University of Iowa Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Hands down, the creative writing programs here (and surrounding writing community) are the best thing about this school.


The best thing about Iowa is all of the opportunities that the school has to provide. If you get yourself involved and grow connections, the possibilites are endless.


The greatest thing about my school was that, no matter what the course, the professors were all very passionate and well versed in their areas of interest. Not only that, but they genuinely wanted us to learn the material. This was a wonderful way to spend my four years, because any time I needed help with school and reached out to my professors, they were at the ready to lend me their expertise and see me through the rough patches.


The diversity on campus. There are students from all over the country and the world that you meet. I learned to see thing from others perpectives. It was a great learning experience and I was able to come out of my shell while attending Iowa.


The best thing about the University of Iowa is that although it is a Big 10 school, it feels like a smaller college because there is only 22,000 students and the campus is so small that you have enough time to get to class, yet big enough that you can avoid friends if you want.


The best thing about the University of Iowa is the amount of opportunities that are presented to you. There's never a chance to be bored, as there are campus activities on a daily basis. There are job fairs and the career center is always there to help you explore career options. Also, the amount of classes available that you can take make it easy to learn about things that interest you.


The diversity here is amazing; students from all over the world attend the University of Iowa. To me, that means more opportunities to learn about new cultures, languages, lifestyles, food, etc. in a hands-on way. It also broadens people's horizons and perspectives about the world they live in and the rest of the global community.


The eclectic mix of people, the school spirit, and the pretty campus.


I think the best thing about the University of Iowa is how involved the community is in the school. The school provides a free bus service called Cambus and everyone can get where they need to get to easily. Everyone is really nice and excited about the school, which makes it more exciting to go there. The community involvement and excitment make me happier to go to this university.


The amount of campus activities and resources and the walkability of the campus. Also the encouragement of diversity and cultural and artistic environments and activities. Another thing would be the lack of fast food restaurants due toe the large number of local or smaller food chain restaurants.


It gets RIDICULOUSLY cold here and yet no one has a car, so the halls are often crowded with people in enormous coats sweating really hard.


It is a rather close community that comes together often for sporting events and other sorts of occasions. It can be a very fun city.


The best thing about the University of Iowa would have to be all the opportunities it offers. There is a large variety of majors to choose from, a lot of extracurricular activities that anyone can participate in, and the people that make up the university. The large amount of students and staff there helps everyone find a place where they belong and no one is ever alone; there is support all around you.


The University of Iowa campus is unique because it was founded in the middle of a small town that has grown up around it. Now the University is expanding and growing out into the community. It's nice because students live directly inside the town and have access to all the unique restaurants and shops as well as music venues, farmers markets, and arts festivals. Students without a car on campus can take the Cambus anywhere on campus or can hop on an Iowa City Transit bus or Coralville Transit bus to get either of the malls in the area for a movie or to go shopping. The campus is also just a few minutes off of I-80, making it very convenient when returning to or from home.


Learning. Why else would you go to school? Any chance to better yourself and give yourself the gift of knowing is so incredible I do not personally understand how it can be so greatly underappreciated. Getting an education is something many take for granted. Learning is fun. Learning is fueling. Learning is survival and strength and preparation for your future.


The best thing about my school is the opportunites that are available to every student, and when a student needs help then help is there.


I believe that the best thing about the University of Iowa is the diversity. There are so many different people that come from several different backgrounds. It has definitely been a learning experience for me, a girl coming from a small, mainly Caucasion, town. It has also helped me grow in my understanding of other cultures.


The best thing about the University of Iowa is the plethera of opportunities available. There is always a new activity to join or participate in and some new way to get involved. Every day brings new and exciting adventures.


I think that the best thing about the University of Iowa is the diversity that I get to experience everyday. I come from a city that is predominatnly white, and a highschool that was 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} white. The University of Iowa offers such a huge diversity, and I've gotten to meet so many people from such diverse backgrounds. It has been such an eye-opening experience for me, this first semester. I've met members of the LGBT community that have become some of my best friends, people from countries such as India, China, and Israel, and so much more.


I really like the amount of diversity you can find at the U of I, it creates a unique atmosphere that prepares you for todays modern work place, and the classes are well taught to teach you about dealing and working with people from different parts of the world. I enjoy the open space in the campus, and even though there are alot of students at the U of I, you never feel cramped when walking through the areas.


My favorite thing about the Unviersity of Iowa is the community. It's a pretty liberal campus, but you can still meet a lot of people with differing viewpoints. There are plenty of different cultural events and you will always find something to keep yourself busy with. Overall, it's just an interesting and exciting place to be, and I think nearly anyone could find something that they love about the community.


The Salt Company is a vibrant student ministry that is changing the lives of the people who feel the most hopless and desperate.


