University of Iowa Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The University Of Iowa is home to the Iowa Writers Workshop, the first MFA program in the United States, Internationally known.


I have always said that diversity is the spice of life. The University of Iowa truly has a widely diverse array of students from all corners of the country and even the world. Having the ability to meet individuals from China, for example, is quite enlightening and gives me a new appreciation for various cultures.


I say I'm in the writing honors program, the University of Iowa having one of the top writing programs in the country, I love bragging about this.


The University of Iowa has everything to offer that you can even imagine! I have had three different majors and there are hundreds more to choose from. Also if you like dancing, singing, sports, working out then this is a prime place to be. I am participating in 5 different intramurals, I have many different friend groups, and I love being able to do what I want to do. Too many institutions have too many rules, here at Iowa I finally free to live my life how I want.


I tell my friends that we work hard, and we play hard. Academics is taken very seriously, and so is football at the University of Iowa. Gameday is one of the best experiences at the college and well worth it to see a game. Education is second to none at Iowa as well. Top notch professors and buildings makes this the place to be.


I always brag about the University of Iowa traditions. The most prevalent University of Iowa traditions are related to athletics. Students and locals alike love the Hawkeyes with a fierce loyalty and at any sporting event you can easily see the UI pride during tailgating events, with the fight song, and during the games. I love to tell people about how much energy there is in the stands as everyone is trying to support and root on their fellow classmates that are involved in sporting events. I think that we have the most loyal student body here at Iowa.


The professors. They are incredibly knowledgable and currently working in successful careers in the fields I am interested in, giving me a tremendous amount of insight I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.


The University has the best social life and liberal environment in the country.


Everything! I went to the U of Iowa. Iowa is Big Ten so we have oustanding athletic and academic programs. Football games and all other sporting events were big events in the community. I was a Division 1 athlete, so I had the opportunity to to travel extensivly due to Iowa's resources. The classes were all interesting and the professors care about the students. The social scene was definitly a plus, Iowa City is a good sized city in the middle of nowhere, so the downtown caters specifically to the college students. And our alumni are extremely loyal!


I will usually brag about how good our football team is, or I will brag about how much I like the campus and the town that it is located in.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag not only about the very competent professors, but also the appreciation for arts and humanities that the University of Iowa has.


The University of Iowa has an excellent writing program both for undergraduates and graduates. They Art instructors have been very helpful and encouraging to me. It is a large campus but still manages to have a small collage feel.


The writing community and the number of famous authors coming from this school.


Sports, school size.


I would say the diversity and the amount of having a good time are partying on the weekends.


the frisbee team, the creative writing program and how much you can party and still work hard in school


The Hawkeyes have a amazing FOOTBALL team. GO HAWKEYES!! :D


Our football team.


I love the energy my school has. During football and basketball season you can really feel the school spirit. You feel apart of a huge family when you attend big events like that.


I love my professors and how much they know about their fields of study.


The social life. The class size. How many new people you can meet.


Constant party! Great academics, caring teachers, and great hawkeye sports!


Tailgating, classes, my major, campus size, bars, etc.


Mostly I talk about how there are so many oppurtunities at my school to succeed. There are also many friendly people willing to help you with your learning and career planning.


My school of music professors.


The people, class projects, dorm life, the library and the various technological facilities, the gorgeous appearance of campus, interested/relevant teaching staff, the music scene, restaurants downtown, impeccable variety of pizza places, university newspaper and radio station, extremely attractive biochemistry majors, racial and ethnic diversity, courtesy and friendliness of everyone


I brag about the Hawkeye football games and school activities that I am involved in.


The one thing I brag about the most is, being accepted in to the Athletic Training program. This has been my dream since I was a Junior in High School, and now I will be working with a football team or wrestling team that I've watched since I was a child.


The Hospital and Doctors/Professors that I work with on a day to day basis.


I have a lot of friends and the social life is great. There are so many different activities to become involved in that it is easy to meet lots of different people who have similar interests as mine.


I speak of Iowa's athletics-football, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, and cross country.


The school ranking compared with other schools.


How easy it is to find something to do on an off-night or during the weekend if you don't have any homework or classes to study for. The University of Iowa has a great night life and a very convenient downtown area where you can find numerous things to do during any night of the week.


The night life and tailgate parties.


I always tell my friends about the activities on campus. It is so easy to get involved and there is always something going on (free events, food, etc). There is always an abundance of things to do and it's alway a surprise wich I love.


all people to do what ever they want


The shinanigans