University of Iowa Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The University of Iowa is best known for its research, mostly in the medical and enginneering field. Also, the University is known for its social life.


The most popular club on campus is Dance Marathon, which raises money for families with children in one of the best childrens hospitals next to campus. Also the abundance of other activities is what set U of I apart from other schools for me. The downtown has fun activities going on all year round. U of I is also known for being a public IV league university and for having a great wrestling program, and a highly spirited and dedicated student section.


Being in a town that is a UNESCO city of literature. Also for the Writers Workshop.


The University of Iowa is best known for its strong programs in the creative arts, and how it was the first university to award graduate degrees for creative work. Its known for the excellent programs in the basic health sciences and health care programs, led by the highly ranked College of Medicine and the closely associated University Hospitals and Clinics, one of the largest university-owned teaching hospitals in the United States. The nationally ranked College of Law is home to the eighth largest collection of legal titles at any law school.


The University of Iowa is well-known for their educational program. The students that graduate from Iowa are well rounded individuals and can easily succeed in their future careers. The professors are top-notch and will help students in whatever ways they can to allow them to succeed.


My school is best known for their sense of community. The University of Iowa is a big ten school, but it has a fairly small campus compared to other big ten universities. Since Iowa is a smaller campus this creates a close knit group of students. Students come together to create an amazing atmosphere where hawkeyes support one another in order to have outstanding acedemic programs, good sports teams, strong volunteer involvement, and an overall amazing, welcoming energy throughout the community.


The University of Iowa is best known for it's Performing Arts and Athletics Programs. Many award-winning Writers, Artists and Directors have built their foundations in Iowa city. Iowa also has a championship dynasty in NCAA Wrestling with 22 National Titles and the Football Program consistently ranks in the top 25 most of the time.


Tailgating on the days of football games.


For its liberal stances touted as open-mindedness (true, unless you were Christian), its football, its hospitals and clinics, attractive campus close to a thriving downtown, its diversity (including a huge international presence), and easy access to many area parks and outdoor rec resources.


My school is best known for its award winning medical program. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is composed of state of the art medical research facilities that are leading the nation in finding solutions to today's medical problems. The University of Iowa is also known for having the top rated creative writing program in the nation, having the lowest in-state tuition out of the Big Ten Conference, and for its athetic football team, The Iowa Hawkeyes.


I believe my school is best known for our medical and engineering programs and our football team.


The University of Iowa is largely know for two things: our football team and our drinking. The Hawkeyes are currently #13 in football and is the ninth party school in the United States. While the first is something to be proud of, the later is not. It means that the university has a large problem with underage drinking, which leads to a large amount of assults and other violent activity. This has led to a great increase in safety measures around campus, such as buses and emergency boxes with direct links to the campus police.


University of Iowa is best known for its medical/health majors. With the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and Children's Hospital on campus, there is a strong focus on medical and health-related programs. As a nursing student, I know that Iowa's nursing program is ranked on of the top ten nursing schools in the nation, and clinical experience is available almost immediately.


Wrestling, Football, Writing Program, Buisness Program, Partying (honestly)


I would say that my school is known for being a party school, but it's more than that. The University of Iowa has many credited undergrad majors and graduate programs that allow successful careers outside of college. The professors at Iowa tend to be very knowledgeable within their specific field.


Unfortunately, it is known for drinking, but there is a lot more to the town, its a very cultural environment, with food fairs, music, and street fairs occuring fairly regularly.


Iowa Hawkeye fanatics/tailgating during football season.


I believe our school is best known for two things, that are infact very different from one another. One of these distinctions is the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. This Hopsital is one of the biggest and ranked one of the top medical hospitals in the country. There have been many famous doctors that have come out of this school such as Dr. Igancio Ponseti who created the cast for clubs foot in newborn babies. The second would have to be Hawkeye Football. Our arena becomes jam packed once the season hits home!


Football and wrestling.


We're the HAWKEYES - most people know us for football! We have an AMAZING creative writing program that people come from all over the world to participate in. We are also very well-known for our University Hospitals & Clinic, they are top-notch!


Business program, Engineering, Science, English Program, and the passion our fans have for our athletics


The University of Iowa's best known for its outstanding hospital and clinic, as well as its multi-culturally diverse student population.


creative writing, football, partying and great students


It's languages and business school. Also well known for the bars around campus.


Their medical majors


The University of Iowa is a party school but if you stay focused and put school first but still allow time to have some fun and make friends, you will be successful. Get involved and rush Greek. It really will pay off. You will get more out of school!


The medical school, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, the football team (The Hawkeyes), and the fact that it is a very liberal school in the midwest.


The University of Iowa is best known for healthy care and business. It is also a very diverse school that welcomes all people to its campus.


Football, nightlife, the nursing program, the business program, Java House!


Carver College of Medicine, football, and drinking


They are most known for their football team and excellent curriculum.


Iowa is best known for business, pre-med, and pre-law areas of study.


Being incredibly research intensive and having a binge-drinking culture.


UI is known as an infamous party school.




Business, Physcology, and anything pertaining to Pre-Med


Football, wrestling, accounting program, finance program, business college, nursing program, medical school, law school, graduate programs, journalism program.


Pre-medicine, The Writer's Workshop, Wrestling program, and recent assaults of young females


Football and bars


Our school is best known for its size, especially because most communities in Iowa are so small. It is big, but if you know how to go about things, and seek help when you need it, the size is just right.


The sports especially football.....We are the Iowa Hawkeyes!


Uniiversity of Iowa is mostly known for students who love their school and love to party. Last time I heard, Iowa was ranked top 10 in party schools in the nation.


Our school is best know for its mascot, Herky the Hawkeye. The alumni and the student popluation have a great deal of respect for Herky and love him very much. He's a symbol of the great amount of school spirit and pride that comes with attending this great institution.


School spirit and great people


Partying and football.


The football team and alcohol. And the health-science fields, considering we have one of the biggest hospitals in the state on campus. But mostly football and alcohol.


Hawkeye football, partying.


The night life with all of the bars, and also the football team.


this school is best known for football and partying