse to say mindlessly, "our school stereotype is that we party a ton." We have the largest Greek system in the nation, which pretty much labels our school right off the bat. Most people assume that if you're an Illini, you're affiliated with some Greek organization, whether it's social, cultural, honors or major-based. It's unavoidable here, there is an entire street about 4 blocks long littered with frat houses, not to mention our architectural masterpieces, the sorority homes. Let's just say it's a big deal here. If you don't run into at least 50 Greek-lettered shirts or hoodies throughout your day, you just might be staring at the floor. Another thing we're known for is our intense engineering program. Many of those students are far and away from campus, considering they have such a rigorous program. You can often tell who's an engineering major by how little you see them. The stereotype here is that you are always in the library or labs. The 5-year program is popular as well. There is even a library dedicated to that program and an entire section of campus laid out for them. There's even bus route named after the program! It's a big deal here just like Greek life.


We are intelligent students who are well rounded. Recruiters know this and actively seek Illinois students out. Thats what is important.


The main stereotype is that everyone is from the Chicago Suburbs. You have the Greeks, the Non-Greeks, the International students, out of state students, Southern Illinois students, and many more. The main perception is that everyone is from Chicago. This is not true, and I met a lot of great people not from the suburbs. Though there are a lot of students from the suburbs, this may be reassuring to those who are looking to not expand their horizons. I encourage those who are like this to attend U of I because you will be able to meet people from other Chicago suburbs, but you will also be able to meet people outside of this state that have a whole new insight on the world and life.


Many people think that because the University of Illinois is located in central Illinois and surrounded by tons of cornfields, every student is a farmer. However, this stereotype is simply not true. Although many students do come from farming families, I definitely do not think the majority of them are. The beauty of a campus with over 40,000 students is not all of them will be alike. It is difficult to have one student stereotype when we are all so different here.


Well, I'm not from Chicago so I can definitely say that there are a TON of people from the Chicago area here at Illinois. But, while that may be, to me it doesn't matter where you are from, because now you are a student at Illinois and being from Chicago is only one part of your background. Plus, we have thousands of international students and students from all over the nation as well. In fact, one of my closet friends is from Indiana. So, while there many be a bunch of students from Chicago, you will find your fair share of people who are not from the Chicagoland.


I always heard people talking about how big greek life is at UofI so there's a little bit of a stereotype of how fratty UofI can be. However, a more pervasive stereotype I have heard is that people who go to UofI are nerdy.


I always heard people talking about how big greek life is at U of I so there's a little bit of a stereotype of how fratty U of I can be. However, a more pervasive stereotype I have heard is that people who go to U of I are nerdy.


I have heard nerds and fratty.


A common stereotype of Illinois students is that an overwhelming percentage of the student body is from Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. While there are certainly students from those areas who attend Illinois, there is also a large number of students from other areas in the state, out-of-state students, and even international students. There is a lot of diversity at Illinois, and that's plain to see even when you're just sitting in class or walking on the quad.


This school is large and diverse and you can make it whatever you want it to be while you're here. The majority of the student body is greek affiliated, but by no means do you have to be (I'm not). Your "quality of life" will vary greatly by your selected path of study. You'll find that your Business or LAS friends have a lot of free time and are able to be very social while your Science and Engineering students are definitely required to hit the books more. This might be a challenge for you if you're interested in an Engineering degree here (which across all disciplines, is one of the best in the country). Also, a large percentage of students here are from the Chicago suburbs. I do have friends from Tennessee, California, New York, Cincinnati (off the top of my head), but its very common to make friends and keep them easily out of school if you're from the state. Its very easy to get along with random people you may meet while out on the very large nightlife town. You'll find lots of walkable bars (and more non-walkable ones in downtown Champaign) and you can always find something to do if you're looking to socialize.


Some of the stereotypes about Illinois are that students who are not Greek are really excluded and that most students are Business or Engineering students.


U of I students give their opinions on fitting in, school stereotypes, and campus life.


What we're like, who we hang out with, etc.


A look at some students about cliques and fitting in on campus. I also share my views . . .


They're really smart. They throw a lot of parties.




Being a University of Illinois student myself, I'm very aware of the stereotypes that are tacked onto students at my school. Most people will tell you that everyone from the U of I is an over-privileged white student who comes from one of the numerous Chicago suburbs. Also, because of our Greek community-which is the largest in the country- most people stereotype us as a huge party school where the girls are stuck-up and selfish, the guys are bros and arrogant. The huge Greek presence, gives people the idea that all U of I students drink themselves silly and never go to class, all we care about is having a "good time." We're stereotyped to be very "clique-y" and each ethnic group stays to itself and there is no overlap. Also, we are said to have "very little diversity" on our campus.


geeks (specifically the engineers) Everyone is involved in greek life Some people told me that U of I students are mean so i guess that's another one


there's always a party going on


Smart, great school, good sports, school spirit, party school, diversity, activities, biggest greek school


Some people think that most Illinois students are either very nerdy or out of control. This is not true. It is true that there are many people that go out a lot, myself being one of them. However, I know when it is time to work. I excelled at school this past year while also maintaining an extremely active social life. Other people think that you have to go greek in order to have fun. This is also not true. I am in a social sorority, but I also have many friends that are not part of the Greek system. I enjoy the Greek system, but I do not think it is pertinent for everyone to join. You can definitely find your niche on this campus, it has something for everyone.


it is a very large university where the professors do not take the time to get to know the students and are more concerned with their own research than the students' educations. the students' stereotype is harder to define, but i would say that, especially in engineering, the students do not have a life and spend all their time in the library.


