University of Iowa Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Good lookin ladies Party hard the cops here suck everyone is from iowa or chicago area many students are "bro" douchebags Iowa Tailgate


There are the rich kids from Chicago who use their parents' money to drink themselves stupid at the bars every night of the week. There are the honors students who take school seriously and are involved in tons of activities. There are the foreign kids who are studying at the library constantly. There are the grad students who are aspiring writers, med students and law students who you'll find hanging out in all the coffee shops (and you wish they would leave so you can find somewhere to sit).


I'll give you a combination of my own stereotypes of Iowa and ones that came up when I Google searched "Iowa Stereotypes". For some reason, when everyone thinks of Iowa, they think of a giant, flat field of corn where everyone drives their tractors to school. or horses. Oh, and apparently we're drunk. All the time. Because of Football. And we don't do anything except watch our flat fields of corn grow. It's also a stereotype that all of the people that didn't get in at University of Illinois comes to University of Iowa. And for some reason, despite the supposed perpetual drunken state we're all in, The UI community is thought to be extremely conservative.


Many people have the preconceived notion that there is nothing to do in Iowa - that all of the students sit around in a corn field and watch grass grow.


That Iowa is only a party school.


That it is a complete party school and bar scene and hard to get work done and do good in class.


Drinking school. Friendly Iowans.


We party a lot, lots of bars, most people drink


They're all drunks.


Well, The major ones are that everybody is from Illinois, and it does seem that way sometimes. Another is that people from Iowa wear jean shorts, or as we call them, "Jorts." The worst one, by far, is that Iowa is a school that takes University of Illinois rejects


IDK-all from chicago lol I haven't heard any that stick seriously


Iowa is usually thought of as the state that's full of corn and hicks. However, people that are more familiar with Iowa, especially The University of Iowa, view our school as one of the top party schools in America.


That Iowa is a party school and Iowa students are rich and preppy


Iowa is boring/there is nothing to do. Everyone is a farmer/goober. The football team takes precedence over academics. The student body is stupid and drunk.


People think Iowa is a big party school. The bars here are 19 and extremely easy to get into. People also believe that the girls are easy and the boys are fine!


Rich brats from Chicago and farm kids from rural Iowa-it's mostly true. All white-also true Lots of good looking (and loose) girls


I think the biggest stereotype Iowa has is the drinking and the partying that the Iowa students do here.


parties, lots of bars downtown, athletic due to football team, basketball, tennis, rowing, etc. , lots of sororities and fraternities


Big Partiers


Lots of people think we all grew up on farms, that we are studying farming/corn, that we all know a lot about corn, and some people still think we grow potatoes. There are also people who think all Iowa has is a bunch of corn. People think we are all just a bunch of white kids and that there is no diversity on campus.


there are a lot os kids from illinois


Party school! Lots of Asians. Unsafe campus for women.


The college is located in the middle of a corn field. There's nothing to do but pick corn. Iowa Students are either corn fed iowans or upscale chi-towners


You always hear "Iowa is all corn fields" or "all of the students are farmers" or even "Iowa has a college?".


Smart and partiers


Drink a lot, party a lot.


We drink a lot.


Everyone asks me what there is to do here besides going out to party. The truth of the matter is that, yes, there are many bars and house parties so you can expect to see drunk people every night. Even though a large amount of students like to drink, this is an academically strong environment. Iowa is, after all, the foundation of education and it lives up to its expectations, so you are surrounded by a lot of very intelligent individuals. This is a very liberal school too so everyone seems to be a hell of a lot more accepting of someone else's status than where I come from


A common stereotype about University of Iowa Students is that all there is to do here is go downtown and party. Another stereotype is that is just a small town college. And a final stereotype is that Iowa City is a small farmer town.


Liberals, drunkards, sports-enthusiasts


Iowa students love to party and get drunk every night, wearing skimpy clothes in the dead of winter, hypothermia be damned.Fake ID's are easy to get.


University of Iowa is a party school. People say we don't know how to study, and that the classes are easy.


People party a lot.


I think that a big stereotype is that all we do is party and go out to the bars. Also, that the students from Illinois that go here are only doing so because they could not get into the University of Illinois.


It's a bit of a party school, but the education you will receive is fabulous.


Friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Great educational environment.


I would say there are stereotypes about the school being hard because it is a top ten school. The stereotype surrouding Iowa students is that their tolerance levels are some of the highest in the country.


That all Iowa students do is party


They're all wasted and superficial. Chicago's deposit for the rich and the poor.


The biggest stereotype is that this is a HUGE party campus and everyone spends the majority of their time drunk and/or in bars. There is also the one about how there isn't anything to do because this is're surrounded by corn.


That everyone goes out every day to go drinking.


That we are average students who don't care about school. University of Iowa isn't that great of a school.


That it is a party school and everyone here loves to party.


That everyone drinks and parties all of the time. It's not true. There are so many things to get involved in. The campus is very orientated towards academics and service.


The major sterotype is that we are all hicks and that Iowa is just farms.


Iowa is often stereotyped to be a huge party town. Thus, the students get stereotype of drunks and irresponsible. Another stereotype is that Iowa is a huge campus and you wont know many people.


That we are all really friendly and out-going. That every student is either from Chicago or a farm town in Iowa. That students come here because it is a party school.


That all of them are hicks. Iowa students are huge partiers.


Big party school and small town kids


That we live in the middle of nowhere or on a farm. Iowa students are seen as partiers, because we are a "ranked" party school, which is completely false.