University of Iowa Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who attends the University of Iowa should be motivated for success and be willing to work hard while having fun at the same time!


Absolutely any person shoud attend this school. If there is a profession you want to go into, The University of Iowa has it, especially if it's in the health field. Iowa has one of the best nursing and medical programs in the country, so you can't go wrong. Not only is the school great but the community its in is as well. Iowa City is a great place for students. Theres always something to do and get involved in, so you definitely won't regret moving to Iowa City and becoming a Hawkeye!


If students are looking for a large campus with plenty of opportunities available, then University of Iowa is a good choice. People who like a lively, bustling environment will love the feel of this campus. In addition, we have a lot of school spirit, and sports are a huge talking point around campus. University of Iowa is great for people who want to feel like they're a part of something larger, where everyone around them is welcoming of other fellow Hawkeyes.


I think someone who want to attented a big school with a small school feel should go here. You end up seeing the same people everywhere but it can be very easy to avoid the people you don't want to see.


There is not a kind of person that should attend this school. Any person should go to this school. It is such a diverse University, nonone has to fit a certain mold or criteria to "fit in".


a hard working, fun loving, but goal oriented student


People who are friendly and are open to new experiences. Iowa encourages students to express themselves in all forms and provides a safe environment for students to be themselves, learn from mistakes, and to be active with countless groups, acitivities, and studies. People are safe to be themselves in and outside of their comfort zones and are supported for doing so. UIowa also encourages many different types of studying styles for students, from straightforward courses to vigourous coursework.


A good student match for this school would be someone who is passionate about learning and wants to succeed in their education. A good match would be someone that will take their studies seriously and do the best they can while earning their degree.


You should be outgoing and willing to spend time on your studies. Don't be that person who comes here because Iowa is a party school, you'll learn quickly that academics are just as important as your social ability.


Anyone and everyone.


The University of Iowa has something available for every type of student. Whatever proffesion you are looking to pursue, Iowa will have a program that will benefit you. This is such a challenging university, but if you are willing to put the effort, and the work in, you will greatly succeed. There is available help every day for any class you need, and the professors are willing to actually help you. You are not just a number here, but rather a student with a name. Every faculty member here wants you to succeed, and they will help you do so.


A person who has a strong sense of school spirit. Going to Hawkeye football games is a must so liking football is a must. They should be ready to walk to class in the cold (meaning snow) and be ready to be challenged by amazing professors and teaching assistants. They should be open to meeting new people and trying new things because college at the University of Iowa is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no one should miss out on.


Although Iowa has a big party scene, it has a great honors program, cosmopolitan campus and is cheaper for Iowans than almost any other school.


Any student who is wishing to complete their general education requirements or do not know what they want to major in should attend Riverside Community College. Also, anyone who wants to do all this at a very reasonable price should attend this college as it is much cheaper than the universities.


To do well at this school, you have to be self-sufficient and motivated to succeed. A student who chooses to go here should have a "work hard, play hard" philosophy. It's very easy to meet people here, but it can also be a distracting environment, so a sense of balance is important. Students here have a lot of school spirit, and sports are definitely a big deal, but there's also a more artsy and alternative side to the social life here, so people who are into music, art or writing can usually find their niche as well.


Any type of person should attend the University of Iowa. No matter your personality type or background there is a group for you here.


People that attend the University of Iowa generally are artistic, well-rounded people. It's a great school for performing arts, psychology, and business. People that are self-motivated are great candidates for this school! They offer tough classes but balance it out with relaxing electives for fun. If you're looking for a four-year degree and a great campus experience, this is the place for you.


The University of Iowa is a great school for everybody. There are activities for people with all types of personalities and interests. One can participate in a number of clubs, watch sports, and find plenty of new things do to while making friends. There are many majors and minors to choose from and classes for everyone. I think the University of Iowa is very versitile and student friendly. I'm very happy with the choice I made to attend school here because I have already learned so many new things and I know there are more opportunities to come.


The person to attend this school should be one who is open to many ideas. There is so much to do at the University of Iowa, some people become oberwhelmed at how many choices they have. This person should also be very driven academic wise. The University has very hard courses and is ranked as one of the top in the country. The classes and material are difficult, however, the person who is open minded and driven will not be afraid to ask for the available help when it is needed.