That most of the Panhellenic sororities and frats party too much. And most importantly, there is a stereotype that U of I as a whole is very segregated despite the fact that this campus is very diverse. Also, it is rumored that campus police and campus security discriminate against African Americans especially during social functions such as fashion shows and parties held in campus buildings.


That we are a party school and that there are a lot of racist attitudes toward minority students.


a lot of partying, nerds, lots of asians


Totally Asian campus, very work oriented, no fun


I believe our reputation is that we are hands down the best state college in Illinois and that all of our students know it. We also have a reputation of being dominated by the greek system here. People think that if you go to school here that you need to be part of the greek system to have a good time.


One of the biggest stereotype is that you will just be among the same people that went to your highschool.


Terribly good looking Huge wangers


The biggest stereotype or perception is that Illinois is sooo big that students are just numbers, or that they get lost in the size of the university.


Smart Asians, all students are from the Chicago suburbs


There aren't any school wide stereotypes, maybe a few within each individual major but thats about it.


that we like to party and drink


Some stereotypes for the school might be that it is in the middle of a cornfield and there is not much around. Student body? A huge Greek system and that most people in the Greek system are dub, tan, blonde, tools, etc. One stereotype that I have to deal with is the stereotypical engineering student. Illinois is known for their highly ranked engineering program and a stereotype of the students is that they are anti-social, shy, awkward, sit at their computers all day, etc.


Some stereotypes is that this whole school is extremely smart and it is difficult to get in (no matter what your major is). We work hard and play hard.


-Everyone drinks and parties at U of I -I can establish a balance between classes and social life relatively easy


The biggest stereotype is that we are 'party-ers', since our school is considered a 'party school'.


That everyone's from Illinois that everyone is smart


The biggest stereotype about the University is that many departments accept more freshmen than there are resources for seniors and most 100-level courses are weed-out courses to encourage only the best freshmen to continue on in this major. It's also commonly known as a huge, impersonal university that really leaves the new students to fend for themselves after the orientations and welcome-to-campus clinics are over. Students really don't want to get sick here - the health clinic called McKinley is commonly referred to as McKillMe because they almost always make incorrect diagnoses. The students are known to be party-animals. Indeed, even the strictest students who vowed in high school to never, ever drink in college end up partying a lot here. The administration claims that only a small number of underage students actually drink, but I do not know many underage students who have never been to a bar. Personally, I do not drink much because I really try to get as good of grades as possible, and I can honestly say there is not much to do here unless you are into partying. It's not just an excuse - there's really nothing to do on campus on the weekends except binge drink. Most students go out several weekends a month. Many students here are from the rich suburbs of Chicago and as freshmen, they think they are something really special because many went to some of the best high schools in the country. But then, once they've been through all the weed-out courses (usually by the end of their sophomore year), they tend to realize they're no better than anyone else here. The engineers here have it SO easy - they have their own little campus, they live in their own little world, and they are treated like gold. For example, engineers complained that the intro level chemistry courses should not have organic chemistry sections because engineers are never required to take an organic chemistry course - and so now the curriculum for these courses is changing to get rid of the organic sections. If any other student complained about this, a curriculum change would NEVER happen.


Everyone is in a sorority and fraternity. All they do is party in bars and at fraternities.


Illinois is a very difficult school and therefore you cannot enjoy the college experience outside the academic arena.


We are widely known as a campus where students drink heavily. This rumor has spread mostly due to "Un-official St. Patrick's Day" which occurs every year before Spring Break.


That they're all engineer students from the Chicago suburbs. That they're all drunk, partiers and fraternity/sorority members.


Everyone is in the Greek system or you have to be in the Greek system to enjoy school, everyone is from the suburbs, etc.


No idea, I guess we're less laid back than west coasters. Other than that I can't think of any real stereotypes off hand.


They all love U of I and always wear U of I apparel.


All Illinois students are either hicks from rural Illinois or from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Engineering kids are usually socially awkward, nerdy, and often foreign. Also, all kids here are preppy and go Greek.


That they are from small towns or the suburbs


On one hand, I've heard that Illinois can be somewhat of a "party" school, and on the other, I've known Illinois to be a great educational institute.


The vast majority of the students are from the Chicago suburbs.