University of Iowa Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who aren't willing to be open minded about all forms of life. The campus is quite expressive and very busy at times. Someone who isn't into school spirit or opinionated/ expressive individuals would have a hard time adjusting to the friendly and busy culture of Iowa City, on and off campus. Although there are groups that make the campus feel smaller than it is, some students may have a hard time adjusting to the sheer size of the university at times.


People who cave easily to the masses would struggle to maintain a school-focused life at the University. This could probably be said about any school, but it is very important that a student is determined to do well in school regardless of what others are doing.


The University of Iowa can be a bad choice for conservative students if they are easily offended. This is a very liberal campus, and the conservative professors are few and far between. Nobody would really care if you are conservitive, but several comments are made with a liberal bias and could possibly offend a conservative student.


I don't think there is anyone who should not attend.


An individual should not attend the University of Iowa if he or she were not invested in his or her own education. With the large class sizes and challenging course loads, it is the responsibility of the student to complete assignments and readings, and to schedule their necessary study time. The students who fail at the University of Iowa, are not succeessful in time managment and putting the appropriate amount of work into thier education.


If you want to be in the middle of no where, then Iowa is probably not for you. Even though it is in corn country, Iowa City is a decent-sized city with some pretty crazy nightlife.


Someone looking for a small school setting should not attend this school. Also, some classes are very large, so the student to teacher ratio can be overwhelming.


A person that should not attend this school is a person that is unmotivated and is afraid to ask for help when they need it if they cannot get things done.


You shouldn't attend the University of Iowa if you don't want to put a lot of time into your schoolwork. Since it is such a large school, you shouldn't attend if you don't like a class size of 300+ people or if you feel more comfortable in a small setting. You don't get much professor/student one-on-one time, so if that is needed, you should look to go to school somewhere else.


Anyone who gives in to peer pressure easily, but is trying to stay out of the drinking scene should keep clear of this campus. It's party, party, party here...


I think someone who likes to be competitive would do well at the University of Iowa. Also, someone who is outgoing. If you are outgoing you will never be bored at the Unversity of Iowa .


ones who arent willing to accept change. This school is completely different from any high school i have ever seen. Every ethnic race ever invented is probably here at the University of Iowa. And its so many different things you can do here so if you just want to stay home and do nothing dont come to this school.


Those that are not interested in a serious education.


Someone who is looking for a small or highly academic school should not attend Iowa. Though it is not among the largest campuses in the Big Ten, Iowa still has many students and a busy campus. Though Iowa is by no means less concerned with academics than other colleges, it is not accelerated enough to be considered a very difficult school. Someone looking for a prestigious university for their resume should probably place Iowa lower on their preference list.


If you are the type of person so likes to walk through campus and know majority of the people you're walking past Iowa is not the place to go. There are always new faces and it would be impossible to get to know all of them.


Someone who is unmotivated and does not have a goal for his/her life shouldn't attend this school. Being undecided on a major isn't a bad thing, but not having a goal is. Also, someone who does not care for hard work is definately not suitable for this school.


Anyone who doesn't like big class should not attend University of Iowa, also, anyone who doesn't want a school with a big party scene.


There are not very many kinds of people who shouldn't attend this school. I have seen many different types of people with different backrounds, interests, and ethnicities around campus. I would say a perosn who both doesn't like to meet new people and isn't willing to work hard in academics wouldn't be happy here. There are people who are really focused on academics and others who aren't but are really into the social life here, but if a person is likes neither the social or academic aspects of this school they shouldn't come here.


someone who doesn't like a big school


If your willing to work hard, anyone can attend.


Mormons should not attend this school. Alcoholics and non-drinkers alike should not attend this school. Dumbasses can attend this school, but they should major in Communications.


Someone who doesn't like to party


Someone who does not feel like they belong in a large university. If you are from a warm climate, you may not like the cold climate that the university has.


Unproductive or unmotivated people who are easily distracted


If you are looking for a big city Iowa is not for you. Otherwise Iowa has a place for just about everyone.


Someone who absolutely cannot be around drinking.


Someone who doesnt like being social


This school is good for anyone and of all types. I wouldnt say someone shouldnt attend this school. There are diverse groups of people.


A person prone to alcoholism.


Quiet and shy.


The only kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is unmotivated and unwilling to work hard. As far as culture, religion, and ethnicity goes the Univeristy of Iowa accepts anyone and everyone but this school is challenging and only people who want to succeed will.


A conservative who is small town


Close minded conservative people should not attend this school. People who have trouble learning in a large class room setting should not attend this school.


People that do not like being in big areas with many people should not attend this university. If you do not want to be thrown into a diverse and large university than this is not for you.


Very conservative person who doesnt like large campuses or is used to very small classroom sizes.


People that are afraid of diversity, people that are afraid of a "big town" feel in a small town area should not come here.


A person who wants to be in a relationship. Guys and girls are not serious about relationships. The University of Iowa has an excellent academic program. However, social life revolves around getting drunk.


people who like to have fun and who like to study. Musts want to learn!


The kind of person that should not attent this school is one who does not do good with crowds and lots of different type of people with different opinions.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not prepared to work hard.


A person who is driven to succeed and wants to live an accepting, liberal environment.


Someone who needs to know everyone, likes cliques and tight knit groups or is extremely dependent on others.


business, law, or med students. liberal or conservative. Not offended by drinking.




Someone who doesn't care about school or doesn't want to work.


I think that anyone would enjoy and love the University of Iowa. The people, education, and culture are absolutely outstanding and I couldn't ask for more.


A person that is very self motivated. One that can know when to study and when to party; who can manage time wisely. Come into their freshman year knowing what they want and knowing how to go about accomplishing that goal. A person who isn't afraid to go in and talk with professors and when they have questions to find them out.


A person who likes big lecture halls, who does not expect to get individual attention and someone who can attend and learn things from big lectures. Someone who is willing to compete for their grades.


Someone who wants to have a lot of fun, but is good at time management and self control.


If you grew up in a small town this isn't the school for you. There are too man people from Chicago suburbs and they just don't understand what it means to be from Iowa