University of Iowa Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


Football weekends are huge! Most of the campus is filled with fans wearing black and gold. Vendors selling food, t-shirts, etc. line the streets as you approach Kinnick. It is a really exciting time, especially when the Hawkeyes win. Basketball is slowly, but surely gaining popularity. There were several sold out games this season and the Hawkeyes pulled off some great wins. There is definitely a strong student population attending other athletic events, however football and basketball dominate.


Football, football, football! Our school is VERY BIG on tailgaiting before football games, families and friends and I have even seen teachers out drinking beers


The sports scene is huge during football season here. I haven't missed a home football game since I started school here and a lot of my friends are the same way. Our students don't tend to be the most loyal fans and student ticket prices show that by going up and down drastically each game depending on how we did the previous week, but the student section always manages to fill up by kickoff, unlike a lot of other college teams. Basketball isn't very popular at the moment because the program is rebuilding, but it is gaining popularity and the games are actually fun to watch again now that Fran McCaffery is the coach. I'm excited for what the future holds for our basketball team and I currently have season tickets. Wrestling is probably the second best attended sport on campus right now and it is really exciting. Our wresting program is currently ranked #1 in the nation and recently won 3 national titles in a row. A lot of times it gets even more exciting at the wrestling meets than at football games. The best part is that it is free for all students so it is well worth checking out at least once, especially when we wrestle Iowa State or Oklahoma State (our 2 biggest rivals).


University of Iowa puts on a kickass cadence to Soulja Boy arr. Brody Ross


Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band plays the "Iowa Fight Song" at Kinnick stadium.