University of Iowa Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The outside committment of studying for tests. The tests are alot fewer than high school but are larger percentages of your grades. For those who aren't the greatest test takers, it's impartive you plan ahead and study early.


Even though you are always told that the "University life" is much harder than what you may have already experienced in high school and community college, once the class actually starts you will realize that the teachers care about their students just as much. Do not worry or stress over the idea of tough situations and professors that are unable to legitimately teach you, because there are plenty of opportunities to get ahead and a group of fellow students to help you learn all that you need in order to succeed.


Before coming to Iowa I attended a community college and a private college. So you could say I have experienced every type of institution. Iowa is far cheaper than the private college I attended and there are more people here who share my interests. One thing I wasn't expecting was to be able to make as many friends as I have made here. At smaller institutions there are too many cliques and it limits the number of people you come into contact with. Here there are no cliques only amazing people every which way you turn.


I wish I would have known more about the wide array of extra curricular activities that the University of Iowa offers. As a varsity athlete on the track and field team, I do not have much free time for extra activities. Recently, however, I was able to learn more about Dance Marathon, an event and fundraiser supporting children with cancer. I wish I would have been able to be involved in Dance Marathon in some way during my years at the University of Iowa.


Before I came to the University of Iowa, I wish I had realized and prepared better for the financial burden of the tuition for non-residents attending the school.


I feel like I was well informed coming to this school.


I wish that I had known the importance of time management. While making time for the important things (academics, personal fitness, etc.) is always important, it would have been exremely vital during the tansition into college. The first two years are when you solidify study and life habits. Getting off to a good start is key.


Before come to the University of Iowa, I wish I would have known when I would be able to apply to the College of Education. If I knew that I would have to wait to be a sophmore to apply, I might have made a decision elsewhere. I do not regret coming here, I absolutly love it, and this change might have even been a good thing. I now have all of my general education classes done, so once I am in the college, I can take all the classes I need to for my major.


I wish I had known how difficult classes would be at the University of Iowa. To do well, you have to use the majority of your time studying and doing classwork. It's a large school, so definitely get invovled in something to get to know people better. If you aren't involved in anything, you're going to have a harder time making friends because the class sizes are VERY large.


I wish I had gone in ready to work knowing what I wanted to major in. Once I found out the major I liked the best I loved going to class and sharing academic information with my classmates. Also to be ready to watch football games in the freezing cold.


that grades and studying would be this important and parting can hurt in bad. so basically i wish i didn't learn it the hard way. highschool did not prepare me for college. and i also wish i would've known that no one is going to tell you if you miss an assignment or if you are doing well or bad. no one cares if you succed or fail, you need to find self motivation.


i wish i had known how really expensive it is. If i would have known how much i would be struggling financially i would have looked for more scholarships during high school.


I wish I would have had a better sense of what the climate would be like at a huge college. It amazes me now to see so many kids who don't try or even study. They seems not to realize how much college is costing them(or their parents) and how important their collegiate record will be in garnering a job after graduation. I also wish that I would have known how unfriendly a major college like Iowa is. I now wonder if life would have been better at a small private college.


How easy it was for me to fit right in regardless of my age. How the hours it fit in with my schedule outside of school having 4 children in school and 1 not of school age. I wish I had know about them years ago i probably wouldn't have waited so long to continue my education.


I don't feel that I was unprepared in any way when it comes to attending the university itself. I was a transfer student and was able to easily assimilate into a friend group suitable to my interests, and I adjusted to my classes quite well. I only wish I had been more prepared to manage my personal finances before moving out of the house. I did not save my money well my first semester away from home.


I had a pretty good idea of what type of school Iowa was going to be and I love everything about it


Some of the things I wish I had known before attending college include knowing the buildings, realizing how difficult choosing courses is, and how independent one must become. Some of the buildings around campus are fairly large, so acknowledging the blueprint of rooms would have been helpful, but there was always a friendly face to help guide me. I wish I would have been set in my decisions regarding classes, it starts the educational journey off on the right foot. One thing students will likely gain in college is independence, which I believe has definitely made me a better person.


I wish I would've known who I was before I came to this school. This school showed me such a different view of the world. It showed me different ways people live their lives. I wish I could have seen this before I came to school, because then I wouldn't have had to go through changes in college. I could have come here set on who I was, but I'm glad the University of Iowa gave me that experience.


I wish I had known that college is not all that different from high school. As long as you successfully manage your time and truly make an effort, college is not extremely difficult.


How big of a leap it would be from where I'm from (Washington state). It caught me off guard.


I wish I had known how inaccessible the grocery stores are without a car.


That some people are very sheltered when they come to college.


Drinking is the only thing to do for fun.


I wish I had more of my finances figured out before I came to school. As an out of state student, I am basically putting my life, as well as my parents, on the line in order to pay for school. And even after pooling all possible resources, we still have not covered all the finances needed.


The weather could be better and there could be more information on Nite Ride. I also didn't know how to study very well coming to this school and a lot of classes are test based.


I wish that I had known what it was that I wanted to major in and/or do with my life after attending school. Unfortunately, I really don't think that I would have known either of those things regardless of how I might have changed the course of actions in my life.


the TA's teach, nt the proffesors


I wish that I would have known about all the different types of people I would be meeting. I met many different races, classes, and all around different types of people. It was a cultural shock. I also wish I would have known to stay truthfull to myself and my family. I tried fitting in with groups I had nothing in common with.


It is WAY harder than i thought, but that is good.


The University of Iowa is a great school with tremendous opportunity. Unfortunately many student get distracted and with a large state school, it can be easier to fall through the cracks. My advice is to know what you are going there for before entering. As a freshman, I had no clue so I took a wide variety of classes. Yet, I still didn't know what do to. I ended up getting a studio art degree. It was a lot of fun, but now I can't find a job.


I wish I knew about the ability to get good internships and job related experience. I didn't use my advising center as much as I could have.


I wish that I could have known that it was a party school, if I had known then I would have attended a different school.


The winters are VERY cold, and the food isnt that good.


How challenging the first Chemistry test was going to be.


I wish I had paid more attention to out of state tuition costs.


Work hard and stay focused because there are alot of fun things out there that can take your attention away from your education


I wish I would have really understood how much harder college coursework was than highschool.


I wish I had known from the beginning that there was a Career Center on campus. This service was not advertised enough. It should be required to go there as a freshman to check it out. I just found out about it this year, and I am a senior. I am disappointed that I missed out on so many opportunities. They could have helped me get internships in my hometown every summer, and perfect my resum?. They also hold job fairs all the time that invite businesses from all over the Midwest to hire to students. Take advantage!


I wish I would have thought more about how far it is.


I wish that I would have known more about how they were going to change the admission requirements for their Nursing program before they had their freshman class and pulling them into a meeting, then letting them know that most of them aren't going to make it into the college of nursing. Letting them know that it might be a better idea to transfer or to pick another major.


I wish I knew how much I had to really read the textbook.


I don't believe there is anything I regret. I will now admit my first year was a difficult transition but any mistakes were worth their trouble for the experience.


I wish I would have known how much money to save.