Young people who are interested in pursuing a career in writing, be it creative, journalistic, or what have you.


There are two types of people that go to the University of Iowa. First, there are the ones who skip class and go to the bars because their parents are paying for their education. They focus too much on the ?college experience? and forget about the real reason why they are in school. Second, there are the students who actually care how they do in college. Usually, these are either foreign exchange students or they are students who are actually paying their own way through school. I?m one of those students who has to pay for their own education.


The best person that should attend this school is someone who doesn't mind a student body of about 30,000, but loves the feeling and campus of a small school. People who also enjoy many on-campus opportunities and loves going to football games! This school has both great on-campus and off-campus life. With plenty of things not too far from campus.


Someone who wants to succeed


Outgoing people who are ready or used to larger schools. There is alot of pride for the school, especially for the football team. You would at least need to be able to tolerate people drinking alcohol, as there is a fair amount of students who drink or binge drink of the weekends.


Anyone can attend here


Some one who loves the small town feel. Iowa is very friendly and welcoming. I love my school.


Anyone that gets above average grades and wants a top notch education at an affordable price. This is the institution to go to. The city has a small town atmosphere. If they want a top education in a small town, this is the college to go to.


someone who is very outgoing and willing to put themselves out there to meet people and make friends.


The University of Iowa, generally speaking, is a wonderful school, and I would definitely recommend it to any highschool seniors. The good thing about the University of Iowa is that the campus is drowned by diversity, so no matter who you are or what you are looking for, the UI just may be the school for you. However, I must add that if you're from a big city and don't think you can adjust to small town living, then the UI is not for you. Other than that, the UI would be a great school for anyone.


Very social, liberal person who does well in crowds and can stand out.


The school its self is very liberal, but very accepting to other political beliefs, along with other ethnic or religious backgrounds. It is a large university with a small town vibe making it a good comprimise for a small school education, but without comprimising on any educational value. A lot of kids from Chicago feel at home, while small town farm kids feel at home. It is a good melting pot of the midwest.


I think that the University of Iowa would be a very bad school for a lazy person. The University of Iowa is a hard school to attend. The classes are challenging and students are always challenging other students. There are many activities offered at the school that people should participate in. A motivated person should attend the University of Iowa because of the competition in and out of school.


A very outgoing, kind, personable, open-minded, goal-oriented individual. Must know how to balance school work and their social life.


Students should attend the University of Iowa if they wish to find a large university with a liberal arts emphasis. This school has a niche for every one, and opportunities around every corner.


A student here should be interested enough in what they are learning to put time into their studies. They should also be up for trying new activities and meeting new people. Students here should also be open-minded to take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered.


Anyone who is interested in bettering themselves and using all possible resources to do it. This person should be open to other views and lifestyles.


One who doenst know what to do in life yet


Any one who wants to go to a fairly big school, recieve an excellent education, work hard, grow as a person, and explore downtown life on weekends.


Anyone that is looking for an experience of going to a bigger university should go here. There are a number of different studies that students can take here.


someone who will have a lot of school spirit, likes to work hard on coursework, while still making the time to go out for a few drinks any night of the week. Someone who wants a degree from a reputible big ten school and can proudly state "I bleed black and gold"


Hard-working students who want to be challenged. This school offers opportunites for anyone who wants to make the best of themselves. This school offers a great balance of educational and social opportunites.


A friendly person ready to get involved. lots of school spirit. motivated and ready to learn


Someone who is outgoing, likes to get involved, loves meeting new people. Is looking for a change. Likes being challenged in their school work.


A person who is looking for a Big 10 education but who can also mix fun with their workload. This person should be outgoing and willing to make friendships in the classroom.


A person who is very outgoing, but knows how to manage their social life with their school work. Bar life is huge on campus, its a way to interact with other students, but it can lead to bad decisions with school.


The ideal Iowa student is one who is ready to go through at least 2 years of frustratingly menial prerequisite courses. Beyond these early classes, the course work becomes interesting and rewarding. Also, the student should be prepared to fully appreciate the downtown, late-night scene, which is thrilling to people who drink as well as those who don't..