The best part of the University of Iowa is the school spirit. No matter the organization, the student body fully supports it. 2000 students raised over one million dollars for the children's miracle network (to help children with cancer), we have the best turn out for football post season bowl games. These are only two, but there are numerous more reason why the University of Iowa student body has amazing spirit.


This school is very culturally diverse. They hold many different events to help promote and encourage interaction in cultures outside of a students own.


Smaller classes make for a better learning experience. They really do help you with getting a joband building your resume. That to me is the most important thing.


I believe the best thing about my school is that everyone here is so friendly. It seems like all people here just do the little things that will just help one out during there day. Whether it be holding open a door, helping someone they dont know with homework, or trying to make some new friends. Everyone seems to be very nice and friendly no matter who they are.


After spending time walking the campus, and observing the natural beauty that surrounds it, I would say the best thing about my school is the landscape of hills, trees, and continuing seasons that encompass its people. Even though the lives of students are often fast paced and hectic, when I get a chance to observe and admire the falling snow melting off the trees above, it makes me feel as if time has slowed down, and there are no worries or problems to obsess over. Some buildings stand much older than others, reminding me of faraway castles in my dreams.


The exceptional school spirit and pride is definitely the best part about Iowa. All of the students are very proud to be Hawkeyes and they regularly show a great deal of school spirit both on and off of campus.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community you feel while attending and the pride. Everyone loves being a hawkeye! I can walk into the grocery store and almost every person is representing my school, it's a great feeling to have. You receive support from every direction and it's great to be able to give support yourself. I wouldn't pick a different college to attend even if given the chance.


The mix of types of students. You can easily find people with similar likes, but can also befriend people with contrary views and likes.


The best thing about the University of Iowa are the resources available to help students with their education, both within the classroom and beyond.


The University of Iowa has a beautiful campus where there's always something to do- you can shop in the Old Capitol Mall, watch No Shame Theater at the Theater Building, exercise at the fitness center, play pool in the residence halls, go for a walk along the river, catch a game at Kinnick Stadium or Carver-Hawkeye Arena, go to swing dance lessons at the field house, eat downtown, look for special activities, or just eat with your friends at Burge Marketplace or hang out with them in their dorm room- it's hard to be bored.


It has a great campus, with everything close together, but doesn't seem congested at all. Lots to do, Big Ten football team and everyone gets into it. Lot's of social things to do, but still provides a good education.


The best thing would be the diversity and the overall satistfaction of having a job after you have earned your degree.


The best things about the University of Iowa are the drugs and alcohol and apathy.


The school spirit and social life are the best parts.


The school spirit. It makes you feel very unified, like you're a part of something.


School Spirt! Without a doubt the University of Iowa has the best school spirit i have ever encountered. Everyone who goes here, went here, or even lives around this general area is proud to be associated with the hawkeyes


The school spirit that you find in every single individual.


there are a lot of activities to get involved in if you so choose.


I think the best thing about my school is that it has the best of both worlds: excellent learning environment and an active social environment. Obviously academics is the reason we go to college and the Univeristy of Iowa has the finest teachers and resources to obtain a great education, but I also feel its important to make friends, be social, and get involved.


The people at my school are easily the best thing about it. Everyone on the campus is friendly and ready to welcome you, so the transition from high school to college was very easy for me. I've made so many great friends that I can study with, go to football games with, eat with, and do everything with. The staff are friendly and helpful as well. They're always around to offer you suggestions and advice and help you in any way they can.


The University of Iowa is a very liberal school that accepts all types of people. The faculty and student body are very diverse and it is easy to make friends and find your own niche.


I think the best think about the University of Iowa is the faculty involvement. All the professors want their students to learn the material and do well, the same can be said for all the teaching assistants many put in extra hours before tests with review sessions to help their students. The professors are always available during their office hours or accessible through email to set up private meetings, making them the best thing about the university.


I love the spirit of Iowa City. The campus and the downtown are integrated and this provides for a great atmosphere. Day or night, the streets are usually filled with people and it can make it feel like a big city rather than a small college town. The people are friendly and supportive of the student community. In the summer, when a large portion of the students are gone, there are many free events such as our art festival, jazz festival, and every friday there is a free outdoor concert downtown.


The best thing about Iowa is the school interaction. All students have such a pride to be a Hawkeye and it makes the campus so enjoyable. The school work is difficult, but very worth it.


International community and quality of programs. Although Iowa tuition is high, it is reflected in the multiple computer labs around campus, the well maintained buildings, laboratory equiptment and student resources.


The campus and people are very diverse, this makes people seem more open and available to other perspectives. I think this allows for a better and more efficient learning environment.


I dont know.


The surrounding city, including the recreational parks and facilities plus the opportunities that the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics give people for volunteering, research, and job shadowing.